Saturday, August 22, 2015


Let's stay on this for a bit (reference to previous post), because it really does demonstrate the incomprehensible depth of the rot that has been eating out the heart of this diocese for decades. 
Let's put aside the existing loans the Archdiocese of Agana has with the Bank of Guam. Some of those loans may have originated before the blatantly pro-abortion Lou Leon Guerrero became president of the bank. 

Let's just look at what Msgr. David C. Quitugua, the Vicar General, Rector of the Agana Cathedral is trying to do NOW, or may already have done.

He is threatening to move an existing loan from First Hawaiian Bank to the Bank of Guam. No one is saying he is not doing it for the right reason. If one can get a better deal from a competitor, then take it. It's how the free market works.

However, at the very moment Quitugua is taking or threatening to take the Cathedral's business to the Bank of Guam, we will be forced to sit through a chest-pounding speech, (purportedly) authored by Apuron, condemning the very thing Bank of Guam brazenly and proudly supports: the elimination of any legal or workplace recognition of whether a person is male or female. 

As mentioned, we are not taking Quitugua to task for seeing a better interest rate, and the Bank of Guam is free to make any policy it wants. 

So what's the problem"

The problem is we are once again being taken for suckers.

We are being used as props so that Apuron's message (which he didn't write a word of) can go out on the Catholic news wires so he can be lauded as brave and courageous and the local neo-sychophants can report on it. 

Even though I have been fighting this war for two years and have seen some of the most head-shaking things done in the name of our church (such as threatening to sue Toves to "protect the church"), this latest insult to our intelligence and sense of sanity makes me want to vomit.

Someone asked on the previous post about what was the point of reading this letter when the legislation has already passed. True, what sort of fight did Apuron's people put up while the legislation was being entertained and was open for public comment?

Of the two bills (102 and 119) Bill 102-33, introduced by B.J. Cruz, is the one that goes the farthest to advance the "Theory of Gender" - which you will hear condemned in this weekend's letter. 

Yet the archdiocese said NOTHING and submitted NOTHING to oppose it. See for yourselves in the committee report here

Bill 119-33 requires all references to married persons to be gender neutral:

Apparently the Chancery took this bill so seriously that they sent out their biggest gun to oppose it: Deacon For Sure For Sure

I warned a certain person who had a hand in putting together the opposition that to simply oppose it on moral grounds or worse, "church teaching," would be disastrous. One, because the local church leadership was so publicly compromised that any attempt by any member of the chancery to pretend to some moral authority would be scoffed at; and two, because the legislation was essentially "church baiting". The proponents wanted to draw the chancery in and embarrass them.

Sure enough, Deacon For Sure For Sure valiantly stepped in it - probably because he was told to but also probably to ingratiate himself with the neo leadership. And sure enough, B.J. Cruz and the bill's author, Nerissa Underwood, wiped the floor with him

You can read Deacon For Sure For Sure's testimony on pages 23-26 of the Bill 119-33 Committee Report. And you can check out the floor being wiped on pages 7-12. 

So while the chancery presented NO opposition to Gender Theory (Bill 102) and only Deacon For Sure For Sure's floor wiping performance to oppose Bill 119, we now will be forced to sit through a righteous, chest-pounding speech of a letter this weekend.

It won't matter that our Catholic leadership was a weak and miserable failure in opposing these bills. All that will matter is that Apuron will be made to look good to the outside world so that the Kiko's can carry on a bit longer...before they dump him. 


  1. What will be the generic title to use of the document letting AAA go? Archbishop seems gender specific in Catholic Church.

  2. Deacon For Sure For Sure is also Of Course Of Course

  3. AAA: Larry, are you prepared to go down and represent the NEO, ah hmm, I mean the church at the legislature today?
    Larry: For sure, for sure!
    AAA: Remember Larry, you are the salt of the earth. Nothing should happen to you.
    Larry: For sure, for sure!
    AAA: Larry, are you okay?
    Larry: For sure, for sure!
    AAA: Larry, when is your birthday?
    Larry: For sure, for sure!
    AAA: We're in trouble.
    Larry: For sure, for sure