Thursday, August 20, 2015


I'm still working on the Cathedral Repair Scam. Meanwhile, this was the "neocatechumenary" that Fabio had planned for Santa Rita. As you can see, IT IS NOT A PASTORAL CENTER. 
Something like it is planned for the former museum space in the Cathedral. We're not sure yet what they have planned for the rest of the building. St. Therese Chapel and Blessed Sacrament Chapel will also probably be converted to neo-friendly spaces. 

This was designed by Francesco Gennarini - another member of the thug Gennarini clan. Santa Rita parishioners reported that they had raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for the project thinking it was for a new pastoral center (Fabio tore down the old one). Gennarini got paid (of course). Fabio is gone. And from what Santa Rita parishioners report, so is the money. 

The is a link to the original post about this. There is a link to a video presentation hosted by the architect. Obviously after we exposed it, they password protected it so you can no longer see the video. 

More lies, hiding, subterfuge, clandestine operations, and everything else that we are coming to know about Kiko Arguello and his thugs. 

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