Sunday, August 2, 2015


Did anybody else get the irony of this story in this week's U Matuna?

A neocatechumenal couple flies from Guam to New Jersey and then to different points (the wife to Arkansas) to "evangelize" for a week taking "nothing but the clothes on their backs" and meanwhile send their nine children to stay "with family in Spain.

Yet we are told that they are "following Jesus' call to live off the kindness of strangers, leaving all possessions behind." 

How many tens of thousands of dollars did they need to give to the airlines so that they could experience "poverty" for a few days?

Left out of the story is the husband's employment. We are told that the husband (David Atienza) "teaches theology to missionary seminarians." LOL. They left out the fact that he makes a very comfortable living off of our tax dollars as a Ph.d'd professor at UOG ( who also happens to teach trash about the religious customs of the Chamorro people who host him.)

Oh, and get the part about the primary purpose of their evangelization: to "announce the Gospel and God's love especially to priests.

Obviously the poor non-Neo priests haven't yet heard the Gospel and need to hear it from neo-cats who preach "the power of providence" while their children vacation in Spain - or perhaps they're taking a vacation from their children?

The logic of the NCW simply astounds. 

By the way, still no "fix" for the naming of the FD chapel as promised by Adrian. "Promised by Adrian." Get it?

P.S. Jesus does not call us to "live off the kindness of strangers". What he calls for is the absolute detachment necessary to follow him in whatever state of life we vow ourselves to. A sacramentally married couple who obey the command to "be fruitful and multiply" and who are fulfilling their vow to "accept children willingly and lovingly from God" are already uniquely called to the absolute detachment intrinsic to their vow. Their is no need to send those children off to vacation in Spain while mommy and daddy play missionary for a week. 

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