Friday, March 27, 2015


As much as we want Rome to do something. WE DON'T WANT THEM TO TREAT US LIKE FOOLS the way Apuron has. 

Sadly, one of the great failings of the clericalism of our modern church is what appears to be the prioritizing of saving face over saving souls. 

Rome knows that the situation here is irreparable, but Apuron is a bishop, and for better or worse, that makes him a member of the "boy's club". 

So while they may talk tough to Apuron privately, they're not going to do anything publicly that would put one of their own in a bad light, even though Apuron has done that very well all by himself.

However, in Apuron's case, the stakes for the Roman power brokers are exponentially higher than with other bishop bad boys. 

That's because Apuron is the only bishop in the world who is a Kiko. And his being a Kiko, and his mess of an orange-sucking seminary, especially now with Clerical-Cunnilingus-Gate, has brought global attention to the sham that is the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, the Blessed Diego Institute, and the Neocatechumenal Way. 

However, as we have seen, Kiko has an enormous amount of power in Rome and he uses it. In fact, Kiko is using it now. And here's how.

First, understand that for Kiko, the Way is more important than any bishop. He'll throw Apuron under the bus when he's done with him, but for now he must use Apuron to save face, his own face (and his back side as well). 

Here's how it will happen.

First, Apuron will be ordered to make nice with his clergy. He may even be ordered to restore Fr. Paul and Msgr. James to their posts. 

This will happen soon because the news of our public meetings and mounting demonstrations have reached Rome. So they're going to throw us some bones. 

I believe such a move would be an insult. It's sort of a typical imperialist attitude of "let them eat cake", as if the people of Guam are some uneducated third-world backwater who will go to sleep once their bellies are satisfied. 

Second, they'll get the neos to back off their in-your-face proselytizing in the midst of our Masses. They'll go underground for a bit to "get the natives to back off". 

They know, or they've been told, that Guam is a forgiving culture and doesn't like confrontation, so they think these few bones will restore Apuron to some level of decency.

The idea is to prop up Apuron for five more years until - as all bishops are requested to do - offer his resignation. Or, if Apuron needs to be gotten rid of earlier, the "making nice" will make it easier for him to "retire" for reasons of health.

Third, the RMS property will probably be restored to the archdiocese. This is the really big bone that Rome thinks will mollify us. Kiko and Gennarini will be willing to give it back because keeping their power in Rome (and thus the world) is more important than controlling this little piece of real estate. 

Plus, it will be of no use to them if they can't get a neo-bishop after Apuron. They will keep trying of course. They have five years. It could even be David the VG or Adrian in spite of the fact that they are severely damaged goods. 

Kiko and his boys (and that includes some Kiko-bought cardinals and bishops in Rome) think that we backwater Guamanians will have forgotten all of the current trauma in five years after we have been given our priests and property back and they rehabilitate David and Adrian. 

Aside from the fact that their strategy may work, the really sad fact is that Rome can save itself centuries of problems by acting swiftly and publicly NOW and in Guam. A big public smack down of Kiko-ism-gone-wild along with its puppet bishop would send a clear message around the world that would save Rome years of trouble in the future. 

But that would mean that the Roman power brokers would actually care more about saving souls than saving face. 

However, and just in time, it appears Providence has handed us the precise weapon we need to fight back: Cunnilingus-Gate, and more specifically its cover-up. 

The Luis Camacho incident embodies and evidences absolutely everything we have been saying about RMS, the Neocatechumenal Way, and its Brother Tony action-puppet, and Cunnilingus-Gate is just the tip of the whole orchard of rotten juice-sucking fruit. 

This is why Apuron and Pius are desperately trying to make this go away. This is why they shipped Luis off to Uncle Tom's cabin in Saipan within hours of his arrest. This is why there is a sham canonical investigation with a bunch of neo-stooges. This is why Deacon Larry-Boy has to say one thing one day and a different thing the next. This is why they are hiding behind the AG. This is why they are not saying a word and cowering behind the walls of fortress San Ramon. 

They are counting on all this dying down in a few weeks just like the public uproar went away after a few token public attempts to defend Fr. Paul and Msgr. James. They've seen us roll up our tents and go home after we got no response from the hill. 

So now comes the test. Will you roll up your tents and go home once again? Will the Kiko-Gennarini-Pius-Apuron machine win? Or will the Catholics of Guam dig into the bloody resolve that kept the faith the last time an ugly enemy stomped ashore?

The WHOLE WORLD is watching, waiting, wondering....and hoping. 

Message to Rome: You fiddled while Agana burned. It's too late to make nice. 

St. Michael the Archangel....

P.S. Don't even try to figure out how I know this. You'd be wrong.

Here's the LINK to the doc on Cunnilingus-gate

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