Thursday, March 5, 2015


The following excerpt is from a letter dated October 15, 2012 to Archbishop Apuron from Deacon Dominic Kim, Archdiocesan Finance Director, giving an account of an internal audit of the Agana Cathedral-Basilica.

Yet, the Archbishop wants us to believe that Msgr. James incurred this debt all on his own.

Se you tonight. And yes, we know the opposition will be represented. We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Further proof that the Archdiocesan administration has lost sight of its mission to actually lead a unified flock rather than cause its division.

    The NCW would have everyone believe that this blog and the CCOG are the causes of the rift in the island's Catholic community. In reality, it's the very leaders of this Archdiocese who seem to have forgotten every lesson they learned in the Seminary.

    The Archbishop, in particular, has also forgotten that his motto is "Servus Tuus." Little did we realize when he was elevated from priesthood that his motto had an asterisk stating, "Nisi Tu, Et Vos" (Except You, and You).

    There's no lesson to be taught in his actions and words, except that it's okay to use your tongue as a whip to flog the island's faithful into submission. When he, Monsignor David, and Father Adrian began their campaign of terror on their brothers and sisters in Guam's Catholic community, Jesus wept.

  2. Enjoyed the exchange of words at last night's village meeting, but wrong place and time. Start your own blog and hold your own meetings...or do we have to be personally invited too? #SitDownJerrome

  3. Why can the Archbishop just stop and heal our Church?

    1. The charitable answer is "he's mentally incapacitated".
      The real answer is more like "because he's still fighting the ghost of Flores."
      I'll explain another time...or maybe someone else can. There are many who know this better than me.

    2. I read this reply to my grandma and she broke out in laughter...she said "he probably visits him nightly"