Monday, February 9, 2015


Dear Archbishop Apuron,

If you will not respect the liturgical norms which recommend such announcements to take place "outside of Mass" (most recently emphasized in Redemptionis Sacramentum No. 74), at least respect the rights of parents who bring their minor children to Mass and who may not want them to hear your seminarians speak from the sacred altar about missing the embrace of a woman and the other sordid crap you and your perverted friends seem to have a fetish for hearing. 

Archbishop, you are lucky I wasn't sitting in this congregation with my minor children. For if I was, I would have found an attorney to sue you for violating my rights as a parent, for violating what I thought I was bringing my children to attend (a HOLY Catholic Mass), for psychological and emotional harm, and for anything else my attorney or I could think of. 

In fact, it is time for those of you who are subjected to this kind of crap to stop eating it. Get up and walk out. Then sue him. 

  1. Yesterday at mass in Talofofo, a seminarian spoke right before the final blessing. It seems that this is the accepted practice. He spoke how he misses the embrace of a woman and partying. But since he found God in the seminary he is able to fight of those demons. He is a 22 yrs old and has been in the seminary for 5 yrs. It looks like this the norm to become a seminarian. He even used the word freakin on the place where the Word is proclaimed. Now the bishop is coming for his dog and pony show on Wed.
  2. This commenter helps us understand the crippling disease that is the Neocatechumenal Way:
  3. This seminarian needs to learn much. He subscribes to Manichean dualism which places spiritual and material realities at odds with each other. I hope the seminary he is in fully educates him on the dangers of this philosophy. Women are not the enemy, it is him and his integrity. In fact, one has to be fully immersed and aware of the human condition because we are not wingless angels that are apart from earthly reality.
Sadly, he hopes the seminary will educate him on the "dangers of this philosophy". I say "sadly" because THIS IS WHERE HE LEARNED IT. 


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