Sunday, January 18, 2015


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3:45 PM
AAA trying to meet with Pontiff and Secretary of State Sunday AM at the Manila Nunciature.

Members of Philippine clergy approached by AAA and his secretary* to seek help of Tagle and Pinto** to access Pontiff and Sec State.

AAA secretary says AAA has invited Pontiff to Guam on Monday and Pontiff is considering.

* probably Edivaldo
** Archbishop Pinto

Protocol. Sec of the nunciature calling people on behalf of Pontiff. Guest name given to Swiss guard at security post at turn into Taft avenue - blocked off.  Guest escorted to Nunciature.

Pontiff not granting interview requests.  Calling people only he wishes to see. Not known if AAA is on list.

Believed AAA attempting to blame Arch Krebs to Pontiff for conspiring against him.

NEW 1.18.14. 4:05AM
Rumor AAA planning law suits next week but needs to inform Holy See of intentions. Holy See does not want law suits from him against anyone .

Unusual you received the letter from Edivaldo at this point in time. Vatican does not want interference. *

Fight no longer Guam but in Vatican .

Filoni supporting Apuron. Sec State independent, acting on facts not whims, but also known to be close to chief NCW priest in Venezuela, Guti.

Fight no longer about Guam but power in Rome.

Vatican staff torn between keeping positions - which means supporting Filoni, or going with Francis and change.

Nephew of (name withheld - a major curia figure supportive of NCW) involved with unusual property deals in New York and New Jersey.

AAA still trying to meet with Pontiff.

* (My notes) Rome knows that should there be any law suit there will be major things revealed in depositions that could harm the church on Guam for decades to come and perhaps release a firestorm of publicity about similar outrages around the world where the NCW also has dug in. While Rome is aware of the the NCW problems, church leaders do not want the ordinary members to be hurt. Depositions on Guam could reveal extremely damaging information which goes well beyond Guam. The secret deeding of control of a mega-million dollar property to the control of the NCW is just a symptom of a very deep rooted disease.

Also, it appears that Rome is under the impression that it can resolve the land transfer problem by neutralizing the Board of Guarantors which would put Apuron back in full control as the corporate sole. However, other than ordering the Gennarini's, Poschetti, and Apuron to comply, Rome has no authority to effect any change in the control of RMS, Inc. Poschetti and Apuron may comply because they are clerics, But Gennarini's, who control 50% of the Board, take their orders from Kiko. Filoni may be able to convince Kiko to order the Gennarini's to give up control in return for letting Apuron stay. He has about 6 more years as bishop. He could ordain a lot more NCW presbyters during that time and still give control back to RMS upon retirement.

There's one more twist to the story. Filoni is considered "papabile". He could well be the successor to Francis. Kiko, if he lives that long, would then control the world making the loss of the RMS deal insignificant. Even if he doesn't live that long. He has successors. The Gennarini's.

01/18/15. 10:08AM
Source verified use of the word "corvo" which in Italian means crow. Crows are sources inside the Vatican that leak information. Crows were reduced since Francis came to power.

Final years of Benedict's papacy overshadowed by scandal.  Bertone who was appointed secretary of state by Benedict in 2006. Bertone source of problems.

Benedict asked by the Curia to fire Bertone. Benedict refused.

It was discovered Bertone was given the task to sabotage pontiff Benedict. Corva valet who removed confidential papers from the pontiff's room was set up by Bertone.

Bertone  enabled by none other than Kiko and Carmen intending to remove Benedict to make way for a Kiko Pontiff to control Vatican.

Francisco knowing situation removed Bertone who was not a diplomat replacing with Pietro.

Interesting note Krebs and Balvo were all supporters of returning a diplomat  to position of secretary/state.

Believe Apuron arranged with Kiko who in turn worked with Bertone to remove Balvo.

Balvo discovered damaging material re Guam  reporting to his secretary of state Bertone who informed Kiko.

Balvo left for Kenya. Bertone removed diplomats from the Vatican not supporting Kiko's agenda.

Apuron Intending to discredit Krebs.  Cardinal Pietro unlikely to remove Krebs .

(My notes later)


  1. This is awesome play by play! You have awesome sources

  2. Maybe AAA should ask Monsignor James to help him with Cardinal

  3. My,my,my....running scared? This a pastoral visit to Manila...we are not on the agenda! Why does APURON need to make his presence known to the Pope at all times? He is not a Boboy! There are other clerical officials in Manila that should have seniority in visiting with the Pope.

