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Interesting note from Diana:

Post Scriptum From Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini
The NCW received a four page letter that was signed by Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini, Father Angelo Pochetti, and Fernando Sousa Costa. What caught my attention was the post scriptum, which was about two paragraphs long. It was very interesting to read the Pope's seven points about the Neocatechumenal Way. Imagine that! The first point of Pope Francis was calling Kiko Arguello a SAINT! :-)


P.S. We have just received news from Alonso, the itinerant of Santo Domingo of something which I think is very important for all brothers and sisters: on June 23, in the afternoon, in the middle of the Itinerant’s Convivence, His Excellency Ramón de la Rosa y Carpio, Archbishop Emeritus of Santiago, Dominican Republic, showed up unexpectedly. He came directly from Santiago, in the middle of a powerful rain storm, in order to personally tell us: "A short time ago, we had the AD LIMINA visit of all bishops from Santo Domingo. The Holy Father received us breaking protocol. Before, he would receive us one by one for fifteen minutes each and he would conclude with a brief common message. This time he changed the protocol and received us all together, paternally dialoguing with all of us for more than one hour and a half. The reason for my presence here is because I want to tell you with details something very important which was said during that audience. The Holy Father, when Bishop Fausto spoke about the existence in the Dominican Republic of an Inter-diocesan Seminary and of two Redemptoris Mater Seminaries, focused his dialogue on speaking about the Neocatechumenal Way. I realized that what he was saying was so important, that in that moment I took out my notebook and started taking notes of everything he said. The pope centered his speech on 7 points:

FIRST: Many things have been said about Kiko Argüello and many other can be said. However one thing is sure: HE IS A SAINT.

SECOND: The Neocatechumenal Way is of the Holy Spirit for his Church.

THIRD: Therefore, I strongly exhort you to support, encourage and follow this Christian Initiation.

FOURTH: I value very positively the missionary dimension of these communities. This year I’ve just sent out more than one hundred families to where there is not a presence of the Church or it’s very small.

FIFTH: Regarding the Redemptoris Mater Seminaries, I say the following: what would it be of the Diocese of Rome without it? I’ve just ordained 16 priests and 13 were from the Neocatechumenal Way. You draw the conclusions.

SIXTH: The Neocatechumenal Way has restored in the church the EASTER VIGIL, which is the center of Christian life.

SEVENTH: The Neocatechumenal Way is the one that knows the most about the Christian Initiation. Consult them and, if necessary, correct the catechists, the communities…(because to correct is to love)…but correct with the Statutes in your hands.

Posted by Diana at 12:46 AM 1


Let's reread this part:
 "...on June 23, in the afternoon, in the middle of the Itinerant’s Convivence, His Excellency Ramón de la Rosa y Carpio, Archbishop Emeritus of Santiago, Dominican Republic, showed up unexpectedly. He came directly from Santiago, in the middle of a powerful rain storm, in order to personally tell us: A short time ago, we had the AD LIMINA visit of all bishops from Santo Domingo."
One would think that the pope declaring Kiko a saint would be news that would travel a bit faster - especially given the kikos insatiable hunger for papal validation. Such news - if it were true - would have been immediately sent to all the world and certainly would have been promptly carried by the kiko-controlled Zenit news organization. (It wasn't.)

Yet, we are to believe that this important news - a whole 7 points from the pope declaring their founder a saint and a reported hour and a half papal validation of the Neocatechumenal Way - only became known at a particular convivence, via an itinerant, who heard it from a retired bishop, who showed up in the middle of a rain storm, and the whole thing is penned as a p.s. by the same people who got Apuron to squirrel away a 40 million dollar piece of property from the faithful of the Archdiocese of Agana, and we poor islanders are only able to learn of it from a blog operated by a pseudonym! 

This is better than fiction. LOL!

First there is the matter that the AD LIMINA visit for the bishops from the Dominican Republic was on May 28, 2015. So we are to believe that this "good news" from the pope about the Neocatechumenal Way was so good that the retired bishop kept it to himself for a whole month before finding the time to scurry over to a convivence in the middle of a rainstorm. And we are also to believe that, even though their country has two Redemptoris Mater Seminaries - meaning that the NCW has significant episcopal support - that NONE of the other bishops released said "good news"? That the whole world had to wait for this significant papal message via a postscript from the Gennarini's??? LOL!

