Saturday, August 15, 2015


So it looks like Zoltan made good on his threat to Vangie Lujan at the Agat CCOG meeting that she had "better watch out" or he was going to get her "in the PDN."

The latest version of Zoltan's familiar KAKA-brained insanity is on display in today's PDN here.

Of course, I have used it as a great opportunity to once again show what KAKA (Kiko Arguello Kool Aid) can do to someone's brain and to - once again - show the errors of the Neocatechumenal Way and the truth of our Church. Following is the comment I left on the PDN:


Hmmm. “Radical voices should be pushed back.” Ordering people to shut up has been this UOG professor’s constant theme for about two years which is when he first started to tell me to shut up. Zoltan comes from a former communist country so it is easy to see why he believes certain people shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

He also has a very dim view of Chamorro people. He has evidenced this many times on my blog and he evidences it here again by referring to the “heightened emotions that were easily elicited by a handful of skillful speakers.” 

Actually, this is toned down language for Zoltan. Recently he wrote: “What is really frightening is the advanced technique and psychological mechanism CCoG operatives employ to stir hatred and demonize people at these meetings for fund raising purposes.” 

Speaking of “radical voices”, Zoltan also publicly threatened three women who disagreed with him: “I gave you a chance to grow beyond your unintelligible bullshit.” 

Zoltan likes to threaten women. At the same meeting in Agat, Zoltan threatened CCOG officer Vangie Lujan for not letting him have the microphone back after a ten minute rant. Vangie wrote: “He told me that I better WATCH OUT because he is going to get me in the PDN.” (Well, I guess this letter is his making good on his threat.)

Actually, while one other person did speak for a few minutes, there was only one speaker: me. I spoke for an hour. But I didn’t just speak. I handed out - as I do at every meeting - a package of original source documents which backed up absolutely every point: the Archbishop’s letter threatening Fr. Paul with a “painful closure to his assignment”, the letter firing the finance council after they refused to give away the Yona property to the NCW, the deed secretly signed and recorded by the archbishop which in fact DID give away the archdiocese’s most valuable real asset, and so on.

You can access all those documents yourself here:

Zoltan wants us to believe that the people from Agat who were at the meeting are simply stupid cattle whose “heightened emotions…were easily elicited.” 

Ummm, no Zoltan. Those emotions were already “elicited” by how the people from Agat have been treated by their neocat presbyter, Alfredo, who in addition to disbanding the parish and finance councils (the finance council is required by church law), refuses to do funerals on Saturdays (his Holy Day) and even refuses to do funerals period for people he doesn’t think deserve a funeral, not to mention abandoning his duties during Holy Week to go back to his home country to celebrate Holy Week with his neocat community.

Actually the only “heightened emotions” that were “easily elicited” were “elicted” by Zoltan himself, who, after me, had the most time to speak. Several members of the audience exploded in a mix of rage and amusement at Zoltan’s brazen insult to their intelligence.

During his rant, Zoltan called the neo teaching that “Jesus is a sinner” a “superstition.” However, the audience had just heard a recording of a neocat professor teaching exactly that to our own diaconate candidates. 

Fr. Angelo Veraldi, a neocat presbyter and supposedly a seminary professor, said, to a class full of diaconate candidates:  “He experienced the forgiveness of the Father, because he was a sinner.  He became a sinner.” 

You can listen to it yourself here: and you can learn more about Kiko Arguello’s (the Way’s founder) theology which denigrates the Trinity - which is why they teach Jesus is a sinner - from Chuck White’s excellent research here:

Archbishop Apuron was recently publicly confronted with the fact that the “Jesus is a sinner” teaching was being taught by a priest in his diocese and he replied by pretending not to know the priest and then went off on making it sound like the errant teaching was being taught at Father Duenas High School. You can read about that here:

By the way, in this letter to the editor, Zoltan gives an erroneous reason for the sinlessness of Jesus. He says that Jesus is sinless because he was born of the Virgin Mary who was “exempt from original sin” so “Jesus could not have been a sinner either.” 

For the sake of those who aren’t Catholic (and some who are), THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DOES NOT TEACH THIS. The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus is sinless because HE IS GOD. 

But then Zoltan’s religion doesn’t teach that. 

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