Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I have to admit that even after all the unbelievable things we have seen this bishop and his bullies say and do, I really couldn't believe he would stoop so low as to hire an attorney to shut up John Toves
Apuron had to have known that Toves didn't have anything and would never have anything. That is not to say that what Toves is alleging isn't true. Many people have privately verified to me that it is. But the likelihood of Toves' "relative" ever coming forward was next to impossible - for reasons I will explore later.

So why did Apuron threaten to sue Toves into silence? Toves was essentially dead in the water. Even though he kept popping up here and there with the same allegations, there certainly wasn't enough for anyone to be worried about...

...or was there?

I believe that the real danger of John Toves is not about what he is alleging, but simply THAT he is alleging. In other words: speaking up. 

I will explain.

I know a thing or two about this. When I first started speaking up back when the Fr. Paul fiasco was first breaking, Apuron went to Rome to get the Cardinal Grand Master of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher to shut me up. (I'm a member.)

I found this amusing if not flattering. Me? Worth going to Rome over? What? I and a few friends had a good laugh about it over a few beers at The Mermaid. 

Up to that point, I had not even been very accusatory. Mostly I was only suggesting that something was wrong and that Apuron was being ill advised. Yet Apuron accused me of undermining his authority and cried to the Grand Master to shut me up. 

I was taken aback by the accusation. Not because I was cowed or afraid, but because I was amazed that the all-powerful Archbishop would consider a small layman with nothing more than a blog a threat to his "no-one-can-get-me" authority. 

After I got over being taken aback, I had an "Aha!" moment: I could only be considered a threat to his authority if in fact I was on to something much bigger than his little tiff with Fr. Paul. 

My questioning of his treatment of Fr. Paul was certainly nothing worth going to Rome for...thus there had to have been a fear of something else. What was it?

I soon found out...just as John Toves is finding out.

What Apuron was afraid of was not my speaking up about his treatment of Fr. Paul, but that someone was speaking up at all. In addition, having been the personal beneficiary of my speaking up when I defended him against B.J. Cruz four years previously, Apuron knew that I was not to be cowed. 

Thus it was important for Apuron to shut me down immediately.

Apuron, or at least his protectors, knew that once someone like me - and now John Toves - began speaking up, that we would become magnets for information, information that Apuron and his friends wanted to remain buried - some of which is from before Apuron was even made bishop. 

So long as there was no one crazy enough to stand up to Apuron in public, all this "information" remained quietly sealed in the memories of many who are already dead or those who would prefer to go to their grave with it. At most, it might remain the stuff of snickers, shaking heads, and knowing glances at family parties. 

And so it did..."remain the stuff of snickers, shaking heads, and knowing glances...until now...when one...and now two...have been willing to stand up. But of the two of us, John Toves is infinitely more dangerous. 

He grew up with some of "them"...and thanks to the publicity Apuron has given him with his threat of a suit, they now know how to find him.

By the way, after I refused the Grand Master's demand to cease and desist my criticism of Apuron, he never wrote me again. Here's why: here and here

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