Monday, August 17, 2015


In his reply to my comment on Zoltan's PDN letter bashing the CCOG and me, Zoltan said that "people deserved to know who you are." Well, Zoltan, perhaps people deserve to also know who you are. 

Before being hired by UOG in 2006, Zoltan spent 7 years teaching at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. In addition to not being liked by most of his students (his teacher rating was only 2.6 out of a possible 5), it appears Zoltan had already developed his penchant for denigrating and belittling others. 

In the post below, while at Gallaudet, he mocks people with Aspergers Syndrome. He says that "they are completely unable to follow other people’s reasonings," and that "They also have and maintain and utter contempt toward anything different from their own."

Of course what Zoltan means - as we have seen here on Guam - is that "they are completely unable to follow HIS reasonings." And if anyone has and maintains "utter contempt toward anything different than (his) own, " it is Zoltan, who famously told three women who disagreed with him: I gave you a chance to grow beyond your unintelligible bullshit.” 

Zoltan, I happen to have a son with Aspergers Syndrome. 

Seriously Dr. Underwood, what sort of people to you permit to teach at our tax-payer funded University? 


testing_the_truth October 16, 2006
Dear ASCDeaf Bloggers,
I may be burnt for this writing I post here, but I felt it would be in the proper place to get valuable feedback. I am an outsider in the amazing but tricky disciple of psychology. It is not my intention to change topic, I think my piece is related to the issues discussed in the excellent article from Candace and Sharon above. I would appreciate any comment.
Zoltan Szekely Ph.D.
former Gallaudet professor

Asperger era at Gallaudet?

About 18 years ago there started a so called ‘Asperger era’ when more and more people with this particular mental illness became Gallaudet administrators. People with this illness can operate and look as normal in most of the circumstances, but they are unable to have any emotions at all. Their emotional center in the brain is shut down permanently. The only way for them to relate to human emotion is imitating other people and/or faking emotion they don’t really have.
People with Asperger syndrome readily recognize each other (as if they could ’smell’ each other) and help each other into powerful positions. They feel safer if people around them are also ‘Asperger people’. My friend told me that Asperger syndrome keeps a strong bond between people, just like a very exquisite club membership.
How can you recognize Asperger people? Well, be careful, because they are smart. But watch them. You will see them making incredibly stupid things, like hurting someone bad and smiling or laughing at the same time. They can’t truly relate to other people’s pain they cause to them. They could be very talented in one or other area (like raising money from Congress, sic!) but extremely awkward at the same time in others.
Asperger people cannot be convinced. They have an inner compulsion to follow their own logic exclusively and shutting out any other possibility. Actually, they are completely unable to follow other people’s reasonings. They also have and maintain and utter contempt toward anything different from their own.
As leaders they are rude, heartless and inconsiderate. They force through their will on everyone at every turn, simply because they are utterly unable to get a grasp of anybody else’s view point. It is really frightening to see these people in leadership position. They are also compulsive liars, because in their twisted minds lie is the same as truth. That is how you identify them: by their brazenly corrupted lies. They simply don’t know the difference between lying and telling the truth! Of course, this corruption renders them devoid of any moral measure or quality.
But be careful, as soon as they realize that you recognized them as Asperger people, they will do furiously everything, and they won’t refrain from the most obnoxious thing, in order to get rid of you.
It has been enough for Gallaudet to suffer from these leaders. It is time to end the Asperger era at Gallaudet University!

Any of the above sound familiar?


  1. He also I believe taught at the University of South Carolina on a visitor's status. I am beginning to wonder why he just didn't stay at either Universities.

  2. Tim, it seems to me that Zoltan is describing himself in this piece. How dare he, though, to be so lackadaisical and insulting of a clinical condition that a person neither desired to acquire? Does he even realize the extent to which many people with disabilities try so hard to be "normal" so that they will "fit in" and be productive, rather than a dehumanized version of the perfect model? Those of us with disabilities do not want pity but acceptance. For a university professor to make fun of Asperger's Syndrome or any abnormal condition is not worthy of the title as "educator," even those without that level of education are sensible and not clueless when it comes to the uniqueness of the human condition. He is indeed to be pitied in this instance.

  3. Any previous post with the signature or words "Check " or "CHECKMATE" probably came from Zoltan since he is chess player and has joined a bit of tourneys.

  4. i wonder if this post was one of the sins that zoltan confessed during those neocat public confession sessions. regardless, it doesn't appear that he's changed his ways since then.

