Friday, September 4, 2015


Apuron's people thought they would be able to do an end run around us by publishing that fake letter about Marriage Equality and getting it out there in the news. 

Aside from a few legitimate sites, it hasn't been carried by any site with any real main stream traffic.

EWTN didn't touch it, probably because they have already been warned. ChurchMilitant.TV took it probably because their once loyal audience is no longer loyal. 

However, wherever I found the letter posted and wherever I could leave a comment, I did. And so should you. Here's how you do it:

Google the words "Apuron imposition of totalitarian system" and go to the sites that come up. See if you can leave a comment. If you want, leave your own. Otherwise you can copy and paste my ready to go one below that I have been leaving at the sites I visit. 

By trying to prop up Apuron they have given us a worldwide forum to get the truth out about him and the Neocatechumenal Way plus direct everyone back to JungleWatch for the rest of the story. 

Seriously people, there is A LOT you can do other than just comment anonymously on my blog. 

Here are some of the sites I have left my comment at already:

And here is my read to copy and paste comment:


I live in Guam and am a Catholic in this Archdiocese. And here are a few things you need to know about this statement.

1. The Archbishop did not write it. It was written by a member of the Neocatechumenal Way - of which the Archbishop is also a member - for the purposes of propping up the bishop and make him look good to Rome which is currently investigating him for some very serious improprieties which may eventually be deemed ecclesiastical crimes. Much of this is documented at - a blog which averages nearly 7000 views per day and has accumulated nearly 4 million views in the last 2 years since we started documenting this bishop’s crimes against his own people.

2. This was written AFTER the local legislation criticized in the letter was already passed by the legislature. There were two bills. One advanced gender theory (called gender identity or expression) and the other advanced the legal recognition of same sex marriage by wiping out any gender specific reference in local laws. The Archbishop was entirely silent when the legislation was introduced. He did not oppose it when it would have mattered. The letter was only written when the blog publicly criticized him for doing nothing. And since the Vatican is a frequent visitor to the site, the bishop’s supporters sprung into action to protect him. 

3. The archbishop (actually the person who wrote this for him) condemns the local legislation but fails to call out the senators who supported it.

And here are few other facts about his diocese - a diocese he is absent from very often as he jets around the world spending time with his friends in the Neocatechumenal Way which - if you don’t know - has limited approval from Rome by virtue of the approval of a Statute in 2008, but regularly violates it in addition to teaching demonstrable heresies such as Jesus is a sinner. All of this can be documented at

Though Apuron inherited a fervently Catholic diocese in 1986, located on the island of Guam which is over 85% Catholic, here is what has become of it under his watch:

- Apuron's diocese has the most liberal abortion laws in the nation which allow for the termination of nearly one out of ten pregnancies with more than 60% being Chamorro. (2012 Guam Medical Records)

- Apuron's diocese has the highest divorce rate in the world (4.7 divorces per 1000 population, 2010 Guam Statistical Yearbook vs Russia 4.5 per 1000, 2011 United Nations Demographic Yearbook)

- Apuron's diocese has the 14th highest suicide rate in the world and a rate 1.2 times the national average (2011 World Health Organization and A Profile of Suicide on Guam, September 2011)

- Apuron's diocese has a 20% higher out of wedlock birth rate (60%) compared to the rest of the nation (40.8%, CDC 2010) Note: Guam stopped reporting “illegitimate” births in 2005. 60% is based on the average between 2000 and 2005).

- Apuron's diocese has double the teen birthrate compared to the rest of the nation (Guam PDN, 6/25/13)

- Apuron's diocese's rape rate is 94.4 per 100,000 (2011 Yearbook: 151 reported rapes). This is nearly triple the national average of 29.8. (U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012, Table 314)

- Apuron's diocese has a child maltreatment rate that is nearly double the national average (Guam child maltreatment rate of 76.81 per 1000 children based on 2012 CPS report and 2010 census vs 41.2 per 1000 children national average as per Table 3-2, Child Maltreatment 2011, Children’s Bureau, U.S. DPHHS)


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