Thursday, July 30, 2015


While indeed this is ridiculous, the accusation nevertheless highlights why Apuron and his cronies feel quite smug and secure in their corrupt little holes:

So long as the majority of opposition to their demonstrably evil ways remains limited to anonymous comments on a blog - even tens of thousands of them...

...then there is absolutely no reason for them to worry in the least. 

From the beginning, even though some of his darkest deeds are widely known, Apuron has always counted on the silence of the lambs as his license for slaughter.

Everybody appears to be waiting for someone else to stand up, to speak up, to do something.

There was some hope when the CCOG was formed, but while the CCOG may have many silent supporters, the CCOG, visibly, is only a few people.

So what can you do?
  1. Start putting your names on your comments.
  2. Start writing letters to the editor.
  3. Start calling in to the talk shows.
  4. Start organizing teams in your own parishes and villages who would be willing to publicly protest.
  5. Start funding the CCOG. 
There is a course of legal action both canonical and civil that can be brought against Apuron and his Gennarini-cronies, but it's going to take money. Apuron has unlimited resources to fight us because he has our money to do it with.

You need to defund Apuron and fund CCOG. 

Otherwise don't cry when it's your turn to be made to bow before the Neo altar.

The next CCOG village meeting is tonight, 6pm, Barrigada Community Center, across Barrigada church. 


  1. Trust in the Lord is why I do not remain anonymous. There is nothing else but to trust in Him. It has not been easy but Church is not easy. But I, in good conscious, confidently place my name to my comments and actions. I only fear reprisal from Him.

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 30, 2015 at 12:02 PM

      AMEN, Jose M!!!

    2. AMEN to all who have courageously put out their name when they post on this blog. I pray that future blogger's have the same courage to do the same.

    3. It is obvious that because the responses by people have been overwhelming and they are trying to justify the posts as being orchestrated by Rohr and a few people. You need not be of the caliber of Sherlock Holmes to know that the posts reveal the frustrations and anger by the antics of the Archbishop and his Neo handlers. Their reaching out to Rome, reflects a real desire for Rome to investigate the truth and if indeed the misdeeds are factual which has been properly documented then they have no other option than to remove tony. I assure you the interest not only from Guam, but from the entire world is genuine. What is bothering you, is that NCW is being exposed so that the whole world would know how to deal with this cancer.

    4. Follow your Puppet Master!!!

    5. If I'm a puppet master then I'm not very good. Been trying to get people to come out of the shadows for two years. Only a few have. Meanwhile I'll continue having fun playing the Kiko fools like puppets making them waste their lives daily on my blog. LOL! Peace.

    6. Who is Frenchie? Nom de plume? Nom de guerre? Or another name for anonymous?

    7. Dear anon.
      Frenchie is my nom de plume.
      My nom de guerre is Montjoie.

    8. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 30, 2015 at 11:39 PM

      Anonymous (July 30, 2015 at 6:38 PM), at least Frenchie is a name of sorts.

      Whether it's a nom de plume, nom de guerre, or even an affectionate nickname bestowed on him, it is a NAME, unlike your tedious Anonymous.

      I really find it amusing that you would criticize Frenchie while you post as Anonymous.

    9. Funny! Anonymous @6:38 PM questioning Fenchie's mom de plume which is at least identifiable. Most posters on this blog have very distinct writing markers, even anons. Claiming that Tim comments anonymously himself is totally ridiculous, as anyone with basic reading abilities can spot the different comment styles. This is another reason why we should not post anonymously. Man and woman up Guam Catholics! Put your name where your mouth is AND put your money where your mouth is.

      And yes, can we please get out of our comfort zones? I am not an "out there and in your face" kind of person but still tried to engage especially those who wanted us to "pray, not fight." Yet, my invitations to prayer elicited few takers. You think I was not uncomfortable out there praying for our Church? He called us to "follow me." Meditate on this and see what you can do to keep Christ's teachings true and unadulterated. 'Cause it sure isn't cowering and letting heresy win.

      Still waiting for my fellow parishioners to let me know when we can get together to organize for our parish. You know who you are...

    10. Frenchie is one person who is welcome to use a pseudonym. He is not a member of this diocese and is not personally affected by the evil Apuron and Pius vomit on this island. However, because he cares about justice, real justice, he uses his knowledge and connections to help our side. You might liken him to the Scarlett Pimpernel.

