Friday, August 21, 2015


So here's an interesting aside to the Cathedral Repair Scam - which I intend to disclose more about shortly.
Inside intel reports that David the VG is strong-arming First Hawaiian Bank to lower the interest rate on a Cathedral loan or he is going to take his business to Bank of Guam. Apparently FHB has told him to go ahead.

This is only interesting because this weekend you will be read a letter from the pulpit, purported to be authored by the Archbishop (it isn't,) condemning recently passed legislation.

The letter is aimed at the recent passage of Bill 102 which not only adds sexual orientation to the list of things an employer may not discriminate against - but includes gender identity and expression, and Bill 119 which strips all gender-specific terminology in Guam law. 

Personally I believe these bills are extremely problematic on several levels but that is not the issue. 

The issue is that while Archbishop Apuron is being propped up once again to appear as some sort of moral leader, he continues to give millions of dollars of business to the Bank of Guam which is publicly supporting the very legislation the Archbishop's letter is condemning. 

Bank of Guam is welcome to conduct its business however it wants but Bank of Guam's position on this issue makes the Archbishop's condemnation of gender-neutral legislation a mockery of our intelligence.

Here is the testimony submitted by Bank of Guam in favor of Bill 102:

The full committee report can be found here

And of course there is the little matter that well-known abortion rights advocate, Bank of Guam President, Lou Leon Guerrero, publicly testified against a bill that would provide normal medical care for babies who survive failed abortions. 

None of this matters of course. The goal with this letter isn't to condemn gender-neutral legislation or even same-sex marriage. The goal is to prop up Apuron so that the Kiko's can get a few more miles out of him. 

Walk out when the letter is read. 

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