Thursday, October 15, 2015


On  October 14, 2015, the Thing Diana admonished a commenter to "her" blog:

Do not change the subject. You do not even know for certain if St. John's seminary and the rest of the other seminaries is a corporate entity.. So, do not change the subject. The Archdiocese has been saying all along that the Archbiship (sic) is the corporate sole of RM seminary. That is a FACT. Are you denying this fact? Yes or no?

Dear Diana. Let's end this squabble. A Corporation Sole is a legal construct in Guam law. In order for a Corporation Sole to legally exist it has to be incorporated as such according to Guam law which means there is a supporting document. 

Simply prove our side wrong by providing the document. It is not hard to get. All corporate documents are filed at Rev & Tax and are considered public documents. You only have to go there and ask for a copy. 

Then you can post it on your blog for all the world to see and we will be forever discredited and humiliated. You will win, Diana. Now is your chance. You can do it. You can end this war. You can send the CCOG scurrying back to their holes. Just think, Diana. You, Diana, the Savior of the poor Archbishop's reputation. The restorer of peace. Wow. Think of that, Diana. Just think! 

Heck, we'll even settle for a statement in writing from one of the Board of Directors or Guarantors of RMS. They only have to declare in writing that RMS is a corporation sole. That's easy, don't you think? 

Right now all you give us is Cristobal's opinion. Cristobal is not associated with RMS. He is not a board member and he is not the archbishop. He's a mouth. That's it. And a bad one at that. 

You can do better than Cristobal, Diana. I believe in you. You can do it. You will be an example to all the kiko-haters of how to put us away, how to shut us up. Just think, Diana. Wow! Such an opportunity for you. 

Rev & Tax is open from 8 to 5 today. Just march right up there and go to the Business Licensing desk. Go in the front door, turn right, go all the way down to the end of the building and make another left and you will see it. It's very easy. The people there are very helpful. Just ask them for the corporate documents showing that RMS is a Corporation Sole. 

To help you I put a counter on the right side bar, counting up the days from the day you admonished the poor creature that dared challenge you. 

And a note for all those who dare soil themselves by leaving a comment on Diana's blog. No need to argue. Simply ask for the document. Don't argue about anything else. Just ask for the document. And keep asking for the document. There is no need for her to "find it", like Apuron...almost a year later. Rev and Tax has it and will give it to her. 

Come on Diana, let's end this. The Count Up is on...and THOUSANDS are waiting!



  1. "Thing"....put your money where your mouth is......Show Us the Proof!!

  2. I would otherwise put a comment on that other blog but I will forever defer to Tim's view and not soil myself - so if you do not mind Tim by posting the comment here , here it is-
    "Show us the document"
    - David Taranto , Melbourne , Australia.

    1. Yeah Diana. You're actually going to prove what you say. That's great! Please hurry because Tony's holding his breath, hoping you can actually pull this off. Good Luck, and same to you Tony!

      Hey Tony, you're starting to turn blue!

  3. Tim! Now, now! Be careful.....poor Diana might suffer a breakdown of her/his/it's multiple personalities!!

    1. LOL! Three faces of Eve? Cybil?

  4. How aptly you captured the face of Diana! Wow, she is evil incarnate indeed, a dumb follower of a cult nonetheless. How did she get hired as spokewoman for ncw. Not really a "best face forward" to represent an already universally maligned group of kiko groupies. Give it up! You do not inspire intelligent engagement of issues but evoke a rather pitiful clown.