Sunday, February 22, 2015


You are being used. I'm sure you know that. I also know that you are trying to make the best of a bad situation. However, we cannot allow "them" to use you to use us. 

If you want the Catholics of Guam to support your current efforts to attain to the priesthood via the Blessed Diego Institute (BDI) - which is the only path Archbishop Apuron is permitting -  then we must require you to present to us the following:
  1. Current and official documentation of the BDI's accredited affiliation with the Lateran.
  2. The academic handbook for BDI or at least a certified copy of its curriculum and academic requirements.
  3. The list of stable or permanent professors and their academic credentials as well village of residence.  
  4. A documented commitment of what percentage of Appeal funds will actually go to the seminarians at JPII.
  5. A documented commitment from Archbishop Apuron to truthfully disclose all the financials related to the Annual Appeal.
If you cannot present this to us then we cannot support the Appeal and until we see these documents I am asking everyone to withhold any contributions to the Appeal. Meanwhile, I would encourage those who care about supporting your vocations to organize and contribute to a trust in your behalf with the funds distributed once the above documentation is presented or you are permitted to attend a seminary with actual credentials. 

If you are unable to obtain these documents then you are being lied to and you are being used to lie to us. Not a good way to begin a path to the priesthood. 

We wait. 

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