Next there is the matter of this breathless report that the pope broke "protocol". LOL. The intent here is to make us all feel that the pope was so anxious to canonize Kiko and the Neocatechumenal Way that he did away with the normal protocol and invited them all in to slobber on about Kiko. What a joke.

The news from Dominican Today reports:
Francis will receive the prelates jointly and then in individual audiences for each bishop afterwards. The Pope will receive a report "in voce" of the Catholic Church situation in the country.
Sorry Gennarini's and wet-your-pants kikos, this is standard.

Third, the AD LIMINA visits are of such importance to the entire Church that the common address to each group of bishops is always published. Here is the text of the pope's address to the bishops where he "receives the prelates jointly". There is no mention of Kiko Arguello or even the Neocatechumenal Way. And the link is to the kiko-controlled Zenit, which, if there was even a hint of truth to what the Gennarini's said, would have been most certainly reported. 

Sadly, the post of the P.S. from the Gennarini's once again evinces the clandestine, cultic, and even gnostic (secret knowledge) methods that are standard practice in the Neocatechumenal Way. But more sadly, it exposes the voracious need for "strokes" from the pope. Catholics who truly live the lives they are called to are not constantly running to Rome for a pat on the head. Yet this is a constant theme from the kikos. 

That should tell us everything...especially about the Gennarini's.

And here's my own P.S.: Dear Rome, our archdiocese is run by a bishop who is a slave to these clowns. Do you see the problem? Or did Kiko buy you too?


  1. Tim don't you realize that you can't really do anything? You are trying so hard but have not made a step. But I encourage you to keep trying. I like how motivated you are to keep trying to disprove the NCW and the Archbishop.

    Yes keep blogging too because I like to read all the "stories" you make up.

    1. Ah, yes. Typical Kiko. Measuring progress in earthly terms. LOL.

    2. But for the intelligent, everything I just quoted in my commentary is linked to an actual source. You guys? LOL. I guess you'll have to "find it somewhere." Feel free to actually discredit me. Post the Vatican document with the pope's words. All of the speeches the pope makes to groups are recorded and published. It shouldn't be hard to find the one you quote.

    3. Coward@10:43AM; why don't you slither back to the hole you came out of. We clearly see thru your shenanigans as you try and fool the faithful into believing this evil CULT led by ANTI-CHRIST KIKO.... We are reminded by KIKO that there is no purgatory and Pius stated to say hi to him when "you meet him in hell".... So take your stupid comments and join your friends as they party in hell....Joy

    4. 10:43 - you're not getting it....we (local people from Guam) will continue the fight to keep the traditions that were taught by our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents! Ask your NEO friends....are their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents happy with them? These jerks who come into our island and think they can change our traditions will realize that our PEOPLE will stick together. The Japanese tried it in 1941 and our local people stuck together and survived. We will definitely fight this battle. Tim can stop his aggressive battle with the NEOCRATs, but our local people will continue. We are RESILIENT!

    5. 12:10pm you sound really ignorant. America entered and changed many things.

    6. LOL. 1:45. You sound really ignorant. What he is saying is that the Kikos have "entered" and the are NOT going to change things.

  2. The give-away here is the fifth point. "Regarding the Redemptoris Mater Seminaries, I say the following: what would it be of the Diocese of Rome without it? I’ve just ordained 16 priests and 13 were from the Neocatechumenal Way. You draw the conclusions." Unless the Pope is talking to you, Tim, I think this is hogwash. Imagine the Pope using "You draw the conclusions." What, he is the Pope. He doesn't tell anyone to draw the conclusion. It is like the Pope saying. If you don't believe me, draw your own conclusion. Fishy. Smell very fishy.

    1. Does the Pope actually keep tabs on how many NCW seminarians he ordains, DOUBT IT!

    2. Yep. The whole thing was made up. Believe me if the if the pope said any such thing Zenit would have broadcast it ASAP! You wouldn't be hearing about it from "Diana". LOL.

  3. The Kiko hierarchy use the Pope's name/authority in concocting their lies and fabrications to energize and convince their zombie followers that the NCW is the ONLY path to salvation, yet it is well known that the Neos follow Kiko instead of the pope. This recent Kiko propaganda is nothing more than a pile of dung being dumped on the unsuspecting cult members and those stupid enough to believe the source. Try again FOOLS!! LOL!!LOL!!

  4. Diana is like that child who thinks they are the best at everything because their parents told them so.

    "We know all this to be true because our catechist said that Pius told them that Gennarini relayed what Kiko spoke was whispered to him by the Pope. What more evidence do you need?"

