Friday, August 21, 2015



  1. Tony: "Obviously, Monsignor James didn't maintain the communications systems at the Cathedral while he was the rector."
    David: "I tried to warn you about him before I left in a snit to cower at the seminary."
    Adrian/Diana: "Put me in charge, put me in charge."
    David: "Hey, stop that turtle boy. I'm in charge! Besides, we don't have the budget for all the pots and pans you love to toss around."
    Adrian/Diana: "Ouch. But I've changed. I'm far too lazy these days to be that physical."
    Tony: "Come on you idiots, focus! We need to pin this ineptitude on Jimmy-boy. What's the best way? Maybe another all out media blitz to make him look bad?"
    David: "Gee boss, every time we do that the people nail us. They have learned to see right through us."
    Adrian/Diana: "I'm a great liar. Let me put together the press release. James will never know what hit him."
    Tony: "NO! I am not letting you lie for me again. Every time you have lied for me in the past I have been persecuted by our concerned Catholics. From now on, I'm back to telling my own lies."
    David: "I don't know boss. Let's not lie about this..."
    Tony: "Are you saying I should start telling the truth?"
    David: "Not exactly. I'm suggesting that we accept the fact that we are completely unable to manage the Cathedral, and deflect their attention from the fact that the web site is down and we can't fix it."
    Adrian/Diana: "Huh? That sounds a lot like telling the truth."
    Tony: "Idiot! I see where David is going with this. We go to the people in the Sunday paper and talk about the evils of the Internet, and to set an example we have decided to take down the Cathedral web site, and we encourage all good Catholics to stay off the internet as a sign of unity and solidarity."
    David: "Yes. And then people will stop going to that darn JungleWatch and saying those terrible things about all the good works we have done."
    Adrian/Diana: "Do I have to shut down my other blog site? The one that gives the spin we need on kiko-teachings, so people are fooled into thinking we are not a bunch of heretics. Please, Tony, let me keep that one up. I promise I won't reveal your darkest secrets."
    Tony: "Well, put that way...sure Diana, keep it up. Now go write that article for me."
    David: "But don't you think people will call you a hypocrite?"
    Tony: "Do not worry. They can't touch me! I'm covered in teflon."
    Adrian/Diana: "Ooh, I like the sound of that. You covered in teflon! Tee-hee-hee."
    Tony: "Shut up you idiot. I already told you that you were far too old for my tastes."

    1. poor fictional drama! sick sick mind and thoughts... that's all it is... jungle drama.. sounds like a rohr in the jungle... or is it?

  2. What a bunch of stupid shit 5:26 PM Fly on the Wall

  3. Even the has been down for weeks. There goes that big lie of transparency and supporting "Catholic Communications".

  4. The second collections island wide have gone to communications for how long? And this is the result of all those hard earned dollars people have given in good faith?
    I have stopped all contributions to the church , even non- neo parishes because our church is totally hopeless. And if I give to a non-neo parish it will still be squandered by the three musketeers on the hill.
    I now give directly to religious orders or to priests. I hope every parish has trouble paying their monthly tax to the chancery so the financial crisis will force the idiots out.but one person, or a few, cannot make this a reality.
    All Catholics who truly love their church Ned's to rally to the cause. Starve the wolves who have taken over our church and they will quickly scatter. Then we can start the long process of rebuilding what tony has destroyed.
    Pls help.