Sunday, April 12, 2015


I recently received an order for bibles from a local parish. I heard later that the person who placed the order got "grief" for ordering from me. My crime? I'm a "businessman". But who do churches go to whenever they want a donation, or sponsorship for this or that? Who do they always go to with their hand out? But actually give these businesses business? NO. They are "businessmen". The great "evil". Well, thanks. I'll remember that the next time I get asked. But for the record, here is the business transacted.

The following was revised after Mary Lou pointed out that I had used the cost for the wrong item to do the calculations the first time. Apparently my company lost money on this deal.

Cost of Goods
Gross Sales
Gross net: $63.92

  • Delivery: (60 mile round trip from Agat) 2 hours and $10 gas.
  • Normal overhead (supplies, handling, picking up items from post office, verifying order) 10% or $6.39
  • GRT (4%) on gross sales: $16.00
  • Total time involved (research, order, pickup, order verification, boxing, invoicing, delivery) 4 hours
  • 4 hours at $8.25 (minimum wage): $33.00
  • Total overhead: $65.39

Net loss: -$1.47

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