Sunday, February 22, 2015


Since last July, Archbishop Apuron has been continually trashing Msgr. James Benavente for the Cathedral's debt. And he has continued to publicly trash his priest-son despite NEVER giving Msgr. James a hearing. 

In addition, the financial professionals who know the real story have continually challenged Archbishop Apuron's account with the facts. Apuron, as usual, does not respond. He wants and needs his lies to continue. 

The major point that Archbishop Apuron keeps trashing Msgr. James about is the original cost to renovate the cathedral, a project which was begun in 1996 and completed in 1998. 

Let's review Mr. Joseph Rivera's account of the original 6.8 million dollar cost for renovation:

  • The total cost of the renovation was in excess of $6.8 million; 
  • Msgr. James secured Federal Funding for the project, totaling $2.14 million;
  • Msgr. James secured Public Donations totaling $1.27 million;
  • Msgr. James secured Contractor/Supplier Donations totaling $145,000.00
  • Msgr. James had the Basilica Approved as a Federal Historic Preservation Site, which entitled it to certain grants and funding;
  • Through consolidation with other loans, the interest rate was reduced to 4.125%;
  • Project balance as of  June 30, 2014 was only $1.73 million

Of course to the rabid kiko's, of which Apuron is one, actual facts don't matter, only trashing your enemies does. And on January 23, 2015, Apuron again publicly trashed Msgr. James with an unsigned insert in the U Matuna purporting to be an "internal review". 

So, because Archbishop Apuron shows no regard for truth nor for mere human decency, we will continue with our own campaign of truth here on JungleWatch in the hopes that our Vatican readers will finally see the big LIE that this man is.

We have already noted over and over that no financial project of the archdiocese can move forward without the signed approval of Archbishop Apuron, especially a multi-million dollar project like the renovation of the Cathedral which Msgr. James was tasked by Apuron to oversee. 

Since the local village idiots continue to doubt this fact, perhaps this letter will help.

Because the project totaled over 2 million dollars, the approval of the pope himself was necessary. So here we see the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, the Congregation which oversees Guam, asking Pope John Paul II, in behalf of Archbishop Apuron, permission to proceed with the project. The Congregation is asking in behalf of Archbishop Apuron, of course, because Archbishop Apuron, NOT MSGR. JAMES, is asking for approval to proceed with a multi-million dollar project. Yet, we poor ignorant faithful Catholics are lied to over and over by this archbishop who wants us to believe that it was Msgr. James himself who incurred this debt.

Two years later the project was completed. (Can you imagine how long it would have taken if Adrian was in charge?) And Archbishop Apuron gushed publicly about its success. We see Msgr. James' signature at the bottom of this proclamation obviously because he was in charge of the project. 

Msgr. James was hardly out of the seminary when he was assigned to be the rector of the Cathedral and then tasked with probably the biggest and most costly project the archdiocese had ever undertaken. And not only had Msgr. James performed well, he had saved the archdiocese millions by procuring additional funding as shown by Mr. Rivera. 

However, at the hands of the evil Kiko's, Apuron, 16 years later, turns on Msgr. James and trashes him with the most outrageous lies. Too bad he forgot that documents like these exist. 

Now we all know who MUST BE if we didn't already. 

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