Wednesday, February 18, 2015


While we wait for Antoine Ray Garrido Tajalle aka Mr. A.T to answer the questions in the post below, here's an interesting report from the fundraiser for the Cathedral Basilica by an attendee:
There was a fund raiser for the CB at Outrigger tonight because they're 'on the verge of shutting down the Cathedral' did you hear anything like that? 
I wanted to give more info from that whole 'fundraiser' discussion at the Outrigger by someone on the 'new and improved' finance committee.  
This guy said with great smugness that 'they' reviewed the finances and there was questionable spending at every turn by Msgr Benavente. When I challenged him about the archbishop's spending, I was advised that the Archbishop was "above question." 

Then I was told in even more arrogance and smugness that Father Harold has everything under control and that their new finance team felt that if they didn't have a fundraiser that they would move to shut down the Cathedral because these subversive types who are trying to kick out the neos refused to give any money to the church, that they are deliberately hurting the church for their own selfish and small-minded reasons. 
When I challenged him - he said, oh! You're one of them! You're part of the problem.
I about went ballistic on him, saying 'you're not even a parishioner!' He lashed back saying he was. I reminded him that I've been a parishioner for the last 53 years. I had all my sacraments there, baptized my baby and god-daughters in this church,  and "you are a johnny-come-lately."  
Then he threw out to me: "my wife has been a parishioner for 10 years."  I told him: "Your wife is from the Philippines. She has been a parishioner at Santa Barbara along with her cousins since they came here in 2003. Don't even dare to tell me she's been at Agana for 10 years." At that point he realized that he was outed. 
I said to him, "you want to use the church, then you pay just the same way the rest of us do." Doesn't your group have a water blaster to clean the building? Aren't you ashamed that since you kicked Monsignor out that the  facility is dirty?" I then asked him if his group plans to give away the Cathedral the same way they gave away the Yona seminary.  
Do much audacity and flat out stupidity. 
I was so angry when i walked off. I was shaking. This is the same Father Harold who hassled me about lighting a candle, telling me I needed to make an appointment and to go to the rectory. WTH? go to the rectory to light a candle?
Thanks for letting me vent a little. I know you hear stuff like this all the time.
Yes I do. And I do wonder how long the real local Catholics will let these impostors get away with this. 

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