Thursday, August 20, 2015


This weekend a letter will be read from every pulpit about the recent passage of Bill 119, the Marriage Equality Act. 
I will have more to say about this bill in the near future and even a proposition for an awesome solution. 

However, be it known, that while the letter will be put forth as coming from Apuron:

He DID NOT WRITE a word of it. 

Every effort is being made to prop this puppet up to make him look like he still has some morals and brains left. 

We are NOT fooled!

As was witnessed in the FD chapel renaming fiasco, he doesn't even know what he is signing let alone actually able to write anything.

P.S. I particularly like the last line: "the truth will set us free." Yah, right, Archbishop. Why don't you try telling it for once. In fact, why don't you start by telling us that you didn't write a word of this.

Looking forward to a real bishop...some day. 

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