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  1. I'm unsure how the cited article in the GIRM suggests that concelebration shouldn't be the norm when there are multiple priests present. Perhaps a little more elaboration on the comment: "Concelebrations are not to be done willy-nilly". In fact, the overall sentiment of Sacrosanctum Concilium, from which the GIRM is derived, was one oriented away from the so-called "private masses" (I know this pertains to the congregation [or lack thereof], but it was duly unheard of to have two priests celebrating one mass prior to the council). All things considered, Msgr. Quitugua is the pastor of the Cathedral parish, and therefore, has a "canonical right" to be present and responsible for all liturgies at the parish. Obviously, I'm not in agreement with the lay testimonies during Holy Mass, but we should be careful about the way we approach particulars, and in this case, the worthiness of concelebration when there are multiple priests present.

    1. It is interesting that you claim Msgr. Quitugua to be the “pastor”, when in fact his not being the “pastor” was the reason AAA felt he could quickly dismiss Msgr. James without regard to canonical prescripts for the removal of pastors. Pastors have certain rights, rectors do not. If Msgr. David is now suddenly the pastor then Msgr. James must be restored to his position of “pastor” - since he was removed without regard to said prescripts.

      Both the GIRM and Canon Law permit concelebration when there are multiple priests present - especially since they are not simply permitted to sit with the congregation (as AAA himself did not long ago - sitting with his community) - however, there were not “multiple priests present”. Msgr. David was there NOT to be “present and responsible” for the liturgy, but to be present and responsible to be sure that the Neo’s had their time. This was obvious to all, and another example of the abuse both of respect for certain law and the people. In fact, given the ulterior motive for his presence at the Mass, perhaps even the Mass itself was abused. But that would comport with the Neo MO, for which everything is their plaything and the GIRM is only “a book of suggestions”. Those are their words - and in fact, Msgr. David was the one credited (by the Dianas) for such an interpretation.

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