    1. Which is why they are only useful as a warning to others of what KAKA can do to your brains.

    2. children!! children!! children !! STOP THE HATING

  5. 1:31. Ah, yes. To the Kiko's Truth is Hate. Got it.

  6. Rather suspicious at the very least. Santo Kiko! Already made his very own holy card. What about Carmen?? Did he make a card for her? Poor old lady .

    1. Of course that's why his picture is on the icon behind the altar table at San Vicente church. Adrian bows to him every time he says mass.sad!!!!! :(:(:( 😡

  7. News Flash: Here's Diana's real message before she edited it on her/his blog spot.

    "Someone heard that she said he saw what's his name with you know at the place where that guy mentioned to his presbyter that something was about to happen this year with Him so tell all of your communities to inform their followers that something good is about to happen and our cult will be forever glorified by the likes of our leader and most high prophet Kiko."

  8. Holy Father Pope Francis needs to take summer vacation. Won't hurt. Even Jesus when away with friends. Come back regroup and come out with some stuff that doesn't make people's teeth fall out! Ps don't vacation at the Domus!!! That would be over the top.

  9. Hi, Diana. Could you give us just a little more proof of this miracle of the Pope calling Kiko a Saint? That is such fantastic news! Why hadn't we heard it on Observatore Romano, CNN, EWTN, or even ZENITH? What's his (Kiko's) secret to sainthood? It's been over 300 years since Pale San Vitores was martyred for the Faith, and our Holy Postulator Apuron hasn't even gotten San Vitores' cause upped one notch! And here we have a heretic who hasn't even died, and he is already a Saint? Is he already crowned with St. Judas Iscariot whom he claims was saved - despite Christ's own words "woe to him by whom the Son of Man is betrayed"?

    Usually it takes at least two confirmed miraculous events attributed to the intercession of the saint to be pronounced to be truly among the ranks of the saints! Could you tell us what these miracles were? Is the acquisition of a multi-million dollar asset by a mere Deed of Restriction one of them? Please educate us more! We are thirsting so much for the truth! O Joy of Joys! Who's next? Pius? Genarinis? Carmen? -- Anyway, congratulations NCW. You've accomplished the impossible! Truly miraculous!

  10. TIMOTHY... you are really a dare devil... to ask the Pope " see the problem? Or did Kiko buy you too?" You are so disrespectful. All you followers of TIMOTHY ROHR are just as stupid as this devil.

    1. LOL. I was addressing the Curia officials who are investigating the sad happenings on our island. But then you wouldn't know that, would you. You guys are a never ending source of amazing inanity. Look it up.

    2. Anon 3:27 is Fr Adriana Cristobal. Go back to work you fool. Maybe one day you'll get you canon law degree from Devry University. Maybe you can get a Summa Cum Laude from RMS Yona. Will that make you feel better about yourself?

    3. FACT Adriana never reads a book. True. Hey, where's where's that Filipino priest who went to Saipan?

  11. I like that last line in her propaganda "but correct with the Statutes in your hands."

    Which statutes is she referring to? The ones that are no longer valid or the ones that AAA is having trouble looking for? If you have an extra copy, please give one to Tony so he can stop looking for them. It's been almost a year since he said that he'll share them with us. Thank you.

    James T.

    1. The 2008 statute is officially hidden on their own website. You can only easily find the 2002 statute which is no longer valid. I did a full expose on this here:

  12. There's a bit of a backstory that might explain why Gennarini might be trying so hard to bolster Kiko's reputation right now. On June 20th of this year (last month), Kiko spoke for an hour at Italy's "Family Day" rally in opposition to gay marriage in that country. In that hour, he not only managed to insult the Episcopal Conference of Italy (CEI), but also, in the minds of many journalists, give a justification for "femicide". Google "Kiko femicide" to see many more.

    Here's one story on Kiko's "femicide" comments: And here's a blog post that drills a bit deeper:

  13. Thanks Chuck White for providing us these web articles. This clearly shows how desperate this NCW Cult will do to keep their faithful followers in line....The usual KAKA kool-aid of lies and deception in order to keep the $$ flowing....Beware Guam, they not only want your $$ but also want your land......Stop the $$ and you will kill this evil cancer. Do not attend any parish that has a NEO CULT Presbyter assigned. This includes the CB, Saint Anthony's, and San Vicente.
    Don't support the Golden Jubilee; 20 of those years have been tainted by this evil cult that continues to hold her hostage. All proceeds will definitely go to the NCW verses the Church and Catholic Charities in Guam....

