Sunday, August 16, 2015


Mr. Rohr, people deserve to learn who you really are, an irredeemable radical who cannot accept reality. Your own comrades will desert you because of your blindness. You are the one who is fuming all around because PDN published my account of the CCoG meeting in Agat, but you were absolutely fine with Mr. Taitano's simplistic opinion piece about the Barrigada meeting on the same pages a couple days ago. 

Regarding self-serving radicals, you don't appear to be a brave one. Why did you publish your infamous booklet "Target = Priest" as an anonymous coward, without author's name and publisher's information on it? I got my copy at the meeting as evidence. Despite the heightened emotions and the denial of my right to respond to public personal attack, I could have some meaningful, even friendly, conversations with people present, including Ms. Lujan. 

After the meeting I made a personal appeal to you, based on our previous friendship, that you cut back flaming words and inflammatory language in you rhetoric. You flat out rejected my appeal, thus aligning yourself with the most radical voices of your blog that you own, maintain and polish every day in order to feed, nourish and incite the gullible with gossip, hearsay and superstition for your own entertainment. You are just too much addicted to the adrenaline rush you get from this. Where will this senseless radicalism lead you and you followers, Mr. Rohr?

By the way, my ancestors broke out of the yoke of communism three times during the last century, once in 1919, then in 1956 again and finally in 1990. I am quite proud of that! People of different faiths and denominations in this tiny country of Central Europe were not afraid to sacrifice their young lives, pay by blood and suffering for freedom! That is why Hungarians always take side with the lowly and the oppressed who are not rest to fight for their freedom.

I will address the highlighted portions below:

ZOLTAN: "people deserve to learn who you really are"

ME: LOL. Go to any of the local media websites and type in my name in the search box. The number of hits altogether will total in the hundreds. I am probably one of the most public "private" citizens on Guam who is not a member of the Media. In addition I wrote years of columns and articles for the U Matuna (some of which are catalogued here) and  have spoken at dozens of events. If there is one thing people know about me, they KNOW WHAT I THINK. Yet, you present yourself as THE ONE who is going to teach the people who I am. LOL. My friend was right. You are to be pitied.

ZOLTAN: "Mr. Taitano's simplistic opinion piece..." 

ME: Zoltan can't help himself. He constantly refers to Chamorros in terms of derision. He could have referred to Mr. Taitano's piece as "wrong," "misleading," "uninformed", but no. Zoltan uses the derogatory term "simplistic" to describe Mr. Taitano's thoughts. Because you see, in Zoltan's eyes, Mr. Taitano is another uneducated Chamorro who has been fooled by me. Never mind the fact that Mr. Taitano is accomplished and respected quite apart from the CCOG. That doesn't matter to Zoltan. To Zoltan, any Chamorro is "simplistic". You're sick, Zoltan. 

ZOLTAN: Why did you publish your infamous booklet "Target = Priest" as an anonymous coward, without author's name and publisher's information on it? I got my copy at the meeting as evidence.

ME: More LOL. I didn't publish it Zoltan. Someone who supports what I do published it for me in the Philippines. My version was published as an eBook and was made available on this blog long before the print version was made available. Find it in the right side bar or go here. It clearly and proudly has my name on it. Such a fool, Zoltan. Such a pitiable little fool.

ZOLTAN:  "...flaming words and inflammatory language..."

ME: LOL. How embarrassing for you. Hundreds of people have been attending the CCOG meetings and hearing my presentation for the last five months. They can easily testify against you. If there is any "inflammatory language", it is the language of the archbishop which is on the documents that I put in people's hands with his name and signature on them. Night after night for months now, I have handed people these documents and presented them fact after fact. You are a true KAKA brain, Zoltan. Your hate for the truth was on display in Agat for all to see. So glad you came. 

ZOLTAN: "...incite the gullible with gossip..."

ME: There he goes again. Chamorros are "gullible," "simplistic,", easily "incited." According to Zoltan, Chamorros are unable to think for themselves, discern for themselves, find the truth for themselves. Oh, and "gossip!" LOL. That's the biggest insult of all. He really believes he can make you believe that document after document posted on my blog and literally handed to everyone who comes to the CCOG meeting is "gossip." 

While your ancestors may have escaped communism, Zoltan, obviously you haven't. In fact, you have brought it to Guam. 

Folks, only in America can a communist get a job at a university. Be careful with your children. 

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