    APURON, you denounced your Filipino blood when you began treating the ka abayas priests on island like crap and NOW YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THE FILIPINO COMMUNITY WITH RIGHTS TO SEE THE POPE? Your had your chance with the THREE WISE MEN HERE!

    Guess APURON will be like the puppy dog tail that needs to follow the POPE wherever he goes! Is time running out for him?

    1. Yes, it is. Skilled administrator needed for Archdiocese of Agana. ASAP

  4. AAA is looking more and more like a stalker. Call security!

  5. Maybe aaa would actually get in, make all his desperately low accusations about the Rome representatives who just left. And this way Pope Francis I will see, first hand, aaa's true colors and the scandalous truth about aaa and his conspiracy with the kikos!

  6. Interesting, Cardinal Filoni supporting the Archbishop. As head of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples means he has a lot of the Church's assets at his disposal. Kiko...Cardinal Filoni...Archbishop Apuron. Wonder what they may all have in common? How much support does the NCW get from the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples?

    I think it is time to pray for Pope Francis and Catholics all over the world.

  7. A crazy theory, but what if there is a symbiotic relationship between the Cardinal and Kiko. The Cardinal uses Kiko to push money to areas where he needs to get money, to help truly persecuted Catholics and evangelization, thru Kiko's 102 seminaries and his many missionary families. Kiko receives money from the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples to keep expanding and favor within the Vatican. That would explain Kiko's favor with the Cardinal Filoni and since the Archbishop Apuron has aided Kiko, Kiko would definitely put in a good word for AAA. Since the Vatican is having to be more transparent with finances this would be a way around it. The NCW is cloaked in secrecy and thus the money is cloaked in secrecy. It would also explain where the NCW is getting so much money.

    1. Where are they getting so much money from? They are getting so much money from the Big Donors of another faith. Who are these Big Donors? Here are some hints:

      1. Domus Galilaeae was built by Kiko in Israel by hundreds of millions of dollars. That money has never been accounted for. Wikipedia writes: "In the center of the library is an ancient Torah. The center is envisaged as a place where Christians will learn about the living tradition of Israel, following the footsteps of early Christian saints "who returned to their Hebrew roots to understand the meaning of prayer, of feasts, and Hebrew liturgies"." It is a place of neo pilgrimage where they come to worship the Torah.

      2. Kiko composed a musical tribute to the Jewish Victims of the Shoah (Holocaust) titled Oratorio for the Suffering of the Innocent. The composition construes Mother Mary as the spiritual mother of all Jews. The sounds of this music imitate the wailing of Mary for her Jewish children who died in the gas chambers. At the climax of the oratorio "Shema Israel" is sung in fortissimo when all Christians have to stand up in adoration. Kiko toured the world with this oratorio to raise money for himself and the neo. He targeted rabbis and wealthy Jews who donated without counting. In the New York concert, for example, there were 578 rabbis representing every branch and color of the orthodox, the conservative and reform Jews.

      There is an impression that the neo "trash bag" accounting method was designed and employed with the purpose of hiding and keeping top secret the amount of money received from these Big Donors.

  8. ncw have powerfull support not only in rome but in only major dioceses, congregation, traditional order, and now with big politics man. filoni, osorio blazquez, ouellet, vallini, romeo, rodriguez, schonborn, scherer, erdo, nichols, canizares, pulijc, rylko, o'malley, olorunfemi, soo yung, pell, fox napier, dziwiz, rouco varela, cordes, ruini, maisner. eastern europe and holy see franciscan.....politics: brother of italian prime minister renzi is neo, italian secretary of state del rio is neo, president of italian catholic union workers is neo....and a president of italian catholic psychiatrists association........Is neo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...,


    1. "...and the whole world groaned to find itself Arian." - St. Jerome

  9. the owner of a great chain of supermarkets present in all south america is neo, in this company all big and medium managers are neo,

  10. And in turn, these NCW "leaders" allow, strike that, they demand those who truly are seeking peace within themselves through Christ (and have done so by way of the NCW) to put themselves out in public as "human shields." so that they (the "leaders") remain safe behind the line of fire while they continue with their evil misconduct.

    I pray for those poor souls who are manipulated in this movement, and I pray for the souls of the manipulators. I do not and cannot support the NCW, but I will continue to support my friends, my family and my fellow Catholics who truly had the best intentions. I pray in time that they learn to recognize their misapplied obedience and they come to enjoy Christ's true Invitation to Joy through his gift of love expressed by free will and not by coercion or deceit.

