Saturday, July 18, 2015


Archbishop's lawyer sends warning to accuser

Dear Archbishop,

Just yesterday I was explaining to someone why Rome hasn't removed you yet. I explained that Rome needs hard evidence that you are no longer capable of doing your job and that you are a danger to the faith.

While many of us have seen that "hard evidence" for years, most have only mumbled about it, or, at most, posted about it on this blog, and even then, anonymously. We know that this "sheepy-ness" of the sheep (except for a few) is what you have been counting on. And this is why you dance around the chancery singing "no one can get me." 

But thanks to your letter to Toves, Rome now has the first real piece of hard evidence that you are dangerously incompetent. 

Let's take a look at this line from the letter:
“Your conduct has caused and continues to cause grave harm not only to Archbishop Apuron and the church in Guam, but also to the universal church.”
Wow! If that is not evidence of a crippled mind, then what is? Really? " the universal church?" HUH? 

Oh, I'm being facetious with that "HUH?" Everyone can see that. Pretending you are defending the universal church or even just the local church permits you to use church money to pay for what will be a very "painful and arduous" legal process. Isn't that right, Archbishop? Our money, your fees.

But seriously, John's little mosquito-like accusations - already discredited by his own lack of evidence not to mention his "style" -  are a "harm to the universal church! ????? Wow! Thank you for that. That tells us much. More importantly it tells Rome much. In fact, it tells Rome you have something to hide...and that you are hiding behind "the church"...WITH OUR MONEY. 

But you know what is even sadder, Archbishop? What is sadder, in fact, saddest of all, is how you missed your WWJD moment. Just think, what an example you could have set, not just for Catholics, but for all the people out there who are not Catholic - and who may have been, except for you, and particularly your example in this particular situation.

Imagine for a moment that when John Toves first raised these accusations that you met with him privately and counseled and prayed with him. Let's say that even after that John continued to attack you publicly. And let's say that you continued to invite him to meet with you as any decent father would do with an angry son. 

If you had done that, even with all the other allegations and anger against you, JungleWatch and all of this would be no more. People would have had the greatest admiration for you - something you so desperately want. And there it was. There it was. Your hero status. Your "much loved dear leader" status. There it was. You had only to do what any father or pastor worthy of the name would do. You had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Yet you chose LOSS.

You know, Archbishop, it is WE who should be suing you for "harm to the universal church." Your handling of this matter is the REAL SCANDAL here. A scandal to the faithful on Guam, a scandal to the universal church, a scandal to Jesus Christ who left the 99 to find the one. Yet, here you are leaving the 99 to slaughter the "one". 

Yes, WWJD. What a lost opportunity, Archbishop. You could have saved yourself and your beloved Neocatechumenal Way with just one kind act. But you chose to act ruthlessly - a butcher, a bully till the end. 

I think the funniest thing is the last line:
“Your liability and exposure under such legal action will be considerable.”
LOL, Archbishop. Do you know what John owns? Do you know what assets he has to his name? Does your attorney? Well I do. And it's not enough to even cover what you already spent of our money on this letter. So, what? Are you going to go after his family's assets - the Toves and Ada families? SMH!

You know, Archbishop, you have one thing in your favor. Your actions are so embarrassing that even Rome has to be embarrassed. Soon, if they haven't already, they're going to tell you to withdraw your threat. You are lucky because you will be able - once again - to hide behind the church. You'll be able to say "it's in Rome's hands," or "Rome told me not to pursue this." 

Yah, you're really lucky because the whole world, including John Toves - to whom you have just given the hero status that you so desperately crave, WANTS YOU TO PURSUE THIS. We WANT you to show the world who you really are: one sad, very sick little man. The Pope needs to remove you, not to save the diocese, but to save you.

P.S. Did Adrian have anything to do with this? Beware the Ides of March...or in your case, July.

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