Monday, August 17, 2015


In his reply to my comment on Zoltan's PDN letter bashing the CCOG and me, Zoltan said that "people deserved to know who you are." Well, Zoltan, perhaps people deserve to also know who you are. 

Before being hired by UOG in 2006, Zoltan spent 7 years teaching at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. In addition to not being liked by most of his students (his teacher rating was only 2.6 out of a possible 5), it appears Zoltan had already developed his penchant for denigrating and belittling others. 

In the post below, while at Gallaudet, he mocks people with Aspergers Syndrome. He says that "they are completely unable to follow other people’s reasonings," and that "They also have and maintain and utter contempt toward anything different from their own."

Of course what Zoltan means - as we have seen here on Guam - is that "they are completely unable to follow HIS reasonings." And if anyone has and maintains "utter contempt toward anything different than (his) own, " it is Zoltan, who famously told three women who disagreed with him: I gave you a chance to grow beyond your unintelligible bullshit.” 

Zoltan, I happen to have a son with Aspergers Syndrome. 

Seriously Dr. Underwood, what sort of people to you permit to teach at our tax-payer funded University? 


testing_the_truth October 16, 2006
Dear ASCDeaf Bloggers,
I may be burnt for this writing I post here, but I felt it would be in the proper place to get valuable feedback. I am an outsider in the amazing but tricky disciple of psychology. It is not my intention to change topic, I think my piece is related to the issues discussed in the excellent article from Candace and Sharon above. I would appreciate any comment.
Zoltan Szekely Ph.D.
former Gallaudet professor

Asperger era at Gallaudet?

About 18 years ago there started a so called ‘Asperger era’ when more and more people with this particular mental illness became Gallaudet administrators. People with this illness can operate and look as normal in most of the circumstances, but they are unable to have any emotions at all. Their emotional center in the brain is shut down permanently. The only way for them to relate to human emotion is imitating other people and/or faking emotion they don’t really have.
People with Asperger syndrome readily recognize each other (as if they could ’smell’ each other) and help each other into powerful positions. They feel safer if people around them are also ‘Asperger people’. My friend told me that Asperger syndrome keeps a strong bond between people, just like a very exquisite club membership.
How can you recognize Asperger people? Well, be careful, because they are smart. But watch them. You will see them making incredibly stupid things, like hurting someone bad and smiling or laughing at the same time. They can’t truly relate to other people’s pain they cause to them. They could be very talented in one or other area (like raising money from Congress, sic!) but extremely awkward at the same time in others.
Asperger people cannot be convinced. They have an inner compulsion to follow their own logic exclusively and shutting out any other possibility. Actually, they are completely unable to follow other people’s reasonings. They also have and maintain and utter contempt toward anything different from their own.
As leaders they are rude, heartless and inconsiderate. They force through their will on everyone at every turn, simply because they are utterly unable to get a grasp of anybody else’s view point. It is really frightening to see these people in leadership position. They are also compulsive liars, because in their twisted minds lie is the same as truth. That is how you identify them: by their brazenly corrupted lies. They simply don’t know the difference between lying and telling the truth! Of course, this corruption renders them devoid of any moral measure or quality.
But be careful, as soon as they realize that you recognized them as Asperger people, they will do furiously everything, and they won’t refrain from the most obnoxious thing, in order to get rid of you.
It has been enough for Gallaudet to suffer from these leaders. It is time to end the Asperger era at Gallaudet University!

Any of the above sound familiar?

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