Saturday, July 25, 2015


Chuck White is being very accommodating in only suggesting that this "professor" is an "academic hack". The "professor" is not here to teach at the University of Guam. He is here to do the same thing his kiko-beast-presbyter counterparts are here to do: destroy the Catholic faith from within and replace it with Kiko's heretical theology. 

And due to Apuron, Guam just happens to be the most hospitable place in the world for this disease to fester.

The "professor" and his kiko-beast-presbyter counterparts, like the good alinsky-ites that they are, do this subtly at first under the guise of appearing to be credible and normal. Thus the disguise as a university and RMS professor. But the "professor" is really a kiko-beast-missionary. And one doesn't have to look very deep to discover Kiko's rotten agenda.

Once again, Chuck scratches through the thin disguise of the kiko-beast in our midst.


by Chuck White

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