Thursday, September 3, 2015


Ryan Fitzgerald
Staff writer and producer

September 3, 2015

Dear Ryan Fitzgerald,

I see from your bio that we have the same alma mater. I hope you fared better than myself. I am still in recovery.

I'm sorry to see that you closed the comments on the article you posted about Archbishop Apuron's letter Gay Agenda ‘Has Never Been About Gay Rights’


It can't be because the article was attracting negative comments about this bishop. Your founder, Michael Voris, has made a career of such a thing. 

We have sent ChurchMilitant information before about how your site is being used to prop up a bishop who is under investigation from Rome. Perhaps you didn't get the previous memos. 

The Catholics of Guam are under attack from this bishop, and the Catholic Church worldwide is being undermined by the Neocatechumenal Cult he belongs to. 

Do some serious research on the Neocatechumenal Way. You are going to need it.

It is the most powerful and dangerous heretical cult to have invaded our church since Vatican II. It is Arianism reborn.

And like all heresies it masquerades as orthodoxy - taking particular advantage of a corrupt and compromised Catholic hierarchy that is the sad state of the Church these days. Voris knows much about that. 

I am providing a link to my REPLY TO CAROL ANN which has an abundance of references for you to use. I was unable to post a reply since you closed the comments so I did a reply on my blog.

My blog averages 5-7000 views per day and has garnered going on 4 million views in the last two years. The country gadget will show visits from just about every corner of the earth, including Vatican City. 

There is a reason why I have this traffic. And you will want to know why as well if Church Militant is to matter at all in the near future. 


  1. This is the second time I know of that Apuron was cast favorably on the Church Mililtant spotlight. Thank you Tim for your vigilance and courage to confront those who speak/write without thoroughly vetting and researching the background of those they report on. Know that you and your family are in my prayers.

  2. Hello Ryan! In case you doubt what Tim is saying about the traffic and interest this blog has around the world, just a big "hi" from the beautiful mountains that surround Mexico City, where our Mother of Guadalupe blessed this nation, the Philippines and Pacific islands, including Guam. You see, I am one of the estimated 5 million people who once belonged to the ncw cult. Do yourself a favor and research on what is really cooking inside this shithole called the ncw, and not just in Guam but in every catholic church around the world that these people have infected.

    1. Your input is appreciated, Rodrigo!


  3. Thank you Rodrigo in Mexico city. Beauty of this blog is that it unites people all over the world joining men and women together for the common purpose of exposing NCW .