  14. Thank you so much, Chuck. The concluding two paragraphs of your final linked article are truly inspiring:

    The faith is integral and total or it is not. To be heretics it is not necessary to deny all the dogmas, but it is enough to deny tenaciously only one, even if it is the minimum truth of the faith or Catholic morality. Whoever rejects even one dogma, rejects them all, and must be considered heretical, as they believe or disbelieve, not because of the revealing authority of God, but on the basis of their own reason: what he calls faith is in reality his opinion and he has no authority to expect that his own personal opinion must be followed by others.

    The enthusiasm for the assembly of June 20th will pass, but enormous religious and moral problems are gathering on the horizon. To face them, it is not the piazza that is important, but the faith; it is not the strength of numbers or of the media, but the integrity of doctrine; it is not the ability to form a coalition, but the coherence of choices. Only this can move Heaven and without the intervention of He Who can do anything, every battle is lost.


  15. SEVENTH: The Neocatechumenal Way is the one that knows the most about the Christian Initiation. Consult them and, if necessary, correct the catechists, the communities…(because to correct is to love)…but correct with the Statutes in your hands.

    With this we can conclude that Pope Francis, HIMSELF, wants us to charitably correct the NCW with the Statutes (which were approved in 2008). NO LONGER CAN THE NCW MISINTERPRET THE POPE'S SPEECHES TO JUSTIFY ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS IN 'THEIR' MASS. They now MUST prove WHERE in the Statutes of 2008 these additions and deletions exist. They no longer can ignore this concern by just saying "The Pope approves of our Liturgy; go to Rome and talk to the Pope."
    Thank you Pope Francis. Rome has spoken.

    1. It is highly unlikely the pope said anything about the NCW knowing the "most" about Christian initiation. But if he said anything about conforming to the statutes, this would be the second major time that he publicly said so. Interesting that he doesn't reference any other instructions. Maybe because there aren't any...or does he have to "find it."

    2. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 23, 2015 at 1:28 PM

      Hello Anon 12:56. It sounds like you believe perhaps the Pope said some of these things and are trying to put a proper spin on it. Here's the reality:

      The whole Diana post is a load of crap. None of it is true. By trying to put spin on the supposed comments by the Pope you risk putting credence to the Diana blog. There is not ONE SHREAD OF TRUTH to what she says the Pope relayed to the bishops. The Pope doesn't canonize living beings or heretics. The Pope doesn't speak the way Giuseppi relays it in his post script. It is all fabrication.

      What is truly amazing is that Diana is so convinced that she/he can fool the kiko idiots who follow that worthless blog, she dare post such ridiculousness.

      Diana, you would do well to remember our battle cry:

      pizza pizza

  16. In the past, Saint John Paul II said good things about the NCW.
    In the past, Pope Benedict said good things about the NCW.
    Even Tim Rohr said good things about the NCW in the past.
    Presently, Pope Francis has said good things about the NCW. They all have that in common. They also have in common the effort to correct the NCW.

    You're a doll!
    You're an angel!
    You're a martyr!
    You're a saint!
    All figures of speech - We may be taking one too literally

    I believe there could very well be misinterpretation, some things taken out of context, some wishful thinking, and perhaps even the intent to deceive in order to save face,
    in this postscript. The good of the NCW also appears to have embellishment!
    However, I believe that the Popes have always tried to straighten the bent reed rather than break it. This is how I want our Merciful Father to treat me! (He wants everyone to be saved.)

    A child is more apt to accept and follow a Father's correction if the child is first praised for the good that it does. The bitter pill is always easier to swallow if coated with honey.

    1. There was no attempt to take the making Kiko a "saint" literally. And most of the following comments were jokes. The issue is that this is more KAKA crap. If the pope said any of this one wouldn't be learning about it from Diana's blog.

  17. Perspective on the NCW for non Europeans:
    It is sometime difficult to put your mind around the gibberish of the NCW, if you are not well versed in the European, and specifically the Spanish/Italian history of our Church.
    There is a long and convoluted history of the struggles of Catholics, specially since the 18th century and the tremendous ripple effects of the French Revolution on all the countries surrounding it.
    Simply put our Church had to suffer the biggest onslaught of its history, since the reformation movement, and what most see as an all out existential fight for survival.
    We feel to this day the continued effect of the events of that period. The endless battering of our core values, regarding faith, family, the notions of life, justice, but also the incessant and false accusations we as a church, but also as individual Catholics have endured on a daily basis.
    Many of us, due to a lack of comprehension of the teachings of our Church have been lured away outside of it, or into movements within the Church itself that articulate an apparent solution to what too many of us see as difficult issues.
    The NCW is one of these movements. Our Church in its two thousands years of history has faced many of them, they always try to erode our core values, and have a corroding effect, at best. Often we find that they were the vehicle for the temporal powers of a few opportunists.

