Monday, February 9, 2015

AAA's PERSONAL $532,535.00 PAD

So you gave us the "internal review" on Msgr. James, now let's see yours, Archbishop.

Rev & Tax says your private pad is worth $532,535.00. Not a bad gig you got going there!

Sure, your brother gave you the land (we'll come back to that), but where'd you get the bucks to build yourself a $300,000 bachelor pad?

What's your salary? How much do you get every time you show up for a fiesta? a confirmation, a school visit? What about the 2nd scrutiny? What's your take? How about Kimchee and those envelopes of cashee? Where's the ledger on that?

Let's see those financials, archbishop? Let's see you submit yourself to the same "internal review" you gave Msgr. James.

And about that land. Wow. That didn't wait long, did it?

As a Capuchin, you were prohibited you from owning anything personally. But you were relieved of that vow of poverty thing when you were made a bishop on Feb. 16, 1984.  And that nice little 2 acre parcel was deeded to you in March!

What? You don't like us asking these questions? You don't like your personal business being drug out in public?

Well then start treating your priests - ALL OF THEM - with some basic decency.

By the way, we're looking into who is paying for the utilities.

It better not be us. 

cc: ROMA

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