Friday, July 24, 2015


Dear Dora,

I know you personally and know that you are a very sincere and loving individual, and I am sure that you truly believe what you wrote in the opinion page.  I am one who has been very critical of the actions of Archbishop Apuron and have made numerous postings on Junglewatch.  I would like to use a different analogy to reflect why we feel strongly about the Archbishop’s actions that have led to the struggle that we Catholics are facing.

Let me compare the Archbishop’s role to that of a father of a family for indeed he is the father of Guam's Catholic family.

How would a man's family feel if he left his wife and 10 children for a “younger wife” (NCW came to Guam in 1995) and abandoned his wife of 25 years?  And not only abandon his family, but also sold the family home (RMS) and the assets now belong to the new family. And on top of that, he publicly humiliates his own sons in public.

Archbishop Apuron has brought on this alienation by refusing to send our own local boys with vocations to off-island seminaries.   Fr. Cristobal made it perfectly clear when he told a local cleric that the days for Diocesan priests on Guam is over.  Neo clergy now control seven of our parishes and 40 plus are under formation and yes these are all going to be for Guam.

Their ultimate aim to destroy the parishes and replace them with communities.  You can read about their heretical teachings that Jesus is a “sinner” and that a Neo clergy refused to pray over a cremated body because the soul has been destroyed by the fire.  The RMS is a “priest factory”  you may have read about Fr. Camacho’s escapade and the priest from Santa Rita who removed Santa Guadalupe from her perch and also called a parishioner at the middle of the night to show him a miracle that the statues are marching out of the church.  These people reject the presence of statues.

Dora, their aim is to take over all our parishes and  try to convert us to The Way.  This is why we are so opposed to the Archbishop's leadership, or rather the lack of it.  He is totally controlled by his Neo handlers.  Did you know that the Archbishop is only Brother Tony to his community and is subservient to Fr. Pius, his catechist?

Please understand we do not relish this conflict, but understand that we are standing strong in the preservation of our Faith that we know is the true Faith and have no need for the Sect to tell us otherwise.

The other thing, I want to bring to your attention is indeed the charges being leveled at the Archbishop are false and malicious then he should be bringing action against Tim Rohr.   Dora, I want to remind you that he has not even let out a peep to deny the charges being leveled.  Yet all the documents have been presented and if these are false, why has he not refuted any of it?

We are fighting to keep our religion free from the Neocatechumenal heretical teachings.  We are also withholding donations that can be used to support the Neo Seminary and Neo movement.

Our battle with the Archbishop is for the strict preservations of our Faith.  We have said that peace can prevail by having RMS property returned, and the seminary for the Way closed.  We want all parishes under Neo control returned to non-neo priests and for the Neo’s to open up their own place of worship apart from ours.

The Archbishop is the whole reason for the chaos that prevails in our church and like any cancer it must be removed.  We will not end this struggle until our One True Faith is once again returned to all parishes and Neo clergies minister to only Neo communities.


Thomas Tanaka

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