    Catholics, but also other Christians (specially Orthodox and Armenians) even protestants have been the targets of an anti-christianity movement dating back to the French revolution, which intensified after world war II, with the recuperation and manipulation of some of the horrors of this conflict. At its center are a coalition of atheists, free masons and other anti-christian groups (religious and non religious). The commonality of these groups is the destruction and/or the muting of organized christian religions as a integrated balanced society, where Christians influence their societies on moral, economical and societal issues.
    This has been seen by these anti-Christian groups as an impediment to the development of their world view, in regards to the economy as the modern "golden idol" referred often in the old testament .... and recently denounced by the Pope himself during his trip to South America.

    While you might not agree with everything this Pope says and does, his identification of the evil we face in that world wide "improvement" of our lives and lively hoods, with its promotion of individual rights of all sort, as a tool to dismantle our societies, and the propping up of movements through proxies, whose goal is to terrorize and eliminate the surviving churches in whole geographical areas of the earth (see latest developments in the Middle East and Ukraine)....
    How does this fit with our issues with the Neocatecumenal movement? may you ask...

    1. Granted that there is indeed Christian and anti-Christian dialectic following the Age of Enlightenment, this major divide that gave rise to horrific alienation, slaughter and at times genocide cannot be the sole reason for the growth of pseudo-humanistic movements. Within the Catholic Church itself arose destructive movements that led astray most gullible and unprincipled followers. One of these movements is the ncw which was perhaps encouraged by the aggiornamento of Vatican II. Kiko Arguello took this process as an opportune opening to aggrandize further his mega-ego by devising his own machinations of the core beliefs of the Holy Catholic Church. By preying on weak-willed minds and hearts he has created a following that staunchly believes in their wretched existence. They are made to profess that their salvation is only through this twisted community with an army of controlling minions/minionettes acting as their catechists. The parish-based community does not work for them but only through a public profession of sinfulness and wretched living. Now we also know that ncw is a manipulation of the mind and a gross morphing of faith that hides a real motive which is to derive property and wealth from these hapless souls who find themselves entrapped by an unconscionable financial machinery. Unfortunately apuron bought into this movement hook, line and sinker, and now unable to undo his grave mistake not only due to his pride and arrogance, but also his weakness of will and absence of leadership.
      Defiant Voyager

  18. Perspective on the NCW for non Europeans....continued.

    So now that we have established that the history of the anti-Christianity attacks, have had a profound effect on our daily lives, that some of us never realized, lets look a little more in details, how it affects our actual debate and how it distort what you might always have thought as a logical Catholic perspective.

    What is probably the most dangerous medecine to a patient, is the one that has been prescribed based on a wrong diagnosis. Actually in many cases it can be fatal to the patient.

    While few of us notice that our leaders (political, religious, medias, etc....) have a strong tendency to use simplistic characterization: white or black, true or false, right or wrong, us against them,good or bad, with us or against us, pro vs anti, you name it....these misleading and confusing false dilemmas have been denounced by Christ himself long, long ago, but also by a long succession of Popes and other religious leaders in our Church from time immemorial.

    These type of issues are only possible, because we as individuals, are either too busy or too lazy, or both to take the time to analyze and challenge these simplistic approaches.
    This is the basis of " bad things happen, because good people failed to act" motto.

    It has been also the reason why opportunists in all aspect of our lives have been able to get away with evil and/or unethical behaviors or actions.
    Opportunists in our Church exists, because we allow them to do so. They take many forms, and push different agendas. Liberal, conservative, renewal of faith, saving of the family, the list is exhaustive, because the real issues that trouble us in our daily lives are exhaustive.

    They can be looking for career opportunities, fame, fortune, glory, self service, sometimes they can be delusional in what they think is a real search for truth, no matter the reason, they succeed, because we let them, we do not, as the Pope as encouraged us to do, challenge them, confront them. We are not willing to get out of our comfort zone to do so.

