Sunday, October 4, 2015


Continued from previous post.

You see, John, Diana lays out the central problem and witnesses to it. You and Diana simply belong to a different church. Face it. Here's why.

In the Catholic Church, the real one, magisterial authority passes from pope to bishop to pastor. As Diana demonstrates here, your magisterial authority passes from pope to Kiko to catechist. 

For you, there is no bishop. And despite all of your side's protestations about our side's disrespect of the bishop, the fact is: YOU COMPLETELY LEAVE HIM OUT

So you see, John. There is NO BISHOP in the Neocatechumenal Way. Bishops are just useful props for Kiko. In fact, John, to the Neocatechumenal Way, our own "bishop" is nothing more than "Tony", as you call him here:

Diana further illustrates the NOTHINGNESS of the bishop in this admonition to a commenter:

Do you see the problem, John? You don't? Here. Let me help you.

The bishop is the "first steward" of the liturgy in his diocese.

Lay people have no business writing "the Holy See" when they have a complaint about the liturgy. The "fullness" of that authority resides with the bishop. Yet it doesn't even occur to Diana that he should be consulted about it. That's because Archbishop Apuron is only the useful prop: "Tony." And that is exactly how you treat him by completely bypassing his authority. 

Of course, we HAVE consulted him about it. And as per the counter in the right side bar, and as of today, it has been 293 days since he said he would "find it." 

Now, John, either "Tony"(your name for him) simply LIED to us (because it doesn't exist and he knows it), or he, as a bishop, is seriously inept at keeping track of documents critical to the celebration of the liturgy and is a really bad "steward." 

But to the point. The Neocatechumenal Way is NOT a Catholic "way" simply because - as both you and Diana demonstrate here - it has a hierarchy separate from what Jesus set up: Peter and the Apostles, the Pope and the bishops, which is why our Church is "apostolic" and yours ISN'T!

But truly, and this is a big LOL. The poor fools over on your side never tire of criticizing our so-called lack of respect for the archbishop. However, we still recognize him as one, a bad one for sure, but still a bishop. 

You don't even do that. To you he's a nothing. A "Tony." 

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