Thursday, July 30, 2015


While indeed this is ridiculous, the accusation nevertheless highlights why Apuron and his cronies feel quite smug and secure in their corrupt little holes:

So long as the majority of opposition to their demonstrably evil ways remains limited to anonymous comments on a blog - even tens of thousands of them...

...then there is absolutely no reason for them to worry in the least. 

From the beginning, even though some of his darkest deeds are widely known, Apuron has always counted on the silence of the lambs as his license for slaughter.

Everybody appears to be waiting for someone else to stand up, to speak up, to do something.

There was some hope when the CCOG was formed, but while the CCOG may have many silent supporters, the CCOG, visibly, is only a few people.

So what can you do?
  1. Start putting your names on your comments.
  2. Start writing letters to the editor.
  3. Start calling in to the talk shows.
  4. Start organizing teams in your own parishes and villages who would be willing to publicly protest.
  5. Start funding the CCOG. 
There is a course of legal action both canonical and civil that can be brought against Apuron and his Gennarini-cronies, but it's going to take money. Apuron has unlimited resources to fight us because he has our money to do it with.

You need to defund Apuron and fund CCOG. 

Otherwise don't cry when it's your turn to be made to bow before the Neo altar.

The next CCOG village meeting is tonight, 6pm, Barrigada Community Center, across Barrigada church. 

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