    11. Scarlett Pimpernel!!! Tim I love your lyrical approach..... Ah! the fruits of a good (real one) Catholic Education....
      This being said, thank you for the vote of confidence.
      To anon at 6.38, since we all know you are fishing, let me give you a few clues and a promise.
      First the clues.
      Tim knows who I am, we have met.
      Many priests on Guam know who I am, we have met and in some case have been friends for years.
      It is a matter of record, that Father Paul Anthony Meno Gofigan is an old and esteemed friend.
      The Typhoon knows who I am.
      I have been involved at many levels with Guam for over 25 years.
      I have many friends on Guam, and they know who I am.
      The Nuncio knows who I am.
      Cardinal Levada knows who I am.
      Cardinal Parolin and Cardinal Tauran know who I am.
      Many Dominicans, Franciscans, Salesians, Carmelites and Jesuits around the world know me personally, many of them for decades.
      The Mifsud family on Malta are good friends and they know who I am....(wink, wink Pius)
      Even Kiko's "friend" Cardinal Filoni has met me a couple of times without knowing who I was.
      Finally the Gnome on the Hill Cristobal knows who I am, but since he never could add 2+2, he probably has not figured it out yet.
      I was just minding my own business in my little corner when, the idiots on the Hill, and their puppet masters decided to go after one of my best friend, and then after another one.
      Remember the old adage: " do not awake the sleepy water, you will get a storm"

      The promise is this, once I am a member of this diocese, and that should be sooner than later, I shall use my Christian Name. By the way, in my current diocese, we just got rid of our Archbishop..... Thank you Snap and all the volunteers!!
      In the meantime: MONTJOIE!!!!

    12. Yes, Frenchie, prior to my being almost spiritually and morally ruined by the Jesuits in college, I was the beneficiary of a mostly pre-Vatican II full-habited Benedictine education complete with nuns with rulers and log chain rosaries.

    13. Apologies to my Jesuit friends. Paradoxically while it was a Jesuit in college who led me to believe that I no longer needed to go to confession - a sacrament I avoided for 23 years - it was to a Jesuit that I confessed upon my return to the sacrament. However, in reference to my years at Loyola Marymount - a university which for several years felt itself enlightened enough to hire a protestant for its president - I am still in recovery.

    14. Yes Tim, I fully understand the spiritual and moral challenges all Catholics are faced with. It is not an easy road to travel.
      Some of us found solace into our spouse, friend or mentor to work our way back into the true message of the true Church.
      Other unfortunately fall prey to con artists, like the ones were are fighting here.
      I find it rewarding to know, that we all struggle. This is indeed how we define ourselves, our values, our moral and our spirituality.
      Some lapse, some stay, some divert, some comeback. We all have to travel that road, and try to be the best Catholic we know how to be.
      We need to stay informed to do so. Pray for discerning the issues, and stay away from pitfalls.

    15. Have some kind and charitable thoughts for Jesuits today. Today is their most special day, St. Ignatius Day, St. Ignatius being the founder of the Society of Jesus. The Holy Spirit led me to a Jesuit parish, St. Aloysius, in Spokane, WA where I became Catholic in 1977. And it is my two unofficial Jesuits, Fr. Dan Mulhauser, S.J.(who used to be on Guam) and Fr. Bill Robins, S.J. (in Nepal) who help keep me Roman Catholic despite the agony I feel about what's happening in the Church on Guam. It's been great and healing being in Nepal all summer and attending a peaceful, lively Catholic Church. I dread having to return to the toxic environment and division that is the Catholic Church on Guam.

    16. Thanks Melinda, what I said was a bit tongue in cheek. There are certainly individual Jesuits that I am thankful for and of course none of the negative reflects badly on the great St. Ignatius Loyola. But there is simply no getting around the waywardness of what is happening in their universities. It is sad to read in the university paper that I used to write for:

      Loyola Marymount University (LMU) is now complying with the abortion coverage mandate in California and is covering elective abortions for its employees, according to The Los Angeles Loyolan.

      - See more at:

    17. Speaking of abortion, Tim, have you been reading the articles in the New York Times about Planned Parenthood selling fetus parts to companies who "process" them and sell them to research organizations for sometimes thousands of dollars? There have been several recent articles, one being on July 28, 2015. One of the companies headed by a woman that provides processed fetal parts refers to them as "bio-hazardous waste." I thought this was illegal. Hitler would have loved this woman CEO.

  2. tim can you pick at this? found this in the neo blog

    DianaJuly 27, 2015 at 9:59 PM

    Dear Joane Santos,

    1. Father Paul was removed due to disobedience. He was told to remove Lastimosa in 2011. Lastimosa was still doing the same duties as he had always been doing, so in 2013, Father Paul was removed. It never had anything to do with the NCW. If the Archbishop really wanted the NCW in the Dededo Parish, he would simply remove Father Paul from the Dededo Parish the day AFTER Patricia Cottman banged her fist on the table.

    2. The finance board was removed because OBVIOUSLY their best interest was not in the Church due to the fact that they wanted to sell the seminary. The fact that they were unable to sell the seminary is irrelevant. A finance council is supposed to be a good advisor looking out for the best interest of the Church. Advocating for the selling of the seminary is NOT in the best interest of the Church.

