Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I received the following message. If anyone has facts related to this story or to anything similar to it, please contact the Apostolic Delegate immediately. You may also contact me and I will see that the information is forwarded to the Delegate.

There is a family on Guam. The father died and was survived by his wife. Fr. Pius pressured the wife to give him her land assets. He arranged the changing of the will and the wife signed. When the wife died the couple's children found that their parents property had been willed to Pius. According to one of the children, Pius had told the mother that if she failed to will him the property she was going against God. He told her that her kids were evil in not following the way. There were big fights between the mother and daughter before the mother died. Now the daughter is in emotional pain. There are other families being pressured by Pius to do the same. Pius even gives them the language to use in the will. People who are old and lonely need to be warned. There is a pattern to Pius' pressuring of the elderly and the sick.

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