Friday, July 17, 2015


Archbishop retains stateside lawyer, demands end to harassment

Oh dear, dear, dear Archbishop. Truly. You should call me before you do these things. I never cease to be amazed at the astounding inadequacy of your advisors. (Or maybe they really are trying to get you into trouble?? Hmm. Imagine that!)

Don't you see? There was no need to threaten poor little Mr. Toves with a big bad letter from a big bad lawyer who you probably paid with our big bad money. I mean, seriously. Mr. Toves had already marginalized himself. 

Okay. Sure he came here last December and made a bit of a splash. But no victim came forward and John went back to San Francisco empty handed. 

Okay, so he pops up from time to time and trots out the same old unproven, unsubstantiated allegations. But so what. Even the talk show host who first gave him a voice on Guam recently told him not to bother to call back unless he actually had something real. 

Even those who initially supported him had pretty much told him thanks but no thanks. "We appreciate your passion but without substance you're really no help." 

But now you've gone and given him new life by hiring some big bad expensive law firm in big bad California with our big bad money to beat up on poor little John Toves.

WTH Archbishop? Were his pesky barbs actually getting to you? Why? Is there a tell-tale heart beating ever louder beneath your marble floor? Why should little John's mosquito attacks on your big bad espiscopal self bother you? Everyone was either laughing him off or no longer giving him any attention. 

Even I had reprimanded him several times and told him not to bother unless he had something. And you know what Archbishop, until you sent him that big bad letter from that big bad lawyer that you paid for with our big bad money, little John STILL had NOTHING! 

NOTHING, Archbishop, NOTHING! But NOW he has something! YOUR LETTER! LOL! Talk about "walk into this!" 

Don't you see? Now Mr. Toves doesn't need to bring forth a victim because - thanks to you - now HE is the VICTIM! And guess what? YOU are the AGRESSOR.

John has nothing. Even he admits that all he has is his mouth. All little John wanted was your attention, and VOILA! He got it! But he just doesn't have your attention. Now he has the Media's attention! And they are paying more attention to him than even when he was spending his days marching up to your door last December. 

But that's just the beginning, Archbishop. So sad. So sad for you. So sad for you because John doesn't have anything to lose. Don't you know that? And you have everything to lose! Don't you know that John is going to say "BRING IT ON!" Don't you know that you just gave John EXACTLY what he was crying for. He wanted you to come after him. He WANTED to draw you out. AND NOW HE HAS!

So now you are either going to have to go forward with your law suit or everybody is going "to know!" You are going to have to sue him. He's going to demand that you do. Are you aware though that this exposes you to a deposition? Are you aware that in a deposition you can pretty much be asked ANYTHING! Did you know that? Did Pontius Pius and the Gennar-weenies prep you for that? Are you prepared to TELL ALL under oath - "so help you God"????

Oh, and did you know that once a law suit goes forward the alleged victim can and probably will be subpoenaed? Did you know that? Did you know that there are others waiting in the wings to tell what happened to them and to the members of their families? Have you not been seeing those rumblings in the comments on this blog? People who have been silent for thirty years but who now will have a forum to come forward?

Did Pontius Pius and the Gennar-weenies tell you all this when they set you up with WHAT? A lawyer who does "employment law"??? Is that another neo-connection just like your Denver deal? Geez, you spend our money on the strangest things. If you wanted to prove your innocence in the RMS scam then you should have hired a law firm licensed to practice law in Guam, but you didn't. If you want to sue someone for defamation then you should have hired a law firm that does defamation suits, but you didn't. LOL. Instead you hired someone who does employment law and the closest this Michelle person gets to the sex stuff that you're after is sexual harassment in the workplace.

LOL. Is that what you think John was doing? "sexually harassing" you? What? 

Oh what a comedy of errors these last two years have been. You don't disappoint, that's for sure. But of course, both you and I know (and lots of other people too) that others are pulling all the strings, and you just dance and bounce and sputter and sign at their command. This is what is really all so horribly sad. 

You don't know what you are doing, do you? And this latest episode of going after little John Toves, a small irrelevant shadow from the past who has spent the last several months discrediting himself, this going after Mr. Toves betrays you Archbishop. He has forced you to show your hand. Wow!

