Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Received the following from an informant. I'm only posting it because it is almost common knowledge. In fact, we have alluded to this suspected plot many times. We know that in order for the NCW to maintain power in Guam they need Adrian to succeed Apuron whose time - with or without Rome's help - is short. 
"Pius and Adrian are working to remove Apuron. They believe that Kiko's people in Rome will be able to convince the pope to appoint Adrian as the next archbishop. Getting rid of Msgr. James was an important part of the plan."
As mentioned, much of my intel comes directly from the chancery - recordings, documents, etc. However, I never get them directly from the chancery source. It passes through hands and I often get them anonymously. 

Maybe Adrian is the actual mole? If so, Thanks, Adrian! Good work. 

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