Tuesday, January 20, 2015


From the Cathedral's Saturday 6p Mass, before the Final Blessing.

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  1. This is bunch of crap Gabe and no offense to your vocation, but you're full of hypocrisy. I remember you growing up and you were hardly an active parishioner of the Agana Cathedral - if you were one at all. Clearly, you're not only confused but disillusioned. Instead you were an active member of the AGANA (NEO) COMMUNITY at the Agana Cathedral, not an active member of the parish. And your Pius/European accent -- PLEASE GET REAL! We walked together Gabe and I'm still proud of your vocation, but please don't mislead people. Just be true to yourself and just by listening to this - you aren't being you. You know it. Remember when we went to play the COLOR GAME after the Archbishop scolded our community about gambling several years ago? Just be true Gabe. Be true. I'll see you this weekend. Don't worry too much about this anonymous comment. I couldn't stand being close to you but yet you would mislead people. That's what's getting to me.

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