Friday, February 20, 2015


In NOW IT'S OUR TURN, I recommended that in response to Archbishop Apuron's non-response we do two things: 1) STOP THE MONEY. Do not give to the Archdiocesan Appeal since Archbishop Apuron refuses to be accountable to us for our money.

Step 2 is as follows:

• Guam Catholics need to be aware that ALL parish income (collections) are subject to assessment by the Chancery, not just certain collections. 

• If the Archdiocesan Appeal does not reach its goals, it is possible that Archbishop Apuron will increase the amount of this assessment or simply order pastors to write him a check. 

• Because Archbishop Apuron refuses to be transparent about our diocesan finances, and because he refuses to answer the simple questions posed to him by the CCOG about the use of Appeal funds, some Catholics want to stop the money flow to the Chancery altogether. 

• However, they do not want to hurt their parishes.

• In order to do this, one suggestion has been the establishment of a non-profit corporation for individual parishes which would be separate from the parish and out of the reach of the archbishop.

• These corporations would have officers, an elected board, a membership, and would also have 501(c)3 status so contributions would be tax deductible. 

• The corporation would receive contributions and then administer the funds to take care of parish needs. This would prevent money from going to the chancery, at least until Archbishop Apuron comes clean about where the money goes. 

• As a legally constituted non-profit tax exempt organization under the laws of Guam, the entity would be required to publish financial reports and would thus be held legally accountable for the funds it receives. This is something Archbishop Apuron is NOT willing to do. 

The CCOG has not officially recommended this and it doesn't need to since each parish can do this on its own. However, the CCOG is looking to assist parishes with financial and legal advice if parish members opt to take this route.

If you would support the establishment of a non-profit tax exempt organization to receive and administer funds for the care of your parish, at least until Archbishop Apuron agrees to come clean about his use of your money, check back in a bit. I agreed to do a survey for the CCOG to determine interest. The survey will be posted at the top of the right side bar. 

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