Tuesday, October 20, 2015


For the full context and the meaning of the letter below see The Ultimate Treachery

Dear Diana, 

I know that you mean to get to Rev & Tax sooner or later so that you can finally shut me down with an actual document and not your interpretation of a dictionary definition (LOL) or your personal unlicensed read of Guam law (LOL).

You know, Diana, it truly is amazing how difficult it is for you kiko's to find documents. Apparently Apuron is still looking for the one he told Mr. Tanaka that he'd find "somewhere" almost a year ago. 

As for us, we have no problem finding documents. Here's one. And LOL! Yep! We stole it!

P.S. Tell "Tony" (your word) to be more careful where he leaves his "stuffs."

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