Wednesday, June 24, 2015



A translation by Joe R. San Agustin
 of Mr. Ben Meno’s call-in radio talk to show host Jesse Lujan

… God will likely shower down on earth fire from Heaven on account of our Archbishop (Señot Obispo).  How is it, Archbishop Apuron, that a priest comes out and tells us in the pages of the Umatuna Si Yuos… What is the reason why there is there a seminary in Maloloj? There is (already) a seminary in Yona!   We are barely able to take care of the Yona seminary because of its size… That’s a hotel, you know (Senator Jesse Lujan), and there is not even a hundred seminarians there… and yet we open up another seminary in Maloloj… and they are crying out because of (the failure of) the Appeal !  What?  You, Archbishop (and I know you are listening) – you come out and tell the people!  Stop lying!  Stop lying!  Stop sending us Pale (Adrian) Cristobal!  Where are you, huh?  Why are you hiding?  Clearly tell us the truth!

Let your heart be truthful.  You get up on the pulpit, and you preach to us about Jesus Christ; about the Lord.   Why are you afraid?  Why don’t you want to come out, and tell the people the truth of what you did – that you gave away the land in Yona (RMS) – you gave it away, for free!  And the Carmelites (Sisters) are crying out.  Because the Carmelites are involved (in this issue). [You know about that – right, Senator (Jesse Lujan)]?  (JL:  Hunngan, hunngan.)   The Carmelite (Sisters) are involved!  They are praying 24 hours (a day).

You, the bishop – you, who claim to be the bishop…  you get up (on the pulpit) every Sunday, and you preach about God.  Me – I believe in God, and I will not let go of my religion on account of you, because the Catholic Church is not yours!  I shall continue going to Mass, but when I go to Church and I see you there, I turn around and go to another church – because I cannot bear to even look at you, you who are lying to the people!

And all I am asking is that you step down so that there can be peace – because the Catholic Faith is divided on our island.  It is divided!  There are things that both the old and the young do not understand why our Faith is like this today!

But it should be loud and clear – and we are seeing it – Where is the bishop who is called our archbishop?  Why hasn’t he come out, and let him be the one to speak to us those 10 items which were written [in the Umatuna] as problems?  Why is he sending out a priest [Fr Adrian] to do his job?

Fr Mike was summoned to the Office (Chancery); Fr Gofigan was removed… There are many wrongdoings; there are many abuses; there is no amity; there is no amity (peace).  You, who is the archbishop, ought to come out (to your people), and cleanse your heart, your soul, because you are holding… you are the one given the Staff [sign of leadership]… and why are you lying to your people?  Why are you lying to those who are following God?

Thank you. [Manana si Yuos]  I hope I had not harmed anyone.  Senator, and Kin – I am very grateful to the Calvo family for this radio station, for it is through this station that is poured out both the bitterness, the fragrance, the sweetness, and other sentiments.  Thank you.  [Adios.  Manana si Yu’os.  Adios,  asta ke.]


  1. To all who read this blog....both Neo members and NON...My uncle Ben is an individual who would NEVER go against a priest let alone our you can tell he is deeply affected by what is happening in our Church. Uncle Ben is one of our many SAINA's (elders)in our village of Inarajan. May God grant healing and peace. Saina Ma'sae!

    1. Fr. Matthew BlockleyJune 24, 2015 at 1:13 PM

      Tony has killed peace led the archdiocese into an absence of God. When God is absent in a place there will be no peace only anxiety and decay. Notice on Guam so many people are no longer living in peace. This is because archbishop and his minions have removed God and placed false Gods of money power position at the heart of the church. Utter turmoil now on Guam an island of frustration at the spiritual leader of an ailing sick archdiocese. We can only implore the help of our Holy Father to please bring an end to this horrible vile leadiship destroying the spiritual life of thousands of people.

    2. Joe, I give Thank's to your Uncle Ben and I admire him for standing up and speaking in Chamorro for his belief of our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
      Archbishop, please I beg of you to open up your mind, heart and ears and listen to the powerful message of Tun Ben Meno.
      We are all hurting right now and I know you are too, and especially Santa Marian Kamalin. You are our Shepherd to look up to and lead us to the right path.
      Love, Peace and Unity to all! God Bless us!

  2. Joe R. San AgustinJune 24, 2015 at 12:15 PM

    Joe - I, too, salute your dad for his bravery (and guts) to come out publicly with his assessment regarding what is happening within our ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH. Again, your dad, has put out yet another call to the Faithful to stand up in defence of our Faith - and not be afraid or ashamed to put his/her name to it.

    I shall do a translation (into English) of his Chamorro speech, and submit it to this very blog. - so that non-Chamorro speaking people can understand what your dad had to say. ("Stay tuned!") As is my custom, however, I shall courtesy your dad by emailing him my translation before I submit it to JW, to get his endorsement that my translation is true and accurate.

    God bless you and your family. - Joe R. San Agustin.

  3. Joe R. San AgustinJune 24, 2015 at 12:18 PM

    Joe - Sorry; I meant your "Uncle Ben" - not your dad! He might as well be your dad, as well as your uncle - he is role model in this respect. - jrsa.

  4. Mr. San Agustin! Saina Ma'ase ....Ben Meno is actually my uncle. God bless you and your family as well.

  5. Fr. Matthew BlockleyJune 24, 2015 at 12:56 PM

    Many years ago I met Ben Meno inform Inarajan. Years later when I observed his name in this blog I had his recording translated for me. Mr. Meno is a sincere dedicated loyal catholic who obviously after much thought prayer knew in his conscience Archbishop has strayed from the truth of the church and is the cause of a now deeply divided and morally troubled Catholic church of Guam. Thank you Ben for standing up to a dictator who has destroyed the very moral fibre of our beloved church.

    Never before in the history of the catholic church church of the pacific region have we seen a bishop who has knowingly divided the church and killed peace in the minds and hearts of Catholics. We must all stand firmly united that his callous and reckless leadership is unacceptable to the catholic church in General.

    Many people are complaining of sickness because of this horrible man roaming around laughing In their faces claiming no one can touch him. He has insulted priests people archbishops and bishops for 30 years.

    Substantial numbers of Catholics are calling for his removal why? Because he damaged faith life of men and women, removed God, and killed peace.

    Thank you Ben and may you continue working for the much needed peace and reconciliation that our church urgently needs. Ultimately we need a new spiritual father to bring about healing division the ordinary cause.

  6. One man who was in charge of shutting down Air Con at church,asked a woman praying after mass is she needed it on. She replied no, we have to make real sacrifices. She prayed for Us all I hope.

  7. Where, oh where is Harold? He seems to be out of the public eye lately. Are you busy Harold?

  8. More and more elders and concern Catholics will continue to rise up and speak from their heart. It is a shame things have to get to this level. So many of our younger generations are being affected. Remove your pride and step aside for the sake of our Community and Church. No more headaches and drama archbishop. It's time to Step down!

  9. Thank you Candy for speaking from your heart. God hears you and hopefully our Once Beloved Archbishop does too. It's time for new leadership to move forward and fix the wrongs of the last 20 plus years.

    1. Fr. Matthew BlockleyJune 25, 2015 at 9:52 PM

      So many suffer deep emotional pain because of the horrible nasty little man roaming around Guam. No peace in the pacific while this nutcase remains. 30 years of his evil mindset is enough.