Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Looks like Adrian is threatening again:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "APURON VS ROHR. APURON VS TOVES.": 

Flo B.,

Dont go calling on the CONDITIONS to begin, hope youre ready for it. I dont know of anything concrete(with evidence) against Archbishop but I surely know of others against our most favored and you can go ahead and consider them CONDITIONS by your own perspectives.

Ya hagu "typhoon". Hanao yan espiha otro na bida. Taimamahlao mu na para un na chogue este na isao. Kalan taya mas impotante gi linala mu. Kalan bula tiempo mu. Esta hu sangane hao, adahi hao sa kalan yamu unsasangan put i isaon otro lao esta maleffa hao nu i isao mu yan kontodu i isaon i man seminario gi berkely. Hagu mas tumungo put todu eyu na babarias. Hunggan ma chogue lao polu ha. Munga ma baba i lata. Man maolek ham, esta in afamaolek osino esta ma tampe. Lao hasso na yanggen para un fan alok na, "ha chogue este si archbishop osino ha chogue eyu" pues hasso na kontodu si pale yan eyu yan guiya ha chogue ha. 

Ilegna si Tim " english only", lao kalan guaha iyomu special pass adai. Hinasso ku na pakyo hao lao esta kalan galagu hao. Arf! Arf! esta kalan multiple personalities hao siempre agupa sina hao Barbie Doll. Pues adahi hao, sa dudus dudus pues CRASH! 

Here's the translation:
And you "typhoon." Go and look for other activities. You are shameless for committing this sin. As if there were nothing more important to do in your life. You seem to have a lot of time. I already told you, be careful because it seems you like to speak of the sins of others but you forget about your own and the sins of the Berkeley seminarians. You know most of all about those bad things. Yes it was done but forget about it. Don't open the can. We're good, we have made peace or covered it up. But remember that if you were to say "the archbishop did this or that," then remember that Father this and that also did it. 
Tim said "English only," but it seems you have a special pass. I thought you were a typhoon but it seems you are a dog. Arf! Arf! You seem to have multiple personalities perhaps tomorrow you can be Barbie Doll. So mind yourself, because you show off/flaunt then CRASH!

We have already seen on this blog instances of Adrian threatening to reveal the past sins of his fellow priests if Toves comes after Apuron or him. And he appears to be doing it again here. He knows Toves is getting close. My post yesterday on being a magnet for information was right on target and Adrian knows it. 

Now, for sure for sure, Adrian doesn't give a rat's rear end about Apuron and would just as soon throw him to the dogs. But at this point, if Apuron goes down so will Adrian and his power will be gone. If he can keep Apuron propped up for five more years until he will be required to retire (age 75), Adrian knows he can do a lot of damage.

What sort of damage?

1. The continued destruction of any of his perceived local competitors to the episcopal throne that he believes is his birthright.

2. The continued manufacture of neo-cat presbyters and their insertion into parish after parish so that they can be deconstructed according to Kiko's plan and evermore money funneled into his coffers - raising Adrian's status and image in the eyes of his neocat masters. 

3. The continued blocking of local vocations to the authentic diocesan priesthood in order to keep the path clear for the neo-cats. 

And there is one more thing. He probably believes that the opposition will grow weary with time and that Apuron, while he won't be exonerated, will be permitted to continue, allowing Adrian to work himself into the higher halls of power and assume the throne in five years. 

However, Adrian's megalomaniac and perverted plans will all come crashing down if Apuron is taken down now. And how can he be taken down?

Well, Apuron actually told us himself. We all know he said "no one can get me." But up till now I have never finished his sentence. His "no one can get me" was followed by the word "unless". And "unless" was followed the words "it is something personal." 

So here's the whole statement: "No one can get me...unless it is something personal." 

Apuron knows what he is talking about. As we have demonstrated many times on this blog, the pope does not have the authority to simply hire and fire bishops, or even move them. There must be grave cause - a demonstrable crime, and a canonical process must be followed. 

Apuron knows that these days, even with Pope Francis appearing to want to clean house, it really takes "something personal" to take out a bishop. And that "something personal" is usually a sexual matter, especially - given the recent ugly history of it - anything that would involve a minor. 

Pay attention to what Adrian says in the first paragraph:
"I dont know of anything concrete(with evidence) against Archbishop."
This is an admission that he probably knows lots of stuff that is supposedly without "evidence." What he means is that he is confident that none of the "victims" or witnesses to the victims will come forward because of one or more of the following: 
  1. their silence has been bought, 
  2. they know that Adrian will do what he threatens here (take down other priests), or
  3. they are dead. 
But some are not dead.

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