    1. So very very true, Jose M. Our beef in this whole debacle is NOT with the individual members of the Neo per se, but with the leadership who lies to them, intimidates them, and gives them false hope of salvation. There are so MANY Neo members who, if convinced of the errors being taught them by their leaders, would gladly come back to the true Church of our fathers.

      People like Mariles Benavente (I mention her name because it has been made public) - whom I know and respect as a good, intelligent, and religious person, whose parents I know very well as deeply Catholic in upbringing. Unfortunately (wilfully or otherwise) she, along with others, has fallen prey to the trickery of the NCW, its masters, and catechists. With the sincerest of hearts, they have acquiesced to the suggestion that the only way to be a better Catholic is to be a Neo. Even Archbishop Apuron said so in so many words - and to disagree with Archbishop is bad, according to them.

      Know that we are NOT being disobedient in disagreeing with the Archbishop on this. Let me just quote Canon (Church) Law about this: "According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons." With reverence and dignity the CCOG is attempting to do just this. (Canon 212; §3.)

      I pray for all you members of the Neo who have fallen prey to the trickery of the NCW. Come back to the Catholic Church, and let us believe, pray and worship in the one true Faith. "One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism." We love you guys/gals.

  11. To all the neo brethren on the island with the exception of the ones that are making it a financial venture for themselves. I tell you, it's all about the money and not God. They are all laughing at you when you throw all your hard earned income in the trash bag when it goes around. Remember the old adage "what's one man's trash is another man's treasure!" Ask yourself this question: Why am I not prospering? Your leadership is fooling you when they tell you that it's because you don't have FAITH! Jesus said that if we have the faith the size of a mustard seed, we can say to that mountain to move from here to there, and it will move. Wake Up and let's move this mountain (NCW) off of our beautiful island! God Bless you all.

  12. I just watched "Inside the "Vatican" a PBS broadcast on Netflix and I have a better understanding of the big boy networking in Rome. This is serious stuff but I'm dismayed if anything will come out except in favor of the NEOs. The coercion and corruption is so real among the clergy that it even caused for Pope Benedict to step down due to all the stress. Let's pray that Pope Francis and with the help of the Holy Spirit, overcome these evil men and their devices.

    1. I too sense that Pope Francis has his hands full dealing with corruption among the clergy in Rome. Let us pray that he remains safe from harm and that he will prevail. Praying that St. Michael the Archangel help Pope Francis get rid of the nest of vipers that threaten to take over the Catholic Church.

  13. Keep focused people, keep focused!!!!
    The intricacies of the Vatican political life are very fascinating and have been that way since Peter, put down his hat in Rome almost 2000 years ago.
    Throughout that time, there were always men (because that is what they are, with all their talents and all their failings) who have felt compelled to plot one way or another.
    When the Vatican became a state of its own, the problem was compounded.
    Outside of knowing how to make ourselves heard and make friends there, we should not be too concerned about what is going on there.
    Lets trust that there will always be good people to fight the evil ones. Do not despair and doubt, because if you do, you will let temptation and pride enter your soul.
    Continue to pray the way you always have prayed, maybe with more intensity and heartfelt faith.
    Continue to be good people days in and days out, do not let the false prophets from Kiko's church distract you from the real Church.
    In the last century (20th) our church has faced down many challenges, the countless attacks of the Masonic lodges and their political allies, the onslaught of revisionist judeo-talmuldist all the way inside the vatican itself, the eradication of the last great Catholic royal dynasties of Europe, and the rise of fundamentalist protestant and islamist movements.
    We have remained steadfast and we have survived. We shall continue to survive and thrive.
    Lets focus on our Church on Guam, be not distracted, be not impressed by the threats, we shall prevail.
    Pray and stay focused on our goal, to rebuild our Diocese and rid it of the plague that took it over.
    Have a great week people of Guam, stay positive, stay faithful and pray, that our prayers be heard and fulfilled.

    1. Stand firm, remember that our Lord predicted that the Church will undergo assults and despite all the workings of evil men to destroy the Church, we can have consolation in the words of our Lord that the Church he founded will withstand all the assults of the enemy but will not falter. "And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. (Matt 16:18)

    2. Frenchie, thank you for reminding us to stay focused!! We will Pray specifically that this plague overshadowing our diocese in Guam will be removed so that we can heal! Fino' Tim, remain vigilant!