Thursday, October 15, 2015


  1. And hopefully what is going on in other places will also resonate in Guam. Here's the thing with blogs and web pages such as Junglewatch, Cruxsancta or the italian blog neocatecumenali: the neocat secrecy is going to hell. I think I speak for Lapaz and for myself when I say that we are not seeking "justice" or "revenge", as we are regularily accused by neo zombies. We just want the truth exposed and hope that our bad experience in the ncw might be useful to others. That's all. That's why it's important to yell out loud all over the world that the ncw is a shithole, it's not a good place to find God and it's very likely that people will end up worse than when they got in this shithole in the first place.

    It's not a small thing what Tim, Chuck and the other bloggers worldwide are doing. If you google for info on the ncw nowadays, you will very likely find links almost on top to these pages, and that is great, because "normal" people will access us and see for themselves what's really cooking with this cult.

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