Friday, July 24, 2015


Vangie Lujan has left a new comment on your post "ZOLTAN: "BULLSHIT"":

My recollection of the conversation with Zoltan was not as he suggested. First he threatened me because I didn't want to give him more time to defend himself. He said someone personally attacked him. I suggested that he go over to the person and speak to him directly. He didn't want to, instead he told me that I better WATCH OUT because he is going to get me in the PDN. He was going to tell the PDN all about it. I asked him to make sure he spells my name correctly. My understanding was that he was going to publish how bad I was to him.

He then followed me as I was leaving and said CCOG should try to bring peace. I told he we made every effort to speak to the AAA to resolve our concerns, but that AAA does not want to meet with CCOG. I suggested that he meet with the AAA. He said he does not want to.

CCOG has made numerous request to meet with the AAA, but he refuses to meet with us. His ad hoc committee also does not want to meet.


LOL. He says the CCOG should try to "bring peace" after he threatens Vangie. Zoltan, you are to be pitied.


  1. Tough man, can only pick on Vangie Lujan. Does that add another notch on your belt? Pitiful fool.

  2. Zoltan, this is beyond faith. Lets get real!...We need people like you who don't respect our local people to get off our island.

  3. Zoltan,
    Again I will publish this statement on my face book page so that my fellow alumni and colleagues can see the profanity and insult you lip to the people of Guam. Apparently you did not learn from my last post to you that UOG President, Dr. Underwood and his wife are my facebook friends, to include other esteem professors. I find it insulting that after attending the CCOG meeting, you continue to report lies on the Diana Blog...... I hope my friends and colleagues who read this will keep their children from attending your classes at the University.... Clearly you, like NEO Cult Presbyter Anthony Sablan Apuron need to seek medical help to alleviate your issues. As the elder Very Reverend Monsignor David stated: "You Archbishop is the problem"......Joy

  4. Fr. Matthew Blockley.July 24, 2015 at 6:47 PM

    Vangie Thank you for your important comment. This is exactly how these people operate. It is a system of threatening and a system to instill fear into the lives of others for the purpose of controlling people's lives. You have my respect for standing up to these people who are destroying the catholic life and culture of your island and people. For the sake of protecting church and the culture do not give into these reckless callous individuals who have led the church into utter MORAL DECAY.

  5. Let me be the "devil's advocate" here.
    While it is obvious that this kind of threat is never acceptable, we can only admit one thing about Zoltan.
    As much as I disagree with him, and I disagree with basically all what he stands for; I recognized him the fact that he is one of the very few NCW members that does not hide behind anonymous status, and that unlike his leadership he is not afraid to confront and be confronted in public.
    You shall not see Archie baby or Cristobal at such meeting, or Pius for by the same token.
    Lets give to Caesar what belong to Caesar.
    That being said, I believe poor Zoltan is what we call in French :"l'idiot utile" the necessary moron.
    He is being used and manipulated by his leaders, to bring their point of view, from a hidden position. The Zeal of converts is famous. Zoltan is zealous, and think against all odds that he is right.
    That is a very sad, sad situation.


  6. NCW masters despots . Zoltan despot ...... Apuron despot....... All despots clinging to a falling empire......... Every day is a death for NCW presbyters........ End will come.........

  7. sad for Vangie but typical for the neos - prey on those with commitment, purpose and peaceful demeanor but so ridiculous because it only shows what jackasses they are starting from the top.

    what i don't get dear Tim is this: why do people who claim to be so tired and frustrated by the neo-nazi's and this piece of garbage archbishop but they still put money in the basket. people! you put a coin or paper money in the basket is enabling these cultists! so simple!

    if its going to stop, then has to stop where it hurts. with money. that is all these people are interested in. Money.

    i include ccog in my prayers everyday but their message should include not giving anymore money, any more support to the church. you want to give? give to the carmelites or the priests directly. cut the rest of them off.

    first time the cathedral has its power cut - i bet you ROME will implode.


  8. NCW presbyters threatening many in our community. Pius threatening .

  9. ''WOW'' first the bishop and now Zoltan, CCOG Crucified Catholics of Guam. you people don't want PEACE Tim Rohr is nothing but Poison :X

    1. Because you choose to be disparaging as an Anonymous contributor, in future responses, any more cowards who choose to attempt to insult the author and/or readers of this blog will be addressed, in accordance to your smearing, with Mr. Hanky. Pun intended.

  10. Instilling fear is a mafioso tactic. Picking a fight with a woman by a man is a sign of weakness which is also the very reason why so many people join the NEO. It's not too late to come back to the One True Church from the one that is man-made. It's all about the money and not God Breathed.

    James T.