Friday, June 26, 2015


  1. This comment from Diana is not so funny, but more telling of why Fr. Paul was thrown out of Dededo. They claim 35,000 lost souls are there that need attending, but we all know the Neo pickings will come from inside the Catholic Church:

    AnonymousJune 24, 2015 at 11:06 AM

    "Why does Tim have lot of hate for the bishop "

    You should ask rohr why he hates the Arch Bishop personally. As a business man, be prepared to be sold on his adjenda.

    As for the Arch Bishop betraying his flock; his mission is not for the welfare of the whole but for the ones who have gone astray...lost.

    Think about it for a minute; 40 plus thousand people live in Dededo; maybe 5 thousand attend churches of different churches on Sunday. What are the other 35,000 doing? This is why God sent his Son to the world; to save those 35,000. This is the mission of the Arch Bishop TODAY.

    We have many, many Catholics who are blind to the mission of the Church. They don't appear to understand the mission of the Church. They do not practice the faith of Jesus Christ. They talk about their money but never talk about their faith. They want a nice Church, painted, decorated with air-conditioning and a Priest that respects their will, not the will of God. 

    Is this the flock you are referring too?


One of the things I have found fascinating in this mess is how so many people are always trying to figure out my motivation. I find it fascinating because I have none. There is simply right and wrong and right needs to be stood up for. When the Archbishop was on the right side of things (or so it appeared) during the same-sex union battle in 2009, no one was more public in his defense than I was. (Hmmmm, wonder where Diana was?) Now that the Archbishop is on the wrong side of things - insofar as his violation of canon law and his mistreatment of certain persons - I am opposing him. I have no loyalty to persons, only to principals. 

You might ask Senator Frank Aguon, Jr. about this. Between 2009 and 2010, no one more publicly pounded him than I did. In my opinion he had interfered with two pro-life bills I wanted to see advanced. I had suspected that his motivation was not that he was not pro-life but that he had political reasons for not permitting the bills to advance (since they had been introduced by his then-gubernatorial opponent, Sen. Calvo.) I believe that my public pounding of him may have influenced the 2010 election since he and his running mate lost that election by only a few hundred votes.

A couple years later Senator Aguon publicly apologized for letting politics sway him from his personal convictions and restated his commitment to pro-life legislation. I didn't believe him so I asked him to introduce the same bill he had interfered with: a bill requiring medical care for children who survive failed abortions. It was a really tough bill and he was publicly opposed by one of the island's most powerful democrats, Bank of Guam president, Lou Leon Guerrero. But Senator Aguon held his ground and fought for the bill. And as today's news story in the Marianas Variety documents, I am now working with Senator Aguon's office to introduce more pro-life legislation. 

The difference is, Archbishop Apuron, though completely proven wrong in his violation of Canon Law in his ouster of Fr. Paul as pastor of Santa Barbara as well as his inordinate public chastisement of the Lastimoza family, has never apologized. In fact, he has doubled down and launched ever more vicious attacks against Msgr. James and simply increased the constant lies to the people of this diocese. It's too bad, because all Apuron ever would have to do is apologize specifically for those wrongs and set things right with those he had wronged and he would have been immediately forgiven and welcomed back. But he won't because he can't. He can't because he is crippled both by pride and by those who now completely control him for their own ends.

In short, this constant guessing of my motives tells us more about those who are trying to guess than it does about me. I was just raised to speak up for what is right and denounce what is matter who the person might be. Imagine that.


  1. Not to take away from the importance of protecting life, but when will these people start learning how to spell? Maybe they can put that on the "ajenda" at their next meeting of Diana(s).

  2. oops.. Suppose to be "adjenda" - I guess I had a momentary attack of the "Diana(s)" ;)

  3. Agenda my Brother.

  4. JSB, are you kidding me? AAA's "mission is not for the welfare of the whole..."??? He is the Archbishop of a Diocese. The "whole" thing not just a few. That is like saying that a dad in a family only has a mission to some of his children. It does not work that way in a family and it will not work in our church. That is why AAA should not and cannot hold favorites. He then ceases to care for the "whole" church and therefore castrates himself from his duties as a patriarch. A father who shows favoritism in his family will alienate his children. This is logic dear man or woman. Develop some and we can have a meaningful conversation. Do we "hate" AAA, not really. We just hate his actions, inaction's, lies, deflections, half truths, lack of courage and leadership, blindness, and I personally cannot stand his singing. Other than that, he rates in my book.
    BTW, get of your high horse. Then you accuse us of wanting a nice church with air conditioning, painted and decorated? We already had that, your people stole it from us!!! When the Neos had their meetings in the Cathedral did they pay for "air conditioning"? Never mind honesty is not your forte. We gladly donate to our churches so that the "nice" church will invite those lost souls to worship. Also, we follow the direction of our priest not he follows us. Unlike your kind who follow a laymans edicts and "con-celebrate" in your worship. Call it what it is JSB. Martin Luther started his own church, so did Calvin. Kiko has started his. Get out of our nice churches. Build your own.

  5. JSB, Wow, you actually counted the population of Dededo? That in itself is an accomplishment but then again, the NEO is looking at numbers for their profit (I mean Prophet) Kiko. Just think if the 35k joined your cult and donated at least $50.00 mandatory denomination at each at every connivence, that would equate to $1,750.000.00 per weekend. Now do you really believe that salvation of the lost is the mission of AAA? I don't think so.

  6. For "Diana" to think that Tim has "a lot of hate" for Apuron is not exactly on-target. Many of us, to include Mr. Tim Rohr, have no love-hate categories for Apuron. At this stage in the game we have no desire for any kind of relationship with him, professionaland personal. We simply do not care for him,nand hsve become jaded by his lies and lack of leadership on all fronts. His propensity to use other people for his own ends has become so clear thst he has no moral credibility left. To love or hate Anthony S. Apuron is not an issue. We just want him gone forever from our memories so we can move on with our lives. He has become so damaged that he is dead weight in our journey of faith on Guam. Why Rome chooses to coddle such detestable people in its hierarchy simply boggles the mind. It makes me think that the Vatican just wants to retain the status quo, and has stopped being the prophetic voice Jesus set the Church out to be.