    As for the rest, I already covered that.

    1. Sure. It will be fun. I'll be back with a post. LOL

  3. then of course zoltan backs up Diana in the continued beating of a priest who has been alienated and still without a chance of DEFENDING HIS OWN PERSON. plus seeking transparency and other questions we ask but don't get answers. just plain dumb remarks, from the neo.

    ZoltanJuly 28, 2015 at 8:47 AM

    Dear Joane, please read the answers for your question by Diana. I only give a few more words.

    1. Hitting a desk with fist is a sign of emotion. It is no proof that it was related any any way to the much later firing of Fr. Paul by the Archbishop. Where is the evidence?

    By the way, I have my own copy of "Target = Priest" from the Agat meeting. It has NO AUTHOR'S NAME printed on it and no publisher's information at all. Another way to say this that this book was written by an anonymous coward who was so afraid of the repercussions that he did not reveal his identity!

    2. For a yes/no question you answer yes or no.

    3. When I told at the meeting that the Virgin Mary was born without sin, therefore his son Jesus could not have sin either, I received hand clapping and loud expressions of agreement from the audience. It was a bright moment of Christian spirit unifying all believers present. We should hold onto this spirit. It is not true that people got offended because I referred to this Catholic truth.

    4. Donation to the priest in envelope, outside of the collection basket, is not transparent and not accounted for.

    5. You are wrong, Joane. Presbyter is just another name for priest.

    6. Yes, devil is in the details, that is why I am compelled to give more and more details about a CCoG meeting I had experienced personally. People should see what is going on at these meetings.

    Fund raising is not illegal. CCoG may give the lawyers as much money, they collect at the villages from the poor, as they want. But how will they explain to them later that their money was wasted on vanity?

    1. Regarding Zoltan's comment #4 about giving a priest an envelope outside of the collection basket:
      To Zoltan:
      There is no lack of transparency here.
      Envelopes given to priests are intended for their personal use. Envelopes may be given to him at the celebration of his 20th (or higher) anniversary as a priest, his birthday, or for celebrating the Mass at a funeral or a wedding. My family has given envelopes to priests on these occasions. We give this money knowing it is for the priest himself and not a donation to the parish. This is our custom on Guam. Perhaps it is not the custom where you are from. This is what we do on Guam.
      Eileen Benabente-Blas

    2. Clarifying my previous post about Zoltan:
      Posted by Joanne Santos on the "Diana's" blog:
      "4. Mass time collections were suspended in many churches. I mean people don't put many in the collection basket. Did not you know this, Zoltan? However, the parish needs money. So why don't give the money directly to the priest and Greg Perez suggested? He could spend it as needed for the parish. What is wrong with that?"
      Zoltan's #4 was in response to her #4:
      To Zoltan:
      If a parishioner trusts that his parish priest will use monies given to him directly for the express benefit of the parish's needs, that's fine. The parishioner knows his money will go to the parish. He trusts his parish priest. The arch doesn't like this because it circumvents any money going to the chancery.
      Eileen Benavente-Blas

    3. I misunderstood Zoltan's comment. Here's my new response.
      If a parishioner chooses to give money directly to his parish priest for the benefit of the parish, he does so because he trusts the priest to use the money as such. Those who choose to bypass the collection basket do so because they don't want to contribute money to the chancery. This is an individual's decision based on how he wants his hard-earned money spent. This is how they are assured transparency--they know where their money is going.
      Eileen Benavente-Blas

    4. In response to Zoltan's Inverted Tehology Item #3 above, The Sinlessness of Jesus is not premised on Mary being without sin. Jesus is sinless because he is God. On the other hand the Imaculate Conception of Mary is due primarily to the special favor or Grace she received from God. Another example of NCW's Theology and reason to question if they are indeed Christian.

    5. Yes, indeed, that was kind of a red flag. Thanks for pointing it out. I have post coming out later addressing all of his issues in this comment.

  4. hey tim I believe in that also, but I also believe it's a form of distraction let them worry about the numbers we have something more than that. that all they're about is numbers. numbers in the basket, numbers on the books, numbers in your books, let them play the number game, you gotta focus on the world series. look at them bashing the book that you hand out at the ccog meetings? they even go as far as beating on a book? how low? how pathetic is that? lol lets kill'em with kindness. the ball has always been in our gloves. we got bigger fish to fry than that guppy zoltan, johnothan, or even Diana who ever he is??? there is a storm coming...

    1. It's not about what the Dianas see, it is what Rome sees. You wonder why Rome hasn't done anything? Well there's your reason. Very little public outrage or any evidence of division other than anonymous comments on a blog. Apuron is laughing.

    2. The arch will stop laughing when his time as arch is up (by removal by Rome or by age) and he no longer serves any purpose for his NCW handlers.
      Eileen Benavente-Blas