Friday, July 24, 2015


Vangie Lujan has left a new comment on your post "ZOLTAN: "BULLSHIT"":

My recollection of the conversation with Zoltan was not as he suggested. First he threatened me because I didn't want to give him more time to defend himself. He said someone personally attacked him. I suggested that he go over to the person and speak to him directly. He didn't want to, instead he told me that I better WATCH OUT because he is going to get me in the PDN. He was going to tell the PDN all about it. I asked him to make sure he spells my name correctly. My understanding was that he was going to publish how bad I was to him.

He then followed me as I was leaving and said CCOG should try to bring peace. I told he we made every effort to speak to the AAA to resolve our concerns, but that AAA does not want to meet with CCOG. I suggested that he meet with the AAA. He said he does not want to.

CCOG has made numerous request to meet with the AAA, but he refuses to meet with us. His ad hoc committee also does not want to meet.


LOL. He says the CCOG should try to "bring peace" after he threatens Vangie. Zoltan, you are to be pitied.

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