Monday, June 29, 2015


I had to add the (s) because there's more than one. They're so stupid - thinking that we can't tell the difference in writing style. 

So here's some advice for you. Rather than playing your empty hand with all the threats, simply discredit me. I would have absolutely no ability to influence anybody if you do so. Show me where anything I have claimed is not true. In fact, show everyone. It's simple. Show everyone I'm a liar and I'll go away. Your beloved Apuron will be the restored hero and I'll have to live in shame the rest of my life. 

Here's a short list of things to discredit:

• Show us where Apuron did NOT violate canon law when he appointed a parochial administrator for Santa Barbara before canonically removing Fr. Paul as pastor.

• Show us why Mr. Lastimoza in 2011 was suddenly a "danger to children" when Apuron permitted him to work in the same parish upon his parole in 2000.

• Show us where Apuron permitted Msgr. James due process to defend the charges made against him, charges Apuron made public but never permitted Msgr. James to see.

• Show us the current certificate of affiliation between RMS and the Lateran.

• Show us where it states in its founding documents that RMS was constituted to form men for the diocesan priesthood.

• Show us where all these guys who are being ordained from RMS have been vetted as per all the norms normally required in an accredited seminary.

• Show us evidence that these guys are actually formed according to a standard diocesan seminary curriculum and have actually passed those classes.

• Show us where the money collected at every neo gathering is turned in for normal parish accounting.

• Show us the report on the investigation of Cunnilingus "taste of consistency" Louie.

• Show us that Apuron didn't write "the donor's representative" and tried to get him/her to sign a document which in his/her words was "not true".

• Show us that the Yona property has not been alienated - and this time use a legal firm licensed to do business in Guam. 

I'll be back with more. 

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