Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The NCW statutes may have been approved but we're the 13 catechetocal volumes reviewed?

Can anyone answer this?

Sorry, but you sound like a plant. Anyone who can refer to the exact number of volumes must already know the answer to the question you are asking and you're probably trying to set me up. However, for the sake of those who don't know, I will answer.

Kiko and Carmen have assembled their "stream of consciousness" teachings into 13 volumes of typewritten pages. The volumes are tomes in themselves, some numbering over 450 pages each. A true testament to the propaganda maxim: "Baffle them with bull___."

The volumes are referred to as the "Neocatechumenal Way-Catechetical Directory for Teams of Catechists", and only Catechists are supposed to have copies.

However, over the years individual volumes have been rustled away and one of the volumes, Volume 1, is publicly available.

As part of the “ad experimentum” process (2002-2007) of making the NCW kosher with the Church, the NCW was required to submit its Statute and its Directory to Vatican authorities for review.

While both the Statute (2008) and the Directory (2011) eventually received “approval,” it is grossly misleading to simply say so.

Neither the Statute nor the Directory AS SUBMITTED were approved. The Vatican spent five years correcting and amending both, before versions acceptable to the Church (meaning before they could be considered Catholic) could be approved.

One of the main things that the final Statute eliminated from the previous Statute was the practice of sitting while receiving communion. We have demonstrated this before on this blog but will do so again here:

As you can see, in the 2002 Statute, the one written by Kiko and Carmen, not only is mention made of the practice of sitting to receive communion, Kiko goes on to justify it by using Jesus to back up the practice and justifies it further by saying how much fruit it has borne. 

The practice is essential to Kiko's theology because he does not believe that Jesus Christ is ACTUALLY present in the Eucharist, but ONLY in "the community." Thus the emphasis on the communal reception of communion: sitting and consuming all at the same time. 

This is also why no one kneels at the "Elevation" during their "eucharists" as you can see from the pictures below. No need to kneel if Jesus isn't uniquely present IN the consecrated bread and wine. In fact, as you can see, the lay people present not only do not kneel, they cross their arms, put their hands in their pockets, etc. 

However, as you can see from the version the Church wrote (2008) and NOT Kiko and Carmen's version, the Church completely IGNORES the practice of sitting to receive the Eucharist and simply mandates that the NCW follow "the approved liturgical books of the Roman Rite," permitting only the concessions noted in Footnote 49: permission to receive the Eucharist under both species and to move the Rite of Peace to before the offertory. 

This mandate from the Vatican to "follow the approved liturgical books" was actually implemented in 2005 and Kiko immediately said he would not obey it. And, infamously, our own archbishop publicly challenged the authority of the pope to require "us" to do so. ("Us" is how Apuron refers to the Neocatechumenal Way.)

Of course Kiko STILL DOES NOT OBEY the mandate and neither does our archbishop. 

I point all this out (again) to make the point that it is quite obvious that IT DOESN'T MATTER what the Vatican has approved, Kiko and his heretics are going to do whatever they want anyway. This becomes important when discussing the Catechetical Directory and answering the above question. 

First, no one can get a copy except those volumes (mostly in Italian) which have been smuggled out of the NCW. And second, it wouldn't matter even if the entire approved version was publicly available. The Kikos, as evidenced by how they still celebrate the Eucharist, ignore what the Church wants and do whatever they want and teach whatever they want.

Many times our views on this blog have been challenged by the Kikos and we have replied simply: "Show us where you teach that or don't teach that." Show us your catechetical directory. There has never been a reply. 

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