You have given him credence where he had none. You have given him attention where he couldn't get any. You have given him stature when he had all but disappeared. But most of all you have given him a stage - CENTER STAGE - and a stage upon which you will be deposed in front of the whole world. John has NOTHING to hide. Do you???

And believe me, Archbishop. Even though you will use all of our money to defend yourself, there are people here and around the world who will make sure that John has the best, most aggressive, most vicious lawyer money can pay for. And NOT because they want to defend John, but because they want YOU finally brought to justice. And you just gave them a way to do it.

Seriously. Call me next time Pontius Pius and the  Gennar-weenies come knockin'. 


  1. Junglewatch, Jesuswatch, Johnwatch

    AAA, “Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
    Watch your words, for they become actions.
    Watch your actions, for they become habits.
    Watch your habits, for they become character.
    Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

    We are watching.

  2. Cease and desist, I say! Jeez.

  3. the discovery channel's shark week ended last weekend. but it looks like the biggest fish finally went for the chum this time. i hope the truth will set him free.

  4. I hope he sues the hell out of you and that little worm Toves

  5. Bishop .... SUE...SUE..SUE..SUE..

    1. 3:12 AM: What Pius said to the bishop when they went to a strip club in Las Vegas. lol!!

  6. Lawyers are not fungible.

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 18, 2015 at 12:16 PM

      Thank you, CNMI Lawyer at 4:46 AM, for my new Word of the Day, fungible.

      I inferred from your comment — and the above post — that AAA should have retained a lawyer who specializes in defamation, not one whose specialty is sexual harassment since the two areas are not interchangeable (per the definition of fungible).

      Shouldn't Attorney Michelle R. Neal have advised AAA that he is asking her to represent him in a case outside her area of expertise and advised him to find an attorney whose specialty is defamation?

    2. In this case, I think CNMI Attorney means that even if the Archbishop is awarded monetary damages, Toves will not have to pay Ms. Neal's attorney fees.

  7. Let the games begin! Thank you Tim for an exciting preview of what is to come. I'm sure the media will thank you and John Toves, too. Oh, how their listening/viewing audience and/or readership will increase! And to you John, you've got what you wanted. But you didn't deliver the first punch. Apuron punched himself in plain view of the world and is now asking for legal sympathy. Such a pathetic fool. Continue to do what you are doing so Apuron won't have an excuse to cancel his threat. And to Apuron: with the friends that you have advising you, you don't need anymore enemies!!
    The Phoenix Rises! Fortes in Fide!!

    1. Are you getting legal advice from the vicar general and jackie? This is the best they can do, an employment counsel? Apuron you are doomed. Open your eyes. They're your real enemies. Be very careful what they advise you next!

  8. and yet you continue to encourage Toves by posting his comments on your blog... everyone knows you are such a hypocrite TIMOTHY... a terrible Catholic.

    1. LOL, Adrian. You're a mess.

    2. Get ready Adrian. Your dirty laundry will be exposed along with Tony's.

  9. Geez Tim, are you a puppet master?

    AnonymousJuly 19, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    If a law suit is made against toves it will reveal who is the puppet master behind that clown of John. Rohr is shaking in his pants.



    DianaJuly 19, 2015 at 11:22 AM

    Dear Anonymous at 8:46 am, 

    Rohr is the puppet master of John Toves. Ironic that Tim Rohr accuses that Father Pius and the Gennarinis are the puppet masters. It is true that many times when one accuses another of something, it actually says more about the accuser than the accused.

  10. "It says more about the accuser than the accused." What planet are you on? Obviously a planet where the tail wags the dog rather than the other way around. Open your eyes and see the evidence of stupidity that your pius pilate and the pizzarinis have attached to a dumb archbishop. Tim Rohr and John Toves are nowhere near the strings that you neokikos have been entangled. Do not shoot the messengers, they are only expressing the will of their conscience which is to speak the truth. What kind of truth are you spouting off? Repetitive pseudo-sexual and canned lies reminiscent of kikobutt's obsession with repressed sexual anxieties? Give us a break, you kiko-echo-locating dimwits!!!