Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Good Morning, Diana!! Up and at 'em. Today is another day. Your groupies await your direction. And Rev & Tax awaits your visit. Still no time? Oh, well (yawn, stretch), you'll get to it sooner or later. 

It's sad that you're taking so long though. Every day that goes by gives me another opportunity to make a fool of if you don't already do that all by your lil' ol' self (sips coffee). Courage, girl, courage!

Meanwhile, any idea why - if RMS was a corporation sole and Apuron had complete control as you say - he would go running to the donor 12 years later to beg for a letter of support? Actually he didn't actually beg for the letter. It was already prewritten and ready for the donor's signature. Unfortunately for "Tony" (as he is addressed by the members of your church), the donor, or more precisely the donor's representative, declined to lie for "Tony." 

Wow! Imagine that. Someone unwilling to lie!

It's really a conundrum for us, you know. We just can't figure out why he would be so dumb to do that! The donation was given 12 years ago. There was no condition on the donation other than it was intended for "the purchase of a defunct hotel for the purpose of a seminary." (I have the letter.) And even with that, there was no provision requiring the money be returned if Apuron did something else with the property later. There was ZERO reason for Apuron to write this letter. Even Putrid Pius told him so. 

Right, Putrid Pius? Oh, you're wondering how I know that? LOL!

But "Tony" was worried, weren't you Tony? Oh, and guess what other letters I have? Perhaps you already saw one of Rome. Maybe best to stay in Colombia when you ski-daddle out of here with your latest presbyter pet on 11/10/15: GUM-KIX-SFO-LAX-PTY-MDE. I'm sure your community will send you your "stuffs." 


  1. Diana and her flock of pawns are a huge JOKE....

  2. Tim, please do publish those other letters. It's getting allot more interesting.