Thursday, June 25, 2015


The PDN poll has left us with a wealth of data. I say "data" and not just "comments" because the context of the comments, the poll, affords us the opportunity to look at the comments as data - a true study of the deformation of consciences and minds by Kiko's theology. Let's start with this one:

  • J. Bautista - yesterday
    PDN asked to rate our confidence in the Arch Bishop but we are mistaken if we assume the position is to filled by popular vote. It was by popular vote that Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross; crucified. Let us also not forget that it is Jesus Christ who is the head; the leader of his Church that we should be following.
    I have little confidence in any man but ask me if I have faith in Arch Bishop Apuron and I will tell you YES. We may not like or accept the message God sends through his servant the Arch Bishop Anthony Apuron but that is our problem.


So J. Bautista, you would rather have faith in Apuron than "any man". Well there's your first problem - apparently thinking that Apuron is more than a man. 

J. Bautista, some news for you:

Bad bishops started with Judas, and since then there have been an untold number of Judases who have held the office of "bishop" - prompting one of the Church Fathers to comment as early as the 4th century that the "floor of hell was paved with the skulls of bishops."

In the same century, St. Jerome, the translator of the only version of the Bible the Catholic Church still holds to be without error, wrote "the whole world groaned to find itself Arian". This sad comment was prompted by the  defeat of "trinitarianism" at the Council of Ariminum where most of the world's bishops opposed the essential Christian doctrine of three persons in one Kiko cleverly does.

Kiko's Arian heresy was manifestly documented by a Kiko priest actually teaching our deacon candidates that Jesus Christ was a sinner and that he too "experienced the forgiveness of the Father", just like us. This is the belief that Apuron - and apparently you - uphold: JESUS CHRIST IS A SINNER. That's some serious crap, J. Bautista.

More news for you J. Bautista:

In January of 2006, your beloved Apuron publicly and brazenly rejected the authority of Pope Benedict on KOLG by rejecting a very clear directive from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. Apuron has since refused to obey the same directive he was given then. You can read about it here and actually listen to him say it. He has never apologized, and in fact, recruited me and several others to lie for him to cover this up. 

Feel free to follow your beloved Apuron, J. Bautista. For my part, I  refuse to live a lie or follow a liar. 

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