  5. Zoltan, I give you a rating of 1 for speaking your mind and -1 for all the wrong reasons which ends up with a rating of zero. Quit while you are not ahead. If you can't beat them join them.

  6. When I read zoltan's opinion about Asberger's syndrome, I thought he hasn't a clue. I read his post where he originally posted it and then in another post he corrects himself saying he didn't understand about Asberger's when he posted his comment. I would think that a person with a PhD would be sure of his facts before expounding on Asberger's Syndrome. He hadn't a clue when he posted his rant. Hmm...his penchant for getting things wrong has followed him to Guam.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  7. I have to admit I am very confused and upset by Zoltan’s comments. I am confused as to why he was commenting about Aspergers to an article written about audism. Audism is the belief that those that can hear are superior whereas Aspergers (part of the autism spectrum) is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Did Zoltan confuse audism with autism?

    I am upset at his very distorted view of those who have Aspergers Syndrome. I also have a son with Aspergers and he does not fit the description Zoltan portrays. He is very emotional, has a strong sense of morals and has never told a lie (unlike some of our clergy), and does not prefer to be around those with Aspergers, although if everyone was as bigoted against Aspies as Zoltan who could blame him.

    From Zoltan’s writings, he portrays his image of Aspergers syndrome much more than my son.

  8. Zoltan's comments are purely based around his opinion, they are not fact based, constructive or useful. I’m all for constructive criticism, but his biased opinions on the other hand are just that, they literally do not provide a single ounce of useful information. They are completely worthless. Yes, even morons are entitled to their opinions, but if nothing useful will be had, sometimes it is best that he just keeps his opinion to himself and his sect/cult.

  9. Frankie Aguigui FarfanAugust 17, 2015 at 3:28 PM

    I have really nothing at all to say today, but of course I'm not going to let that stop me from rattling on.

    zoltan thinks he sounds intelligent by padding his speech with a ton of words.
    but we all know the truth.
    he's only compensating for his extremely small …..

    zoltan suffers from a condition called LOGORRHEA
    it’s a condition where some obnoxious bozos are always throwing their weight around and belittling all those who don't agree with them.
    such people think they "know it all" about everything when they really know zero because everything they say is a load of crap.

    zoltan take heed and remember:

    if you are concerned that people might think you are a fool for having nothing to say, why open your mouth and remove all doubt?

    "A prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself, but the heart of fools blurts out folly." (Prov 12:23 NIV).

    "He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin." (Prov 13:3).

    1. Frankie, thanks for mentionong logorrhea, a new word I learned today. Fr Cristobal seems to suffer that exact same malady. It even sounds like a sexually transmitted disease! Zoltan does not have logorrhea, he has diarrhea of the mouth.

    2. Soon Zoltan' mouth will begin to pucker up and his lips will look like cauliflower hemroids due to his diarrhea of the mouth.

    3. Hey Tim you're good at turning those words around. all this Hate. you ever talk about GOD.............

    4. Good Morning, Rudy. Right on time. 2:39AM. Out on the prowl again, eh? Do you ever talk about God? Or do you only talk about me? LOL. See you tomorrow.

    5. Rudy talks absolute trash but not when he goes to Vivian Way. Just sweet nothings.

    6. Yes. Vivian Way, Neocatechumenal Way, The Way...all the same to him. LOL. Too bad for him that he trashed me publicly from the pulpit. Otherwise I wouldn't have know that all this trash is from him. Sad little man.

  10. So if this guy Zoltan is playing with an incomplete deck or cards, or perhaps too many cards in the deck, maybe we should pity him and not pay too much attention to the comments he spews in the jungle. It seems like we going around in circles trying to understand where he is coming from or where he is going with his comments. With the truth revealed about him, I do feel a sense of pity for him..

    1. Yes, have thought of this many times myself. However, for the trained ear (and mine is trained) Zoltan is giving us a window into the teaching of Kiko Arguello, a window that is closed to those outside his cult. Zoltan doesn't know enough to keep his mouth shut, and through him we have learned many valuable things - including the NCW disbelief in the Real Presence. We'll be presenting some of those things at upcoming meetings.

      On another note, I don't think people like him should be ignored. They must be engaged.


  11. testing_the_truth October 17, 2006
    Oops, I made some exaggarated statements here about people suffering from Asperger syndrome. I apologize! I apparently misunderstood some aspects of this contition. I found some information handily available on the Internet to better understand Asperger syndrome, that helped me a lot.


