Thursday, March 26, 2015


The following was left as a comment on the PDN online.

It's a bit sad to see members of the Neocatechumenal Way continually grasping to be validated by the public. Melvin Quinene gives another example of this self-absorbed exercise in yesterday's Pacific Daily News. 

However, sad as it is, it gives the rest of us an opportunity to publicly expose what is really going on. Here's a few points.

1. The pope's blessing of the members of the NCW is not unique. He blesses every group which comes to see him. And if they are a formally constituted group, as is the NCW, then he also reminds them of their mission and expresses his support. 

2. If there is some controversy with a group, as there was for years with the Legionnaires of Christ, the pope does not use a public audience to address it. In the case of the LOC, after years of very public support by St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict quietly deconstructed it, taking great care not to harm those who were innocently attached to it. 

3. Quinene quietly avoids the pope's opening remarks to the NCW, which were actually quite astounding given that - as mentioned in Item 2 - popes don't normally chastise such groups or even their leadership publicly. Francis opened his remarks by making it quite clear that he had not called them to meet with him, but that they had called him. And he also made it quite clear that he was not sending them anywhere or particularly blessing their "charism", but that he had been "asked" to do so. In fact - and this has to be an extremely unique occurrence - he joked about being paid to do it. Read the pope's actual comments here: 

4. It's interesting that Quinene notes the presence of Fr. Santiago Flor, former pastor of Chalan Pago, at the meeting with the pope in Rome. Is Fr. Santiago "on mission" or is he on vacation? A recent article in the U Matuna by Deacon Larry Claros states that Fr. Santiago was sent "on mission" to some place in Asia. Fr. Santiago is an incardinated priest of the Archdiocese of Agana which means he is on our payroll and the beneficiary of archdiocesan health coverage and other benefits all paid for by the good Catholics of the Archdiocese of Agana. Okay so we are made to pay all this even though he is no longer serving this Archdiocese and off in Asia someplace (supposedly), but are we being made to pay for his Roman holiday as well? You bet we are. 

5. Quinene appears to slip up though when he tells us the actual truth about WHERE these so-called missionaries are supposed to be going: "Prayers go out to these families who have received the strength to leave everything behind and set off for distant lands to evangelize non-Christians, namely to announce the resurrection of Jesus." In fact this is what the pope also said. So the question the rest of us have is if these missionaries are supposed to be setting "off for distant lands to evangelize non-Christians" then what the h___ are they doing on Guam, a place which has been almost exclusively Catholic for 400 years, and why is their primary pulpit of evangelization the pulpits in our Catholic churches and right in the middle of our Masses? Either this is a full admission that after 30 years as bishop of Guam, Archbishop Apuron is an abject failure and Guam is no longer a Catholic place and doesn't know that Jesus has risen, or the whole NCW thing is a scam.

I'll opt for the latter and here's why. The NCW masks their real "mission" with the word "mission". They know that most people think of the "missions" as exactly what Quinene says "far distant lands which haven't heard the Gospel". But in fact, "mission" for the NCW means any Catholic place that has not yet converted to the NCW. That's why they are here on Guam, especially the guys at RMS, who live far above how the rest of us live, in their seaside palace with a beautiful pool, a private gym, maid service (their laundry is even done for them), and flights with the Archbishop all about the globe. Wow!

(BTW. Apuron's next trip? April 5 to Tel Aviv for another Kiko shindig. Wonder if Luis will be going along?)

In addition to the RMS guys there are families here from other countries who are supposedly here to evangelize us pagan Guamanians. At least one of those families has had children born here which permitted them to access the "food stamp" program. Immigration normally gives a pass to those who come to Guam on church-related work, but they need to look at whether or not the church is actually supporting them or they are availing themselves to government support. We Catholics might be willing to be suckered (not), but the rest of Guam's taxpayers should know about it. Even if Guam taxpayer's do not support those programs directly with their taxes (the money comes from the U.S.), there is only so much allotted and if these "missionaries" are helping themselves to those benefits then they are taking from others who may be truly needy. But seriously, "missionaries" on food stamps? Then you have no business being a missionary. And of course, they aren't, really. 

Thanks Melvin for this opportunity to tell the rest of the story. By the way, did you write this letter to the PDN all by yourself? It's a far cry from what you left on my blog a couple days ago. Here, let me share what you really think:

  1. Melvin W. QuineneMarch 22, 2015 at 10:24 PM
    And so what ! were you there when Jesus handed the bread/Eucharist to his disciples Tim? do you know for a fact that they were supposed to consume the Eucharist immediately after being handed it,the feel good thing, what's this supposed to mean ? to me you sound like a disciple of the Devil you and all those who choose to berate the NCW on this nothing but the devil''s disciples site ! What does having their own seminaries, priests, their own eucharist and a hierarchy have to do with the NCW, have you ever been to a men's weekend, are you a member of the Christian mothers association, are you a professor of theology, and to say "which abuses and mistreats people.".what people are you referring to ? Yes I can do the " feel good " all I like because I have found God, apparently you have not, in the NCW, illicit liturgy, outside the Catholic Church. So you mean to say that as an example, here after the war, you see photos of Mass celebrations being held out in the field, that the Mass celebrations are invalid, there is an altar, and everything else that is needed for the mass celebration. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church 1345-1355, 1408 it states this; The Eucharist unfolds in two great parts which together form one, single act of worship. The Liturgy of the word involves proclaiming and listening to the Word of God. The Liturgy of the Eucharist includes the presentation of the bread and wine, the prayer or the anaphora containing the words of consecration, and communion. I've not come across any citation in the COTCC that states we immediately have to consume the Eucharist or otherwise we are doing as you say participating in an illicit liturgy, who in the hell do you think you are HUH??? IF YOU ARE A CATHOLIC, WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO BASH THE NCW TIM ??? by the way the previously mentioned organizations do have to have some approval to be a valid organization or movement which I believe come from Rome, to me you fall under the definition of NIHIL OBSAT, an AETHEIST.

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