Sunday, January 18, 2015


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3:45 PM
AAA trying to meet with Pontiff and Secretary of State Sunday AM at the Manila Nunciature.

Members of Philippine clergy approached by AAA and his secretary* to seek help of Tagle and Pinto** to access Pontiff and Sec State.

AAA secretary says AAA has invited Pontiff to Guam on Monday and Pontiff is considering.

* probably Edivaldo
** Archbishop Pinto

Protocol. Sec of the nunciature calling people on behalf of Pontiff. Guest name given to Swiss guard at security post at turn into Taft avenue - blocked off.  Guest escorted to Nunciature.

Pontiff not granting interview requests.  Calling people only he wishes to see. Not known if AAA is on list.

Believed AAA attempting to blame Arch Krebs to Pontiff for conspiring against him.

NEW 1.18.14. 4:05AM
Rumor AAA planning law suits next week but needs to inform Holy See of intentions. Holy See does not want law suits from him against anyone .

Unusual you received the letter from Edivaldo at this point in time. Vatican does not want interference. *

Fight no longer Guam but in Vatican .

Filoni supporting Apuron. Sec State independent, acting on facts not whims, but also known to be close to chief NCW priest in Venezuela, Guti.

Fight no longer about Guam but power in Rome.

Vatican staff torn between keeping positions - which means supporting Filoni, or going with Francis and change.

Nephew of (name withheld - a major curia figure supportive of NCW) involved with unusual property deals in New York and New Jersey.

AAA still trying to meet with Pontiff.

* (My notes) Rome knows that should there be any law suit there will be major things revealed in depositions that could harm the church on Guam for decades to come and perhaps release a firestorm of publicity about similar outrages around the world where the NCW also has dug in. While Rome is aware of the the NCW problems, church leaders do not want the ordinary members to be hurt. Depositions on Guam could reveal extremely damaging information which goes well beyond Guam. The secret deeding of control of a mega-million dollar property to the control of the NCW is just a symptom of a very deep rooted disease.

Also, it appears that Rome is under the impression that it can resolve the land transfer problem by neutralizing the Board of Guarantors which would put Apuron back in full control as the corporate sole. However, other than ordering the Gennarini's, Poschetti, and Apuron to comply, Rome has no authority to effect any change in the control of RMS, Inc. Poschetti and Apuron may comply because they are clerics, But Gennarini's, who control 50% of the Board, take their orders from Kiko. Filoni may be able to convince Kiko to order the Gennarini's to give up control in return for letting Apuron stay. He has about 6 more years as bishop. He could ordain a lot more NCW presbyters during that time and still give control back to RMS upon retirement.

There's one more twist to the story. Filoni is considered "papabile". He could well be the successor to Francis. Kiko, if he lives that long, would then control the world making the loss of the RMS deal insignificant. Even if he doesn't live that long. He has successors. The Gennarini's.

01/18/15. 10:08AM
Source verified use of the word "corvo" which in Italian means crow. Crows are sources inside the Vatican that leak information. Crows were reduced since Francis came to power.

Final years of Benedict's papacy overshadowed by scandal.  Bertone who was appointed secretary of state by Benedict in 2006. Bertone source of problems.

Benedict asked by the Curia to fire Bertone. Benedict refused.

It was discovered Bertone was given the task to sabotage pontiff Benedict. Corva valet who removed confidential papers from the pontiff's room was set up by Bertone.

Bertone  enabled by none other than Kiko and Carmen intending to remove Benedict to make way for a Kiko Pontiff to control Vatican.

Francisco knowing situation removed Bertone who was not a diplomat replacing with Pietro.

Interesting note Krebs and Balvo were all supporters of returning a diplomat  to position of secretary/state.

Believe Apuron arranged with Kiko who in turn worked with Bertone to remove Balvo.

Balvo discovered damaging material re Guam  reporting to his secretary of state Bertone who informed Kiko.

Balvo left for Kenya. Bertone removed diplomats from the Vatican not supporting Kiko's agenda.

Apuron Intending to discredit Krebs.  Cardinal Pietro unlikely to remove Krebs .

(My notes later)

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