Thursday, September 3, 2015


To anon at 12.04:
You really believe they are not affected?
They try very hard to make it appear as it does not affect them, but it really has an impact on them.
A) Financially, with funds drying out, they have to shuffle all their structure around and put more pressure on their own to finance and to replace what the faithful used to pony up.
B) The three on the Hill are now facing pressure when they are in Guam. From people openly defying them, to people being passive aggressive, refusing their phone calls, when they are not facing plain rejection.
This has pushed them even deeper in the close circle of their shrinking communities.
Pius, now is so scared that he is always shadowed by "protectors". The man is reviled.
Just look around when they go to a restaurant or just shop around, you will see people starring in anger, or just avoid their presence.
Soon, I would not be surprised if some people even start refusing service to them.
They are being more and more rejected. I would suggest you look at the pix of the recent blessing of the new hospital. Apuron is sitting right next to the governor, whose body language is striking (almost turning his back to him through the ceremony.)
You should hear the tension in the bishop's voice when he has to talk to people not into his inner sanctum. You could almost feel sorry for him.
C) The extra efforts the handlers of the NCW are putting in to shore up Apuron, are laughable. We all read the now infamous letter that was published by Church Militant, I must have had 10 emails from friends around the US asking what the deal was with that. Every time they try stings like this, the general public, is now recognizing more and more: "oh its that controversial bishop from Guam"
This is a nightmare for them.

D) Apuron is starting to be ostracized by his fellow bishops, in the USA and abroad.
In the Phillipines, his name is dirt. In the pacific conference, his reputation is totally shot. Believe me, for a guy with his ego it is huge.
Both the Archdiocese of San Francisco and LA are pissed at him because of the affair with Wadeson.
The Bishop of Oakland who was a teacher of Fr. Paul is more than disgusted.
The Bishop of Reno ( a Chamorro from the mainland) has made his position quite vocally lately in regards to Apuron.

It is impacting them dear anon, they might posture and play unaffected, but it is impacting them greatly. The light is being shone on their shenanigans and people are taking notice of the issues.


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    Frenchie, you rock!!! Vouz ette tres BCBJ! The little shit.

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