    1. Yes, I saw the later correction, which ultimately is my point. Zoltan apparently has a penchant for bashing people and things he knows nothing about. I doubt seriously if Zoltan would have ever issued an apology if there was not an outpouring of rage from the Asperger community. However, read this little apology again and compare it to the stream of conscious hate in his first comment. And then he only says "Ooops...exaggerated statements...misunderstood some aspects of the condition." LOL. Right. Somebody probably warned you of how this would appear on your resume. Perhaps you should do a little research into the exaggerated statements you are making about the CCOG and the good people who support it before you run your mouth even more.

    2. I do not know Zoltan and do not know what he was thinking, but reading his comment in context with the article he seems to have gotten very confused. The article referenced the hiring of hearing abled faculty at Gallaudet University, which is a university that specializes in educating those who cannot hear. It also mentioned audism and racism and as I stated before audism is belief that hearing is superior and the deaf are inferior. An issue the deaf community unfortunately has to deal with.

      It seems Zoltan got confused between audism and autism perhaps and took the opportunity to spew hatred at the autistic community. If Zoltan could possess such views about the autistic community (which Asperger is part of), I can only imagine the negativity he felt for the deaf community also. I also have to wonder how proficient his signing was also which is a skill he would need at this university. If he could confuse words in written language, I imagine could confuse signs in sign language also.

      Anyway you want to look at the comment by Zoltan, he did not know what he was talking about. Considering his views on Aspergers, it is not hard to believe he is not guilty of audism also.

    3. Actually, Zoltan, wasn't thinking, which is the point. His rant against people with Asperger's Syndrome - which he later admitted he knew nothing about - is precisely the point. He knows nothing. However, that doesn't mean he has "heard nothing". As mentioned elsewhere, Zoltan has proven useful over these last two years because he is unthinking. He simply rattles off whatever tape is playing in his head. Thus when we hear Zoltan's rants against the CCOG and anyone critical of the NCW, we are listening to Pius himself. There is also one other person who listens to Pius and is "unthinking": Archbishop Apuron.

      Let me also note here, and FB friends like Jose Martinez can back this up, I have never gone after Zoltan. From the beginning, Zoltan was on the attack. He started his attacks on Facebook and continued into JungleWatch and now into the CCOG meetings and personal attacks on its officers and supporters. Every post about Zoltan on this blog was a response to an attack. And I will continue to respond to such attacks.

    4. I first took notice of Zoltan when he would endlessly, to the point of obsession, engage Tim on Tim's FB page. More often than not with open contempt. If I recall, he was consequently banned, not for his opinions but for his direct personal attacks on other people commenting on Tim's page.

      Last month, he turned to my FB page to troll something I posted then proceeded to address his comment to someone who would not give him permission to post on their page! In that comment he displayed his obsession with Tim in interjecting many (easily debunked) untruths about him into the rant. Not only was his comments of Tim off topic, it was a bloated monologue of verbosity containing five paragraphs of 500+ words; and he contained Tim in 3 of those 5 paragraphs!

      My only response to him :

      . . . I'm going to allow your comment this one time as a courtesy. However, if you continue to choose to ignore the topic at hand and use my page as a forum to re-hash your issues with Tim Rohr, you will no longer be allowed to contribute further.

      This is not an invitation to further discuss your comments pertaining to Mr. Rohr."

      Needless to say, he did not continue.

  12. For a person who claims he did not know much about Asperger Syndrome, he seems to be an expert at exhibiting it. And if he is a quasi spokesperson for the NCW philosophy and theology, we should be thankful for that, as he provides us ample opportunity to refute said teachings.

    Other than the concern we have that a man of his caliber (and perhaps his “credentials and credibility” as a UOG professor) might have negative impact o less perceptive individuals who read his rants and ravings, I personally would not lose sleepy over his writings.

    Though I was guilty of once engaging with him in this blog by making a comment, the best three advices I had heard about engaging with Zoltan (I should have listened!) were: (1) Don’t bother with him; you’re wasting your time; and (2) he is a pawn in the game of intellectual chess - getting a point across is no major accomplishment; and (3)just pity the man, and maybe out of charity pray for him.

    Aside from the caveat noted above, I would simply let his words “in one ear, and out the other”. Let him be – though he still owes an apology (never mind the rhetoric) to Vangie and to the Chamorro people! – jrsa.