Saturday, October 3, 2015


J. Bautista seems to be struggling here. Let's help him out.

By the way John, it's been five days now and I have been waiting for you to "contact" me "for a response." But nothing.

But back to your "question." Permit me to help you out.  

The question is one of Authority, not whether one walks in the NCW or attends the Latin Mass. 

The authority to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (the Latin Mass) comes, as it should, from a public papal decree, the Moto Proprio, Summorum Pontificum, given by Pope Benedict XVI, July 7, 2007.

Prior to this document, a limited indult was twice given by Pope John Paul II Quattuor abhinc annos (1984) and Ecclesia Dei (1988). Pope Benedict further clarified the intentions of Summorum Pontificum in the instruction Universae Ecclesiae (2011).

In addition, the celebration of the Extraordinary Form is governed by The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei and is personally and publicly celebrated by the president of the commission for all to see. 

As regards the celebration of the Eucharist in the Neocatechumenal Way, the Authority is the 2008 Statute for the Neocatechumenal Way, which in Article 13 admits three exceptions:
  1. Movement of the Rite of Peace to before the Offertory.
  2. Reception of Holy Communion under both species.
  3. Communicants remain in their place, standing to receive. 
The Statute makes no distinction between reception and consumption of the sacred species, and barring said distinction, the default practice is what is required by the Liturgical Books: the host is to be consumed "as soon as" it is received (GIRM 161).

This instruction was made necessary due to the many abuses to the sacred host after communion in the hand was permitted - the primary abuse being the separation of reception from consumption.

The communicant who receives communion in the hand is to place the sacred host in his or her mouth immediately upon reception and consume it. Not to do this is to turn the reception of Holy Communion into two separate acts, thus effecting the forbidden practice of administering communion to oneself or self-communicating.

The communicant, including the extraordinary minister, is never allowed to self-communicate, even by means of intinction. Communion under either form, bread or wine, must always be given by an ordinary or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. - Norms For The Distribution And Reception Of Holy Communion Under Both Kinds In The Dioceses Of The United States Of America and Inaestimabile Donum - Instruction Concerning Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery

Yet, this is precisely how the Neocatechumenal Way communicants receive communion. They separate reception from consumption, and thus self-communicate. What's more they sit down with the sacred host still in their hands. (There is also the additional abuse of the celebrant NOT receiving his own communion at the required time: BEFORE the distribution of holy communion to the others present.)

As one can see from all the documents relative to the restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass, the Church takes great care to officially safeguard the celebration of the Eucharist and to prevent ambiguities and confusion, especially since the Eucharist is the source and summit of our Faith. Permitting a variance to the very heart of the Eucharist - the reception of Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity - is the LAST thing our Church would ever permit to happen via how your own "Diana" describes:

So you see, John, both Forms of the Roman Rite (Ordinary and Extraordinary) are authorized and governed by the highest authorities of the Church, and officially and publicly so. Meanwhile the form of the "Mass" which you attend is authorized and governed by Pius who heard it from Kiko who says he heard it from the Pope and unofficially and NOT publicly so. 

In the Catholic Church which the rest of us belong to, NOTHING relative to the governance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is hidden or transmitted privately. But then maybe that's the problem. For Kiko, there is NO Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. There is only his flower table and happy meal. How sick that we have a bishop who has submitted himself to this trash. 

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