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Good Morning: I was informed by a contact in the Philippines that there is a group of people here in Guam who are planning to have the Santa Maria Kamalen statues made of resin to be sold in Guam. These people are those who are behind the issue of the " Baby Mary" during last year September 2014, Nativity of the Virgin Mary's. This must be a plan to increase the financial capacity of the church or some group of people. There were versions of this Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary , in wood few years back and was never repeated because the person who made the image in the Philippines, was not paid and the people behind it maybe the arch. owes a lot of money to the Statue maker.... This is another money making plan, and resin is a cheap alternative. They are really deprived of money that they will now embark in making cheap copies of the Beloved Patroness of Guam. 

Comments on the highlights:

We know EXACTLY who "these people" are. And as a warning (that only he would recognize) the main person behind this is the person who left this comment. We know who he is and we know his motivations. We also know his targets. We also know that he is a "pretender" to Apuron. 

Regarding the statue maker who was "not paid." I was managing the Gift Shop at the time so I know. While Msgr. James was still at the Cathedral Basilica and still in charge of the Gift Shop, 13 statues of Santa Maria Kamalen, which were originally ordered from the "statue maker" in the Philippines and fully paid for, were returned to the Philippines for repair. In fact, I was the one who pressed Msgr. James to get the statues repaired since we were receiving many inquiries for them. 

I left the Gift Shop in January of 2014. The statues were later sent by Msgr. James to the Philippines for repair. While the statues were in the Philippines being repaired, Msgr. James was fired (July 2014). The statue maker in the Philippines contacted the Gift Shop for payment but by that time Msgr. James had been removed and David the VG had taken over. The Gift Shop staff was also replaced with the VG's people. 

David the VG and the new Gift Shop people refused to pay for the repaired statues (because they had no money) and instead BLAMED the debt on Msgr. James. And apparently the statue maker was not alone. Several vendors were not paid. And everything was blamed on Msgr. James.

I can tell you that having worked as the GM for the Gift Shop for four years and being the one primarily responsible for ordering and seeing to it that ALL vendors were paid, while we had challenges here and there, EVERY vendor was always paid, and I know that because I PAID THEM. 

The bottom line is that the Cathedral is broke and it is broke because David the VG ran it into the ground the day he took over. He "ran it into the ground" by the very fact that he took it over. Msgr. James was able to do incredible things with such a small parish because he took the time to invest in people and in return, they were glad to invest in him and in the Cathedral. Much of what was accomplished was by way of outside donations.

David the VG and his fellow bully, Cristobal, DO NOT INVEST in people. And in return, people DO NOT INVEST in them. People don't like them because they don't like the people, except their own of course. 

So how is it that all of this work is being done on the Cathedral? You guessed it. More scam. Don't give a dime to it, not a penny. The Cathedral is being turned into a neocatechumenary, just like we thought. More to come. 

Note: There has always been resin versions of the statue available for those who couldn't afford the more expensive one made of wood. 

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