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2. The finance board was removed because OBVIOUSLY their best interest was not in the Church due to the fact that they wanted to sell the seminary. The fact that they were unable to sell the seminary is irrelevant. A finance council is supposed to be a good advisor looking out for the best interest of the Church. Advocating for the selling of the seminary is NOT in the best interest of the Church.

This is the myth that these idiots are fed by Apuron and Pius. But even by repeating this Apuron-Pius lie, they themselves are calling Apuron a liar because in Apuron's letter of termination to each of the four people who were terminated, Apuron's stated reason for termination was that their five year term had "expired". So at least the Diana Fools are in agreement with us that Apuron is a LIAR. LOL.

Of course none of these idiots have actually spoken with any of the terminated members of the AFC to ask if they had ever suggested that the property be sold. However, I have. I spoke with Richard Untalan and he said that he indeed had suggested it and for good reason. 

The Archdiocese is 20 Million dollars in debt which means that even if Apuron can blame 7 million dollars of that debt on Msgr. James, the remaining 13 Million is all on Apuron. The truth is of course that even the 7 million dollars that Msgr. James was tasked with paying back was actually Apuron's loan, not Msgr. James', for the simple reason that Msgr. James has no authority to sign for a loan.

These idiots want to drool on and on about how the Archbishop is a "corporate sole" when it comes to defending his giving away the Yona property and how he is still in control, but they suddenly want to cast Apuron as helpless and not responsible when it comes to Msgr. James - who despite all the responsibilities laid on him by Apuron, never defaulted on a loan and can prove that none of Apuron's charges against him are valid - which is why Apuron will NEVER give Msgr. James the chance to defend himself. 

But back to selling the property. Mr. Untalan proposed it as a way to create capital to pay down Apuron's debt (yes, Apuron's debt), and to fund a real seminary. The proposal was never about "selling the seminary", it was about selling the property and building and sustaining a seminary instead of trying to keep and maintain the hotel monstrosity. 

In case you didn't know, Mr. Untalan was a very dedicated member of the Neocatechumenal Way at the time and himself had worked assiduously to help acquire the property in the first place. He was even a member of Apuron's own community. He was looking to the best future of the church on Guam and specifically to the future of the Neocatechumenal Way. 40 million dollars could have gone a long way to building a state of the art seminary, staffing it with a true faculty, and creating an endowment for seminarians for years to come. 

However, as we now know, it was the leadership of the Neocatechumenal Way themselves, the Gennarini's specifically who were NEVER interested in a real seminary. They were only interested in using the seminary as a means to acquire the property which is why they demanded that Apuron convey the title to their control - something Apuron eventually did behind the backs of the AFC, the College of Consultors, and the Holy See whose approval was required. 

The putrid ugliness of the Apuron-Pius lie is that even if Mr. Untalan had suggested that the property be sold, he and the AFC had no authority to do so. Only Apuron could authorize the sale. And now that it has been discovered that Apuron violated the trust of the faithful of the Archdiocese of Agana as well as the laws of the Church, he is trying to justify this theft by telling these little fools that he had to do it to prevent the AFC from selling it. 

Wow, Apuron and Pius. Have you no fear of hell?

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