Monday, June 29, 2015


I had to add the (s) because there's more than one. They're so stupid - thinking that we can't tell the difference in writing style. 

So here's some advice for you. Rather than playing your empty hand with all the threats, simply discredit me. I would have absolutely no ability to influence anybody if you do so. Show me where anything I have claimed is not true. In fact, show everyone. It's simple. Show everyone I'm a liar and I'll go away. Your beloved Apuron will be the restored hero and I'll have to live in shame the rest of my life. 

Here's a short list of things to discredit:

• Show us where Apuron did NOT violate canon law when he appointed a parochial administrator for Santa Barbara before canonically removing Fr. Paul as pastor.

• Show us why Mr. Lastimoza in 2011 was suddenly a "danger to children" when Apuron permitted him to work in the same parish upon his parole in 2000.

• Show us where Apuron permitted Msgr. James due process to defend the charges made against him, charges Apuron made public but never permitted Msgr. James to see.

• Show us the current certificate of affiliation between RMS and the Lateran.

• Show us where it states in its founding documents that RMS was constituted to form men for the diocesan priesthood.

• Show us where all these guys who are being ordained from RMS have been vetted as per all the norms normally required in an accredited seminary.

• Show us evidence that these guys are actually formed according to a standard diocesan seminary curriculum and have actually passed those classes.

• Show us where the money collected at every neo gathering is turned in for normal parish accounting.

• Show us the report on the investigation of xxx "taste of consistency" Louie.

• Show us that Apuron didn't write "the donor's representative" and tried to get him/her to sign a document which in his/her words was "not true".

• Show us that the Yona property has not been alienated - and this time use a legal firm licensed to do business in Guam. 

I'll be back with more. 


  1. The joke really is on these subservient-to-pius jokers, Tim!

    Because they have no credible accusations to use against you; nor is there validity to what they throw at you to counter your documented revelations about the aaa's abuses, pius' phoniness and the heretical neo liturgical practices and abuses, they can only resort to virulent but worthless verbal and personal attacks.

  2. you adults are stupid

    1. Alas, spoken like someone who will never be one.

  3. @10:06, thanks. I'll take stupid anyday than to be brain washed. Stupid can be fixed being brainwash (haha) you'll get caught cause reality always pushes it way to truth.

    And you are brainwashed. Why?? We only seek for explanations for said (documented) aligation of our church. But instead the FOOL'S, YES FOOL'S on the hill just keep spinning their lies with additional lies that get them caught.
    Even if I was Neo I'd look around and use my common sense and try to see both sides to this. Instead you bow to the great wizard of the chancery who controls but at the same time is confused.

    God bless those of us who seek for the truth.

    Flo B.

  4. You are right, @10:06. THOSE JOKERS are STUPID. This is just a short list that Tim wrote and from where I stand, I don't see these jokers being able to refute any of these. Not even one. I can be wrong. Please prove me wrong. Please.

  5. @10:46, Your response is the only juvenile one in this whole blog. Just by your comment tells me that you are still an adolescent. Yes, we are adults and you must stay out of the Jungle. For future blogs, please ask your parents or your cult leaders permission to get on the internet. Now go to sleep because it's past your bedtime. Very respectfully, James T.

  6. 10:06 you're Right just read 10:53 and 12:17 and 10:22 AM ..... printed coward