Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Many are frustrated that Rome hasn't removed Apuron for demonstrable gross mismanagement. The article copied below will explain why Rome has not only not removed Apuron but why it has also been mostly silent - not to mention why Apuron continues to dance around his office singing "no one can get me!" 

But it also explains why Apuron is so desperate to prove that he did not alienate the Yona property.

FRIDAY, APRIL 01, 2011

Note on Bp. Makaya Loemba's loss of office

terse statement from the Holy See Press Office reporting the "removal"* from episcopal office of Jean-Claude Makaya Loemba (diocese of Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo) cites no canons by which the action was taken and offers no factual basis upon which to ground the pope's action, but Benedict's move is being characterized by some as a sort of papal removal for “mismanagement”. I’d be careful about putting things that way, for it feeds the impression wrongly held in various circles that bishops are just regional managers of world-wide Catholic activities, appointed and sackable by the pope as if they were employees of a major corporation. 

Canonically, what Bp. Makaya Loemba has undergone seems to be “privation” of office in accord with Canon 416. The canonical commentaries** I’ve looked at regard a bishop’s “privation” of office as being possible only in the face of guilt for ecclesiastical crimes (say, canonically illegal actions in regard to ecclesiastical property, contra cc. 1377 or 1389). 

But criminal conduct is not the same thing as “mismanagement”, and it is certainly not the same thing as “weak performance”, both of which conditions might well justify upper-level management in removing a lower level administrator from his post, but neither of which—for all sorts of ecclesiological and canonical reasons— constitutes grounds for privation of episcopal office in the Church. 

Only the pope hears criminal cases involving bishops (c. 1405 § 1) and penal cases are generally conducted confidentially (c. 1455 § 1), so unless either side decides to discuss the matter, the details are not likely to emerge (with good reliability, at least). In any event, characterizing Makaya Loemba’s removal from office as being based on mere “mismanagement” can leave folks with the wrong impression of the relationship between pope and bishops. 


  1. It is almost a year now since the removal of Msgr. James from the Cathedral. Since then, on the 31st of July a statement was issued by the Archbishop about the publications of annual financial reviews on the Cathedral, the Cemetery and the RMS. Hope to see the review soon especially the RMS. Be true to your word Archbishop and publish it. The Catholic People of Guam want to SEE it.

    In July 31, 2014 Archbishop Apuron made the following statement, which can be found in the Umatuna. According to the Archbishop:

    The Archdiocese of Agana has been working diligently to review its financial condition with the help of the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche and the Archdiocesan Finance Officer, following the indication of Cardinal Filoni, Prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

    Together with the Archdiocesan Finance Council, I decided that on an annual basis the Archdiocese of Agana, Catholic Cemeteries of Guam, Inc. and the Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary of Guam will publish the financial reports and financial review.


  2. It is my understanding certain cases reported to Roman pontiff remain in internal forum. Not even mentioned in JW. Unless individuals or pontiff talk on particular issues situations will never be public. This does not mean to say the Holy See is not aware of poor conduct it is. Pontiff willl act at an appointed time. When archbishop is terminated reasons will never be made public. This is all in the internal forum. However, as is often case there will be Vatican leaks. archbishop will retire early for sure. Reasons may never be revealed .

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 23, 2015 at 2:24 PM

      Anon at 10:05 is right, we may never know why, officially. To which I reply, I really don't care if we ever find the reason for Tony's removal. We know it is justified by all the truths revealed by Tim and others. The only thing that matters is that we be sent a shepherd who will love us and care for the flock. A shepherd who will unite us as one family. I think even most neos would welcome unity, except those with evil in their hearts. You will not hear me gossip when the door hits Tony's backside on his way out.
      Until that time, I will continue to pray for our poor island.

  3. Anybody out there listening to 8:07 PM? Would someone be kind enough to copy-paste it, and send it on to the Archbishop? I'm sure he will be very grateful for the reminder!

    1. It was another ploy of his continued web of lies to keep the flock from asking questions. NCW Cult Presbyter Anthony Sablan Apuron and his evil minions on the hill will never publish the reports as they will show the truth of how they have embezzled tons of money for the sake of getting the red hat. This is a sad but true.