Thursday, October 15, 2015


  1. And hopefully what is going on in other places will also resonate in Guam. Here's the thing with blogs and web pages such as Junglewatch, Cruxsancta or the italian blog neocatecumenali: the neocat secrecy is going to hell. I think I speak for Lapaz and for myself when I say that we are not seeking "justice" or "revenge", as we are regularily accused by neo zombies. We just want the truth exposed and hope that our bad experience in the ncw might be useful to others. That's all. That's why it's important to yell out loud all over the world that the ncw is a shithole, it's not a good place to find God and it's very likely that people will end up worse than when they got in this shithole in the first place.

    It's not a small thing what Tim, Chuck and the other bloggers worldwide are doing. If you google for info on the ncw nowadays, you will very likely find links almost on top to these pages, and that is great, because "normal" people will access us and see for themselves what's really cooking with this cult.


  1. Rodrigo you are you are absolutely correct when you say that "the NCW it's not a good place to find God and it's very likely that people will end up worse than when they got into the NCW in the first place"

    In my parish we have seen this, the majority of people (victims) who have joined the NCW have become miserable and a very unhappy. We even had one priest who joined and after the scrutinies had a massive nervous breakdown, he has never been the same since.

    I fear for all the people who attend the "catechesis" every year in my parish. Thankfully most other parishioners have noticed this problem and the number of people drawn to the NCW is dwindling as the true face of the NCW (a personality cult) is being revealed.

  2. In Spain the best experts on sectarism and cults are working with people from the Way, ex-kikos, who need specific therapy to rebuild themselves as "normal" being (I talk of Spain because I am Spanish, of course).
    So, we have the dramatic picture that experts on cults know well how destructive is the NCW but Church does not. While experts on cults try to help damaged people, Church only shows acquiescence relying on Cardinal Schonbörn idea: there are no cults into Church because it's just impossible by definition.
    Yes, by the same definition the democratic societies can not harbour cultic groups...and the reality shows that cults grow also in the Moon if they could!
    Cults break our logical speeches, cults are over our coherency, they do not need any logic nor consistency! Cults leaders are not going to ask Cardinal Schonbörn for permission!
    The master play of Kiko and his NCW has been to put on the table a lot of papers after cooking the "mamotretos" for some years to make them in the accurate shape to be stamped.
    People into the NCW have a copy of the Statutes in a pretty print (distributed by Kiko) in their wood library in their living rooms, just as ornament. Maybe they will use once a life if they have an argument with their brother in law!
    The NCW Statutes are just a decorative element. When you have made the NCW from the beginning to the end you know the Statutes tell nothing, that's all. The most is not written there. The most is in the real mamotretos, those which are in the responsables' homes probably not in the living room's library but in a most private place as mamotretos are extremely confidential.
    An what about the Catechetical Directory which in theory had approved Church and contains all the mamotretos itself? Let me laugh for a moment....
    That Catechetical Directory or whatever you call it is so miracolous it might be guarded in the secret library of a Vatican Congregation, at this moment I can not remember which one but it's possible to find it in internet (which particular Congregation, not the Directory, of course!).
    I you ask some catechist to read it, you will be sent to your bishop. And then your bishop will send you to your catechist again, and after a tennis play, they will tell you the devil is the one who hits you to ask for the Directory. Go to pray and convert!
    Maybe the Directory has been put into the sacred arc close to Mose's Tables...who knows? And maybe my grandsons will enjoy a new saga movies called Indiana Jones looking for the NCW Directory.

  3. Rodrigo and Lapaz, you are credible witnesses of the neo atrocities and deceit. Thank you for sharing firsthand the lies employed by these cultists. We need to know more about their tactics and expose them for who they are. These revelations really make their entry level adherents such fools to be so easily deceived by a power and money-hungry enterprise. I now concur that ncw is not about bringing people to God but about justifying their existence and grabbing property and money that they have not earned through hard work. To use fear of God or their church position to achieve their ends is unconscionable, almost criminal!

    1. Thank you. We have so many things to tell, silence and ostracism never more!
      Today I was surprised by a link in Cruxsancta to, where they had translated my commentaries in Jungle Watch about my expulsion, Rouco and Kiko, etc.
      That means everything we say is heared among people who have suffered a lot due to the Way. Rodrigo and me, and other friends in Cruxsancta, are doing a very good job since some years ago. Indeed, my experience has been listened just when I have told it here in English, in my bad and simple English!
      We have to stay talking about all things we have seen and lived into the doing the necessary extra job in English, we must go on. Thank you!

    2. Lapaz, just remember that it is the simple words of a child or youth that has more impact than the rhetoric of an accomplished politician. We hear you loud and clear. The gist of what you talk about is more important to help us understand the deceits and lies fed to us by our own archbishop who does not now enjoy trust and respect from the Catholic Community. He has gone into hiding with his neo brothers in covert worship and kiko rallies while shamelessly retaining the title of Archbishop of Guam. Doing the latter rather than resigning gives him the authority to dip his hand into the cookie jar of generous Guam people. He needs the money to send himself and his boys to world junkets via First Class accommodations and to chasing Pope Francis on his worldwide journeys to see the poor. Apuron is not in it to pray, he just wants a photo opportunity to preserve appearances, and hopefully to gain that elusive red hat that kikkoman arghhhhhuello promised him. All this, while entreating the people to give, give, give. He wants people to give for his birthday gifts and his souvenir booklet rather than rescue a Catholic School from debt, or provide funds to a struggling church entity. His values are so messed up but even the Vatican is helpless, they are rendered useless by powerful lobbies inside he Vatican itself. Again, half-hearted attempts are made to appease the natives, but won't go far than a sideshow of an "investigation." So sad, so sad!

      Rodrigo and Lapaz, we are with you! Stay strong and keep telling us the truths about neo cover ups that the whole world needs to hear.