    When it comes to the NCW, we have to understand the roots of its founding parents.
    Both Carmen Hernandez, and Francisco Arguello-Wirth have released bios of themselves that are very controlled and very spotty.
    Both want us to believe that they were common Spaniards who after a period of soul searching were touched by the holy spirit who gave them their "Charisma" their mission to "evangelize the world......
    Since we have very little information, we are left to compare their claims with the reality of Spanish lives in the early 1960s when they studied, met and started their enterprise.

    During Franco's regime, the Catholic Church was recognized as the State religion. Attendance to religious services and sacraments was closely monitored and reported to authorities.
    Survivors of the purges of the late thirties and early forties were targeted by local snitches and had to report to the Guardia Civil, (the paramilitary police) on regular basis.
    Any breach, would land you back in prison. These kinds of measures were put in place after the civil war, by Franco and his government to eradicate over 100 years of free masonry radical movements as well as radical communist and anarchist movements who had in many cases murdered Catholics and Clergy by the 10s of thousands. This might sound harsh in our modern world, but it was a normal thing in that country at the time.

  19. Perspective on the NCW for non Europeans....(continued)

    Kiko claims that he was born in 1939, which would have made him 25 yo in 1964 when he created his venture with Carmen, who does not give an age but is said to have a PHD in chemistry and another degree in theology.
    This would make her 5 to 7 years older than him. This is interesting, since she would be the more educated of the two and the more experienced as well.
    Another revealing fact was that Carmen held two University degrees in the 1950s in Spain at a time when women were discourage to study , and was considering missionary work in South America, while teaching at the same time.
    What can be deducted from this is two fold:
    In order for a young lady to study in the 1950s in Spain (she already graduated in the early 60s) she would have had to be part of a privileged class, either politically or economically or both. These people therefore are part of the Franco system.
    We know she was born in Olvega in Castilla y Leon, a small town in a stronghold area of the Franquist establishment.
    We shall see later why this is important.
    Francisco Arguello-Wirth is a little more complicated. He gives us his date of birth, but little else.
    Not only does he omit his whole childhood, except for the fact that he was an Atheist, (and in his latest, revised version that he had flirted with Marxism). We have seen previously that in Franco's Spain, this would have been extremely difficult, even extremely dangerous.
    Here we lift the veil a little more on the twisted psychology of Kiko, who for the people of that era, would have been a hero for being such a rebel. (real or imagined)
    It appears then, that this official version is more likely an urban legend from the beginning.

    Beside this, we knew that according to his own script: he was a painter (First version, a struggling one. Second version a successful one) and an aspiring musician; until he suddenly found religion and decided to go and help the poor.

    The Franco regime, was very aware of the challenges of the economy, (Spain was under a huge economic embargo) and the consequences it had on the lowest level of society. Spain in the 1960s was extremely poor. Roads were being built by hand, people carrying baskets of dirt and donkeys bringing heavier loads.
    Indeed Spain in these days, was made mostly of poor people. Only people in the inner sanctum of the regime, were able to study, paint, or sing.
    The Catholic Church was entrusted to take care of the poor and service the down casts.
    The poor were therefore the charge of the well meaning bourgeoisie, and the ruling class goodwill.
    So when Carmen and Kiko talk about working with the poor, they are talking about their work as privileged members of the bourgeois society, doing their good deeds. Nothing wrong with it, on the contrary, but a far cry from the image that they tried to portray at posteriori.

    This gives us an idea of how two young people, went from "unknowns" in 1964 to being encouraged to go to expand their work in Rome itself in 1968, by none other that the Archbishop of Madrid, future President of the council of Bishops of Spain and former Bishop of Bilbao (basque area) and bishop of Zaragoza (Aragon)
    Actually Archbishop Casimiro Morcillo was a staunch conservative, he was a strong supporter of the Franco regime as well.
    Far from being this movement of new revival portrayed with very great sense of marketing, the beginning of the movement by Carmen and Kiko is totally immersed in a Church in full cooperation with a Fascist movement, and using its connections in Rome to parlay special conditions for them to set a bridgehead in very close proximity to the Vatican.


  20. Archbishop's name mentioned Vatican commission for abuse.


  21. Archbishop calls Apostolic delegate to silence troubled priest.

  22. Michael Jucatan is actually a Hawaiian reject. To enter the seminary he had to join the RMS. Someone should interview him about what other school rejected him from attending. Are these seminarians rejects from their own country that the RMS is their outlet. Some may have used it to escape the violence in their own country.